Sunday, July 17, 2016

On Losing Weight.

Don't blame the conditions, don't blame any of the phases, you just are there. So, there I was too, fat and alcoholic! 

Disclaimer: This is not a narcissistic post, it is just about a journey. Since this is my blog, I have written something about me today. 

left 2009, right 2015
I think all my life, I have been overweight chubby man, I might want to remember it as cute though.  No, wait there, I was slim when I was in second year. Thanks to college days and Pink Floyd, and concrete mixing whereby I shred some 10 kgs in 11 days. As a student, you know, you have to do your own concrete mix. So there I was, being fat and getting ill most of the times. I had an epiphany, that nobody became successful because they were extra talented or extra skilled, it was all about life style and self discipline. I had to quit few of the things and I had to do it - make change in my lifestyle. Like said before, 2016 I embark to do things on my lists that I always wished for. One among them, was to lose weight. 

Maybe because I am too passionate or get too involved in whatsoever I do, I go extreme. 

My normal pattern of daily chores being home to office and office to home, and hanging out with friends over drinks, I had gained so much of weight that I was then 92kgs. Yes, I did feel like penguin and even walking three floors upstairs would leave me gasping for breath. I had to do it. I then left drinking, yes I went full turkey and quit it over night. Few friends didn't like the idea, but they encouraged. 

One of my friends, Nima suggested me about GM diet and I was on it for two cycles. GM Diet is something all the women in Bhutan know about, but they would never tell you about it. Secretly, am pretty sure, most have tried and most have failed. I looked upon that diet online, and came up with print outs. Two cycles, with three days of cheat diets in between - I did it. I only lost some 8 kgs. I wasn't that particular about my diet because I didn't starve myself, but I maintained what was to be eaten. Like if it was vegetables day, then I only ate vegetables and didn't let myself be hungry. After that diet was over, I started to run twice a day, mornings and evenings for an hour each. I had two different tracks because, basically, everything becomes easily monotonous for me. 

Then within a month and half, I had lost some 11 kgs. It all happened sometime in mid of February to Mid of April. But I did drink in between, like on my birthday when friends came over with a surprise cake, on two of my friends' birthdays, a friend's commissioning party and last Friday as well. I choose not to drink because it makes me lethargic the next day, and I land up doing stupid stuff. 

August 2015
All in all, over the two months of span, I had lost some 19 kgs. I think anybody can lose weight if they are determined to. Just that, when we are fat, we are too comfortable and we don't care at all. We don't care much about what anybody thinks about us or how we look. It's as if, not giving shit to anybody, not even to your own very existence or your own opinions. It is just a selfish means to destroy oneself, because with fats, there is nothing that is good that comes. Getting ill time and again, and looking more aged than what you are, waiting to be diabetic in coming years and waiting for illnesses as one ages, it is very mean on oneself. One needs to love oneself to get rid of it, because beyond those fats, there lies you, your muscles and your pretty face, which you hide it from the world and succumb over insecurity while you are at social gatherings or while you sweat too much for no reason or while you try out some good clothes and be embarrassed with your own paunch? So, look good, not for anybody else, but for yourself. Because you owe it to you. And please don't start on saying that Fat people are okay and look good and crap, you have got no idea when one is fat and one has to bear all those jokes for being fat. 

October 2015

November 2015

January 2016

Sometime in April 2016

Two weeks ago.

After losing so many kilograms, I stopped running and started to hit gym. I want it to be a part of my daily chores, and I have never missed it, when I am around my station. I haven't lost a kilo after joining gym since in March, but I can sense that I am healthy. I no longer need to gasp for breath and I didn't feel bad while shifting office because previously I did, when I couldn't lift any of my stuff. A part me being fat and another having broken arm. At some point of your life, you realize that your metabolism doesn't function like you were a teenager, and that bagel you gobbled down, needs to be burned. I am not trying to be arrogant over me shredding weight and flaunting it on your faces or rubbing it on your faces. All I want to convey is, if I can do it, a lazy person as myself, then anybody can. Because, all it takes is, determination. I don't feel more confident that I am thinner than what I was before, or feel good that I lost weight. I just feel healthy, because fat or thin, I am still me. 

Ps: No complicated expensive diets that I take, I am just rice and potato eating Asian man. 


  1. Very inspiring 👌👌👌
    Keep it up Knight 😊😊

  2. Very inspiring 👌👌👌
    Keep it up Knight 😊😊

  3. That was incredible..
    & Inspiring too. (Y)

  4. heights of disclaimer "Since this is my blog, I have written something about me today " :P lol

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