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Celebrating Life, Celebrating Friends: Episode IX

It seems that you have many female friends than male friends? I would just smile and not answer, because I didn't want to explain that I had more male friends than female friends, it didn't matter what others thought. Even if I did explain, one wouldn't understand for it doesn't speak about me, but the filth in that person's mind, when notions as such extent of scrutiny triggers. Maybe, these days, friendship is something people don't understand at all.

In 2015, I came across two of the best people, one was Nama and another was Lobzang Choden. Yes, both are pretty people. Apart from masculine name, Lobzang is a pretty woman.

 I had seen Lobzang in local Karaoke for the first time, she was then talking to a group of Malaysians. She was asking them, whether they liked Bhutan or not? I however thought, this girl wants to show off her accent in a local karaoke lol. Well, what can I say, small town, small people and at times, small mentality. Mine included. Just like in her own words, she seemed to have acted with 'photosynthesis English'.

Many people ask me whether she is single or not? I guess, in my circle of friends, here in Bajo, Lobzang is the prettiest, and maybe she just doesn't know or doesn't care about it. Behind that pretty face and classy looks, there is no double standards in her. One might be quite amazed and amused, to know how humble and nice, as a person she is. Lobzang is a naive person and she doesn't want to be rude and mean to others, but if you mess with one of her friends, you will have it. She will show you "meeting with Denakchung" part of her. Like in some of our cases, if someone treated us badly, she would hate them or dislike them or disown them or maybe flip a finger. 

No Caption required here. 
Lobzang is talented because she is passionate, but at the same time, she is a shy woman. She dances well and she sings well, she can play guitar and during her high school and college days, she was into basket ball. But she isn't obsessed to prove  it to the world that she is talented. While many girls struggled to dance on Tez Cadey's Seve, it came naturally to her. All she could do was dance in front of us, and mind you, we were cooked eventually to see her dance. Same goes with her singing, she sings well and plays guitar very well. She always tries to learn new chords and songs, and makes us her audience. We would suggest her to perform at Mojo Park, but she is too shy to do so. Maybe lucky ones hear her sing. She still has few fans in Khuruthang Karaoke and one of our subordinates even recorded her voice, while she was singing and playing guitar.

Perhaps, someday, when she will grow her own wings and feathers of confidence, she will realize how wrong she was all along. That's her though, always underestimating herself. Maybe, we are all brought up that way, to be humble and in that quest of being humble, we tend to forget vouching for ourselves. 

She is also a gifted photographer, and has an eye for 'what might be the next great picture'. Few of her photos were exhibited at Sikkim and few are being used by local Travel Agencies. These pictures weren't taken by DSLR cameras but with her phones. This talent of hers too, she won't showcase it to everybody. Only her friends on social sites would know. 

They showed up with surprise cake for me and Aue Phuntsho. 
Lobzang at times, cares too much for everything and anything. She cares about how it would make the other person feel and for that, always lands up being at the losing end. You know, you have that one friend, who will give you her last piece of pizza slice, even though she is hungry. At times, we don't have to explain it to Lobzang, she knows we are in trouble and she does all she can to help us. It is blessing at times to be in her circle and have her as a friend, because Lobzang can go to any extend to vouch for her friends, which we barely see these days. It's like one of those old high school friendship, whereby we wouldn't care about the rest of the world but our friends, no matter how busy we would be. But Lobzang doesn't keep much to herself, we eventually come to know and she is way too blunt, which lands her in problems, most of the times. I don't understand at times, whether that is maturity or that's being too naive. Maybe she sees good in everybody, while the world is slightly mean. 

Lobzang and Sangay
Lobzang is that friend who will tell you those things on your face, but never will she bad mouth about you in your absence. She always brings the good parts of her friends when she introduces her friends, and she is quite protective when it comes to her friends. She always has high regard of her friends. She will tell you if you are going to make a wrong move or if you are involved with wrong people. She won't lie to you but she might not tell you the truth if she thinks it would hurt you, but eventually, when the time is right, she will let you know. So, if she is not telling you and you know it, just wait, give her time. It suffocates her to lie or hide things from her friends. 

Lobzang as an employee, is very hardworking. I have always seen her leave for her office at 9:00 am, sharp. She doesn't complain about her work and she does all sorts of job that she is assigned to. She has dignity of labour and she doesn't mind working upon jobs, that are supposed to be assigned to her subordinates. She clearly doesn't have double standards. 

The Energy bestowed upon her by eating Goat Tails or has to be Monkey Meat! 
It is always interesting to be around Lobzang because she always has something interesting to say, and it is something that we least expect her to say, which makes it funnier. She is a jolly person and energetic all the time and we wonder, whether she ate some monkey meat or she ate some goat's tails, it has to be tails, for that much of energy could only be summoned by eating a good amount of tails - not a single tail. She isn't dainty at all, and that way, it makes comfortable to be around her. When she visits us, we don't make her coffee, she is told to help herself. But she has her own ways to make us coffee or tea for her: nagging and emotional black mails. She cooks pretty well, the last time I ate her curry, I landed up eating three plates of rice, and am pretty sure, Nama never knew her culinary side, for she cooks rarely. She does have good amount of books, but rarely does she read. And at times, even in pain, she tries to make fun out of the hardest situations that she goes through. That's her, that's our friend Lobzang. Slightly trying to be brave when all of her is in pain. Na chai yeh ko swag! (Not required swag!).

Lobzang, Sangay and TP

Too many sweet words for her, because she never forgets to bring choms and edibles wherever she goes, be it Thimphu. And I don't want to miss the next batch of cup cakes or pizza. :) 

Each day, when I am surrounded by beautiful people, my friends, I can't help but thank myself for being here, if it weren't they, I wouldn't have made it this far. They have always encouraged me, shared my sorrows like it was theirs' and have always pushed me - the same tag line being - you are wasting your talent they all would say. I seriously wonder at times, what is that they see in me, that they have to encourage me, however, I get inspired and aspire to do better. :) 

Ps: The celebrating life, celebrating friends Episodes will be going on throughout the year, and the main flood gates are yet to be opened. The series will continue with my high school friends. Boy, that will be messy and funny. For there's nothing we haven't done, in the name of friendship, in the quest of finding Pandora's box of togetherness and happiness, we conquered all the bars and drank all the brands of ale, smoked most of the cigarettes and no where did we spare our footprints, in and around Thimphu. :) 

Thank you all for going through. :)  

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