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Sketches and me: All of my Sketches that I could trace of.

Till date, I did try to sketch people whom I have met. Mostly I sketched my friends and people who requested me to sketch. But rarely did I sketch without being asked for, and those were the ones which took more time. So Today, let me share few of those sketches that I had sketched once. If you ask me about the original copies, I will tell you that they are all gone. Yes, Gone! I can't seem to find them amongst those heaps of papers that I have accumulated. My sketches have been missing and these are all I have as my memories, thanks to modern era and its technology of digital cameras. I hope, I can be descriptive with my works. Some of the sketches I never had photographed, can never be found again. Actually, every sketch does have a story, and let me tell you about each one of them. :) Aren't photographs amazing? It brings out memories of once.

I sketched this in 3rd year. My friend Dechen whom I called Bro. This sketch was given to painting club NIT Warangal. 

Sir Kinzang had asked me to sketch him way back in 2011. He used to work as custom officer in Paro Airport. I lost this sketch, I don't know where. This was supposed to be a couple portrait, but I messed up his wife's sketch and never submitted the sketch. 

Little brother Ugyen. This was one of the first pictures of our little brother Ugyen. I was in college, and missed him. It was one Saturday afternoon, when there was too much of heat in the month of April or May, 2011 I reckon, that I had sketched my little brother using coloured pencils. Those colour pencils were gifted to me. 

I wanted to study and sketch curls. So this was copied from an art tutorial book. First time I had gone for the curls. 

I was traveling with my sketch book once, and I usually don't put it in a bag. And when a guy wanted to see my sketches, he saw this one, and said he was a big fan of Amitabh Bachhan. He asked for the sketch, I was hesitant in the beginning. But I gave him this sketch. 

I don't know where this one went. This one was sketched in college, and I never learned sketching landscape earlier in my life. So this was an imaginative scene, made by coloured pencils. 

Lotey, 2011. I remember sketching Lotey in final year of my college. Lotey has been my friend since class nine. When I handed this sketch to her, my little brother who was then two or three, tore this sketch in front of her. I told Lotey that I would make another one, but till this date, it never materialized. Sorry Lotey. 

Passang, 2011. He however never admitted that he looked like the one above, I had this one with me for some years. This too is missing :). 

My friend Tashi, I sketched this in third year. It was for the first time, I used black coloured pencil to sketch this one. 

Mokshagundam VisvesvarayaKCIE (popularly known as Sir MV; 15 September 1861 – 12 April 1962) was an Indian engineer, scholar, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore from 1912 to 1918. By far, he is the most famous engineer in India that I have come across. So, when I sketched this one, I gifted it to the faculty of Civil Engineering in NIT Warangal. It might or might not be there. This too was done by black coloured pencil. 

Another one of my friends, whom I sketched. Sangay Zam was pain in ass asking for her sketch. I know she will deny this, but she wasn't satisfied with this one. She send me other two pics as well. I however didn't sketch the other two. :P I guess, I was in college when I sketched this one. 

This one was asked by a guy named Tshewang on facebook. Probably he was dating her then. I don't know who the girl is. But this one was sketched for her birthday was approaching.  

Our Civil HOD. When I gave this sketch to him, before I left college, he asked me to sign this sketch. He asked me to write it artistically. I was so nervous that time that I couldn't write anything. Just signed and left. I had actually sketched him because in whole of Civil Department, he was the only one who had a knack of literature and talked about peotry and life. I believe he has double Masters Degree or Ph.D. 

Shuva Raj Neupane. One of my best friends from college. He is from Nepal and when I graduated, he came up with a calligraphy pen as a gift. I still use this pen to this day. :) Shuva Raj was nice and cunning at the same time. Mukesh and I would call him Bhawn! I gave this sketch to Shuva Raj, and I just hope, it is somewhere in Nepal. 

Tshering Yangden as well nagged a lot, which she might deny now, but she did. My classmate since class 11. I gave this to her but I never saw this being displayed at her house when we went to Tala. 

My class mate from class 8. Namrata Pradhan asked me to sketch her then, time and again. 2011, I was jobless so sketched her. My classmate since Eighth Grade. 

During college days, I would read a lot about Che Guevera. This one was sketched one morning. It took me 2 hours. It was as well given to painting club, NIT Warangal. 

Karl Terzaghi - Father of Soil Mechanics. This guy was a mechanical engineer who started a new subject for civil engineers. No wonder mechanical guys never have girls in their classes. This too was given to Painting Club, NIT Warangal. 

Cartoon for First .pdf publication for Blogyul. This caricature was made for my article whereby I had lose motion while coming back home. The post might be here, I believe the name of the post was Going Home for the Last time! I did struggle a lot because I had lose motion and I really wanted to fart and poop, but I couldn't as I was traveling in bus. 

I just have this. It was a couple pic. I had uploaded but Don had asked me to delete it. He was dating his current wife then, and they hadn't come in front of their parents. I hope he has this sketch. 

Aue Passu and Ninzi. I had sketched this in 2011. After this, Aue Passu and I became good friends. This sketch was an appreciation for Aue Passu, for going viral. Bhutanese bloggers don't get hits more than 4000 per month, Aue Passu had some 65000 to 70000 I guess then. 

Yeshi Nidup. 

Passang and his wife, when they started to date. This happens to be the first sketch that was actually framed by someone. Passang paid the maximum donation then, during 2011. Passang was so much in love with her and he still is, that he requested then to sketch them. Most often I have noticed that couples asked me more to be sketch, there's something about togetherness and sketches. I am just glad that I was part of it. :) Today, they are happily married with a son, whose birthday, most of our friends never fail to miss and get drunk at. 

Prem Prakash - a year junior to me in College. He was the only one amongst juniors who asked me to sketch, Time and again! :P 

First room I had rented to stay in Bajo - 2013. All those sketches.. I don't know where they are now. 

First sketch I made after fixing my drawing table. This sketch was given to Sashi Sir, who had stayed in Bhutan for some 38 years. His farewell wasn't grand, and I felt bad because he had stayed in Bhutan for so long and I just felt that he should take home some good memories. I would have sketched Sashi Sir himself, but I had to gone out of station with some work. His farewell wasn't grand because he didn't hold a big post, and I did say during his farewell: That when big post people get their farewell, they get gifts and people show up, despite whether they have served our nation or not. This however is a small token for the one who has served us, and above all, to the one who had actually guided me during my initial days of career. You can read about him, his post is titled 36 years in Bhutan. 

This one took me 1 hour 10 minutes. I had 100 Indian rupee note to copy from. It was one fine morning in third year, I believe the room number was 203 in Dasa Hostel. I had gotten up around 7 am in the morning, it was a Sunday and I sketched this one. Gandhi was always someone I looked upon when I was naive and hadn't come across Hitler during my High School days. His quotations were something I could quote then, now, I am not much of a fan of his. 

Madam PC from Motithang. This one was done during my third year of college. Madam PC, then was in America pursuing her Masters. I always remember her as a lady who didn't want to go away from home because she didn't want to be away from home. When I was went to Motithang during my college days, I gave her this sketch. She is much more prettier than this sketch. 

First and Second year of college, I called myself as : Kickmewheniamhigh - nothing personal. That's Sum41 song. 

My own sketch when I was a teenager in College :P Yes, I was a skinny man then. 

I drew this house with free hand, no rulers. It was done during college, I thought someday I will build this for myself. :p And little did I know that Architects did designs and we would never design when we entered the job market. 

Tsheku's Wife asked me to sketch them. I think I was offered lunch, but I denied. :) This was after some gap. 

Aue Singay bought this for charity. Aue Singay liked this sketch so much and wanted to buy it. He said, he would pay me with all the money in his wallet. The money collected from these sketches were used to buy stationaries for a community school. 

Rima Donated 100 dollars for this sketch. 
This one here looks like a Disney character. It was just random curls and random trial. I had broken my arm and it was after a week that I had got discharged from hospital. My biggest worry then was, could I sketch again? While sketching this one, my hand did hurt a bit, and time and again, I was chatting with Monu who by now becomes a Physiotherapist. It was painful to sketch because of fresh wounds that I had then. 

My friend IT Took this. He liked it so much that he wanted to take it and frame it. Too bad, I have never seen this one being framed. This was one of my first sketches with charcoal. This one was done after I broke my hand. 

Some random Indian man. I liked his expression more. 
I had kept this sketch for the one who would donate to Gunitsawa Primary school. Nobody showed up, so I gave it to my friend Lobzang. She liked this one very much. 

Some grumpy English woman I wanted to sketch. 

My friend Lhamo asked me to sketch her. 
Prototype for Monu's book. But this however didn't materialize as we had intercepted it to be. I however learned how to do details of a woman's hair. 

I don't know where this sketch got lost. This one wasn't after her approval or consent. She didn't like it then. Am not sure whether she does now. :) 

After these many sketches, I somewhere lost that passion to sketch. I don't know when I will have it back, meanwhile, I can always stare at these ones out here. I however miss those days when I could sketch easily, it seems I lost my passion somewhere. Time is never sufficient these days. :) Sketching was so easy back then, maybe growing up does take away few of our skills. All my sketches are gone today, I have either lost them or given to my friends. But it was fun to sketch, be there for hours at times, straight 9 to 10 hours. These are all rudimentary in the world of sketching, whereby artists now can sketch their subjects as if they were some photographs. I however would never reach that level. 

Ps: I would have sketched everybody if I did have the zeal. Some of my friends requested me for some 7 or 8 years, but they didn't provide with the pictures I asked them for and henceforth, they never were sketched. My apologies. Sorry Imam, Sonam Penjor, Pawan Dai, Lalit Dai, Iraqi Guy, Jigme Yonten, Namgay Dorjee, Nama & Deku. 


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