Monday, June 13, 2016

Rape, Abortion and Women.

There's one more story about rape and once again people are heated up to discuss this on Facebook, while the majority of people sympathize and empathize over victim's melancholy, there still are people who tend to be pretentious and condescendingly have blamed the victim. This however, isn't the first time I would be reading, and seldom have I written about this topic.

We all know the definition of rape, why wouldn't we? We have cases whereby we were reported that a 11 month old and a 75 year old were victims. 

Rape by strangers is usually less common than rape by persons the victim knows. How disappointing? The victims get traumatized and develop post-traumatic stress disorder. No woman in world asks to be raped. Isn't victim shaming malignant upon the peanut headed nitwits? I just came across a comment like this "if the female dog doesn't move her tail". Well Mr. Jack Fruit, we are not animals first and all you need to do is control your hormones? You sick pathetic man! 

Some victims get pregnant and what option does one have? While one might opt for abortion, which again becomes a controversial thing in a society like ours, whereby religiously we are all saints. And if she doesn't abort the kid, legally that kid without having a father would struggle his/her entire life trying to be citizen of our nation? Not to forget the invisible 'Scarlet letter' that we meticulously mint upon the skin of the mother who is by the way, a victim! It wasn't her fault, it never was. Who is going to pay for raising a kid? It's not like getting yourself a cellphone, even cellphone comes with alert messages and data to be updated these days? 

The victim out of shame, when chooses to abort the kid, we suddenly become righteous and debate over what is spiritually correct and what is legally right? First of all, we have stigmatized and beaten being raped to such a stretch that, not only has the victim have cope up with trauma, but now she has to think over what would the society think of her? The very particular society which won't do a bit to support her or her children born after being a victim. How does this even work? Who the hell are we to judge and tell the victim what to do and what not to? No woman goes for abortion happily, the dream of giving birth to a kid and raising him/her shattered, what else has she left to sacrifice? You think she wants to abort the kid like she wanted to be a victim?  

Maybe chauvinism and manhood are oversold, maybe we are failing as a society whereby these incidents have occurred? How is night hunting not a crime? Why do men take so much of pride while they sleep around? Where is a man's honour? Why can't he be brave enough to practice monogamy? What happened to that woman who wanted to do DNA tests of alumni of a certain college for there were some 178 illegitimate children around that campus? And haven't we failed the moment when a boy and girl seen walking together are presumed to be lovers, that being friends with opposite sex can tarnish a girl's character, that a girl going out to drink or wearing revealing clothes is an expression - she asked for it? That when a girl staying out late is not good? What is this? A jungle whereby one sex has timings to be home? What the heck? Maybe, we haven't set a better example for rapists in our country. We would just imprison them for so and so years while the victim goes damaged throughout her life. I am not asking for capital punishment, maybe next time we find a rapist, make him infamous, remind him time and again. Make it a national event but at the same time, disclose the victim's identity. Let's have a council of men and women who will decide whether the case is a genuine one - for at times false accusations are also there. 

All men can do is control their hormones, I mean some women can be naive or mean, might bring the best in you or worst, might be your companion or exploit you, might like you or dislike you, might want to spend time with you or just not be around you, might want to have tea or coffee or dinner with you or just doesn't want to see your face, might want to talk to you or avoid you with all her heart because you sound like donkey,  etc., but nowhere do you get that right to be a rapist and blame the victim. Be a man. Man is more civilized than some horny apes! 

 Ps: This topic did make me very tired. I can't believe we still have morons like these men around us, provided that government provides free Education! 

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