Sunday, June 26, 2016

Old Age for Them.

Dhan Maya: So our little Nado wants us at retirement home?

 Dhan Maya said with her eyes tearful.

Dophu: Our Nado has grown up and he is doing fine in life, why do you take it so negatively? He cares for us and he isn't having time for us, that's why he is sending us there. See, these brochures. It has got sofas, big bed for us and they have TV, it's like Five Stars Hotel's Suite!

 Dophu said, trying to cheer up Dhan Maya. 

Dhan Maya: You don't have to do this Dophu, this time you can't make up for mistakes of what our Nado has committed. I never liked that woman anyway, it's all her idea. 

Dophu: It's not, time has changed Dhani, and we have to adapt. These days, kids don't want to be around their parents like we did back then.

Dhan Maya: Oh yes, these days kids have forgotten the virtue of gratitude, forget love!

Dophu: Please don’t be sad, we are not to be sad when we are this old. Look at these photographs, remember when Nado was born?

Dhan Maya: Don’t try to sweet talk to me now and don’t you dare try to convince me on this one. Why aren’t you mad Dophu? Did we raise our son the wrong way, that he today, sends us to retirement home? Do we eat too much that he can’t afford to keep us, his own parents, with him? And isn’t he a bit thankful to what we have done? He runs our company and he has no space or room for us, his own parents, at our very house? If I knew this day was coming, I would have stopped you from signing that ‘agreement of will’! We should have sold all our properties and gone out to see the world. Now we will just be stuck with other old people whom we barely know and park our butts on chairs and see the trees for whole day! Why aren’t you mad Dophu? I told you, that woman was bringing a big storm when she walked into our house!

Dophu: It’s not like that. Why can’t you see the brighter picture. It does hurt that we have to be there, in that old age home. You know, it isn’t easy to digest this whole thing of us going there. But what else can we do? We are old now, and maybe we are poisoning our son’s happiness?

Dophu and Dhan Maya stayed silent for a while, not speaking to each other. While Dhan Maya gazed out the window and remembered how she was happy then to hear the news - that very first moment when she realized that she was pregnant, how she had met Dophu once and how they grew up as a family. While her eyes were tearful and she felt suffocated, Dophu just hugged her and grabbed her towards him, kissed her on her head, she still being rigid and not at all willing to hug him. He however knew, times like these, she wanted and wished to be hugged longer.

Dophu: I know what you are thinking?
Dhan Maya: You do, you always do.
Dophu: Yes, I do.
Dhan Maya: That’s why I married you.
Dophu: Oh, I thought you couldn’t resist my charm.
Dhan Maya: Don’t act cocky and don’t try to be funny. You weren’t at all charming. You were broke and didn’t have job then, when I met you.
Dophu: But we made it this far, didn’t we?
Dhan Maya: Yes, only to be kicked out today, like this?
Dophu: It’s okay honey, we are growing older. Remember all those days when you said I was too busy at work and couldn’t make time for you? I think I can make it up to you for all those lost times, just that I won’t be that much energetic as I could have been then.
Dhan Maya: Yes, I know.
Dophu: I know you are still thinking about the day when you got pregnant. How you met me and how we had all those wonderful days as a family.
Dhan Maya: That’s what I married you for, not your swag or charm? If I had known that this day would come, I would have asked you to take shower and pleasure yourself that night or I should have consumed some contraceptive pills.

Both of them laughed, hugging each other. Just that this time, both of their eyes were tearful.

Dhan Maya: Remember the first word he spoke?
Dophu: Yes, he said banana! Too much of Minions those days, and it’s all your fault as well.
Dhan Maya: I know, I always found those Minions way too cute then.
Dophu: Yes, you did dear. And remember the first time he got into fight and came home all beaten up by that kid in his class?
Dhan Maya: Oh, I remember you being so mad but not doing anything and I had to go and quarrel with his teacher.
Dophu: You were always so caring and brave for him.
Dhan Maya: All those things don’t matter now, how we raised him or how much we cared for him. The first time he walked or the first time he joined school or stayed away from home or the first time he brought a girl home or the first time he partied or participated in something…. All those memories are just painful now. I just can’t imagine that he could grow into such a cold human being, that he can walk up to us today and have this audacity to put us in retirement home. Wasn’t in that place, your friend Nala and Kinga had their last days?

Dophu knew, he was eventually there, to convince his wife whom he had been married for past 41 years, for the retirement home. While Dhan Maya, throughout all these, was holding the family album of photographs. All those smiles her Nado had in those photographs, were just too hard to be erased so easily, over iota of time they now had to be alive for. Dophu just couldn't digest however, how could this happen to them? And he did realize, Dhan Maya too, had the very same thoughts, and both of them didn't choose to talk about it any further, for they loved each other so much, that they just wanted each other to be happy: be it in Nado's Retirement Home! 

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