Thursday, June 16, 2016

Celebrating Life, Celebrating Friends: Episode VII

"I wish sometimes, if only I had an elder sister to talk to, I could be slightly open and she could actually understand me". 

When I read those lines, sometime in 2013 or 2014, it did strike me. All my life, battling my own issues, I had forgotten what my sister was going through? 

It was one morning when I woke up, that my parents weren't home and my aunt told me that they had gone to hospital. A baby girl was born in our family and since that day, I remember my brain started to record. That is the furthest I can recollect. My sister Nima was born, when there was storm and heavy rainfall, just like her! Angry and crying all the time! I still remember being told about her, and I would call my self Ajo Jetha! Might mean eldest brother. I remember I was hanging on window grills watching over the residues of what had storm and rain left, that smell of mud and hung over trees! 

Ama and Nima
When Nima was brought home, I wasn't much keen of seeing her, I wondered why so many people would come around just to watch her? Why didn't they come to watch me, I was always around! Few months later, her best friend since childhood was born as well, how excited our Late Micheal Aunty was then, when I told her that Mahendra now had a sister. I still remember Late Micheal Aunty leaving her laundry clothes, partially washing her lungi and running towards Mona's house. Little did Aunty know that few years down the line, Mona would bite her on her hand, leaving Mona's premature grown teeth. 

Nima and Mona would always be best friends and they would play bharakuti together. They would even pretend to sound like some of the colony's aunties. 

Nima was Apa's favourite and Apa called her Kanchi Nani - the Youngest Kid. And when I would revolt over she getting extra facilities, pocket money and latest gadgets, he would say: I have many sons, but I only have one daughter, and I will do whatever it takes to pamper her! Yes, we all feel adopted at times, don't we? 

Anything Pema and I was engaged with, be it playing videos games or something, if she wanted to - Apa would intervene and let his youngest daughter have them. Maybe, Pema and I would avenge when Apa wasn't around, childhood days, weren't we all crude and brute? I apologize Nima. :) 

I remember once Nima left for Thimphu with Ama, during summer vacation and how Apa cooked for us. His Alu dum consisted of big boiled potatoes and his chicken curry had huge pieces. Not that he sucks at cooking, but he was too lazy to chop them into pieces. But when Nima returned from Thimphu, after a month or two later, she was a fat kid. Since then, all her life, she was a fat kid. But who wasn't fat in our family? Our parents might have had hard times feeding us, because we didn't have plates - we had steel bowls for ourselves. 

Nima was and is always weak in mathematics, and that's the irony! Apa being Physics and Mathematics teacher, his daughter wasn't doing good. Maybe, his love failed to teach her physics and mathematics ba ha ha ha. :) old man, that must have been very tough. But Nima is proficient in English and she was always active with voluntarism. She would meet the King of Bhutan with her friends for being a part of Y-Via. I believe she was president of Y-Via as well, when it was in its initial stage. Yes, people with good English, aren't they liberal and sort of socialist? :P 

Being weak in studies and being more into TV series and Korean Pop culture, her class 12th results weren't so flamboyant and she got Father's Scholarship. Old man, see you loved her a lot. :p She was always brave and rather for opting journalism,  she chose law and I just pray that the current job scenario goes easy on her. 

If I go back a decade from now, Nima and I weren't at all close. She would cook us telling that she knew Japanese, for which she did a course. But with time, Nima and I became good friends and unlike other siblings, we started to share our serets over who were we dating or on whom we had crush on. At times she would suggest me who would be better for me and who won't, and at times, I would joke about her exes and what exactly she saw in them. 

Today, I don't know, whether I have succeeded in being an elder sister to her which she never had, but I just hope, somewhere she finds and knows that - I at least tried to understand her. 

Ps: We don't need to explain ourselves why we write? 

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  1. I wonder if my brothers feel the same about me. lol
    Even at this age I am still bullied by my brothers haha..
    jokes apart i loved reading it ....will be looking forward to read more.