Thursday, June 16, 2016

Celebrating Life, Celebrating Friends: Episode VIII

When 2015 was in its full swing of hammering me with things I would always wanted to avoid, something interesting was happening as well. While I was shredding those barks of youth and maturing up as a person, I became good friends with Namgay Nama Dorjee. 

I have always remembered the first time I met with people, I remember these events vividly, at times, I could even remember clothes, what they ate and how they looked and what exactly were they wearing? Like the first time I met Tsheku in High school was when he wore green half pants for House Football match trolling me over how he and my then crush dated! 

I remember meeting Nama for the first time when Namgay brought him to Zangtopelri Complex, whereby we used to play snookers as High school teenagers. That was the very place whereby Lalit, Passang and Banka connected their heads together and mourned their BHSEC papers, after getting shit drunk! 

It was after some six months later that all of our friends were meeting since we had joined college, before that we would never part. We always met and smoked cigarettes and went under flyovers. I still have ten favourite places in Thimphu whereby we would hang out and those weren't Buddha point or Sanjay Gang. Those were our hide outs whereby nobody disturbed us. 

When Nama walked in, I was laughing over Jamyang Singye for his rash comment over snooker balls being the hugest marbles he had seen. I reckon Phub was there as well, if I am not wrong, I was meeting him after a decade or so. 

Nama's voice was timid, just like him. And he takes a lot of care about himself. Nama has always been this guy who's misunderstood by many because he does have a lot of female friends and many girls do like him. I don't know why? But Nama is a hopeless romantic fool. He likes to tease girls but he knows his limits where to stop. Many would hear his stories of him being seen around with his friends and people tend to judge him, and so did I, when I didn't know him. But Nama is not a flirt. How he wishes to get married to most of the girls he falls in love with. 

He however is the biggest troll that I have ever come across, and his trolls are very much rustic as well. Like pulling a friend's pants off while other female friends are around, being a girl on messenger and trolling a man in Australia, trolling someone in USA, telling he is getting married time and again, teasing anybody with everybody and biggest one - he getting AIDS. 

Last year at Phub's House. 
Nama being a troll had a messenger account in college, whereby he pretended being a girl. He would chat with a man and when that man asked him for video call, Nama showed that man his underwear. Then the man wanted to get back to him, so that man as well opened up an account in yahoo or msn messenger and started trolling Nama. But Nama is a witty guy. He then sent that man his own picture when the man had asked Nama to send his. 

Regarding the AIDS troll, he trolled me for a week. I have to write it down here Nama, because I was so concerned about him then. He got me all worried just to laugh on my face, and I bet you that he had the laugh of his life. Nama is like that, he is a funny chap and not many can digest his pranks, but he is that glue which binds all of our friends together. You can always count on Nama as a friend or as someone whom you have asked favor for. 

Nama was always into archery and it was costing him too much money, but he was a passionate player. One fine day he told me that he had sold his compound bow and I just happy for him, but he didn't tell me the reason why he sold it. After some eight or nine months, while all of our friends were discussing how broke we were and money didn't stay, he shared his story about his compound bow. Nama is like that, he swallows all his troubles and doesn't let it out, and when the storm is over, he shares his reminiscences over those melancholic days. He won't let out a word and he will tell you when the time is right. He had sold his compound bow to pay off his relative's tuition fees. 

There was an incident when Nama and I had gone to a shop. He wanted to buy a summer jacket and I was checking out some T-Shirts. When I saw him getting struck with the zip and the sales girl helping him to open it, I smiled. Because the sales girl was so pretty and her face was close to Nama's, but Nama made an awkward face gesturing me to help him. I smiled and ignored him, I thought let me give my friend some privacy with the pretty girl. The girl seemed smiling at him and he was there. 
Next day, Nama told me, "Do you remember yesterday I was struggling with the zip?"
"Yes, I do. That girl was really pretty, how did you feel?"
He paused for a moment and said: "Zai, Kha dim gi bay ra matshu" - I couldn't tolerate the odour of her mouth. 
I would laugh at him like crazy. There I was thinking that I was being a good friend giving him privacy and he was being tortured. I know this is mean, but this is funny as well. 

Bon fire by the river bank. Phuntsho, Lobzang, Nama and Sangay. 
Nama does remember most of the things vividly. He will tell about all his pranks and how he laughed upon. Like the time during college, he texted from Aue Tashi's phone to a girl by saying he loved her and deleted the message. Then when Aue Tashi got pissed, Nama was dead scared. He asked other Namgay and Phub to come out and confessed, requested Phub to take the blame. To this Phub admitted and went inside and told Aue Tashi that it was Nama. Aue Tashi got so agitated and grabbed Nama by his collar. Aue Tashi then laughed at Nama and asked whether he was scared or not? Nama wanted to make up and started to apologise, and to this, Aue Tashi did hit the iron when it was hot. He made Nama cook around 2 am in the morning. Nama cooked rice and curry and even washed the dishes. Aue Tashi would just slide his plate towards Nama. 

There was a time when Phub too got conned by Nama. Nama had changed his name to Phub's then girlfriend's name and texted Phub that they should go separate ways. When Phub was joyous over his exams going well, he saw those texts and left the room. While Phub was trying to call her back time and again, Nama had kept his phone on silent. And it was only after several calls that Nama admitted that it was him. This prank was in return to Phub's prank whereby Phub himself did the same to Nama. I was told that Phub and Nama were like husbands and wives, they would fight a lot and console each other a lot. Nama would never tell anybody his secrets except for Phub, yes, like they were couples. 

Nama at his best. 
Nama has always been dramatic queen, little things does tick off and Nama gets very much sensitive over little things. Like the time he went to Punakha bridge for fresh air. Nama taught me that life can get hard, but you can laugh on life with pranks and not being serious at all. I have never seen a guy who is not at all ambitious but witty at the same time. He does know what he wants in his life. Time and again, he quits smoking and drinking, acts like Sheldon Cooper when he does then. He covers his mouth and nose, as if he had never smoked in his life. 

Each day, when I think about people around me, and write about them, I don't seek to make them famous or give out personal stuff. It inspires me a lot to be around people who have had come from different modes and the struggles they have had in their lives, yet they didn't give up. We don't need famous, rich or successful people to draw our inspirations from, we could look at common people around us and get inspired. People who seem so normal, yet they live their lives upon difficult situations, still kicking it and doing fabulously awesome. I draw inspiration from them and am I not lucky, to be surrounded by them and call them as one of my own, my friends! 

I do realize that when one writes upon a subject it might misfire. And at times, I wonder what would people think for disclosing personal stuff upon blog? But what the heck, this is my blog and I write what I feel like writing. 

Ps: Someone once told me, never to lose him as a friend. She just doesn't know how much of a pain in ass he is and he won't lose anybody, for he is that sticky glue that binds all of our friends. 

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