Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Trip to Remember.

It might seem to you that I might be lying, when I say, I am busy. You might retaliate with memes or slogans from Facebook saying: it's matter of priority, nobody is that busy? But trust me, 2016 is a busy year for me, as it might seem that I have bitten more than I could chew? 

So, finally, a laptop that I had ordered for, has reached on my desk, and I am too lazy to take a picture of it, as I am very much tired installing all the required softwares, deleting them when few couldn't work. Why is everything so hard? Weren't we just happy with Windows XP? Bad joke. 

Interesting things were bound to happen, my best friends were opening up their office at Thimphu and my laptop had arrived at Thimphu. So, I went to Thimphu to visit my friends and get my laptop. I had availed for my leave last time for the competition, so I just had few hours to be in Thimphu. 

I dropped few little things at my friends' place for their office, which were all I could afford for and then headed to get my laptop. 

The trip however, was interesting for three things: 
1. Friends opening Office.
2. Laptop had reached. 
3. The Stories while I was in Taxi. 

1. The Stories: 

The story got started with taxi driver telling me his story. It is always wonderful to hear stories, and I am always keen to listen to stories of commoners, those little extraordinary things from ordinary people. The Taxi driver narrated his story of he being alcoholic, smoker and a gambler. He divorcing his wife and his girl friend cheating upon him. Isn't it wonderful? I mean, what's wrong with everybody around? It's like we are at the ball of infidels? He now had quit all of his bad habits by vowing to Ap Gengay. Even that cab was hired by him and he had made 53k and 67k out of it in past two months. He had also lost his two vehicles while he gambled in past. People do change, not only do they improve. 

The second story was narrated by a lady. None the less, her story was awe inspiring. Her father had passed away and rituals for the dead are taking place, she has a son, she is working and she is yet writing exams for her CE Degree Course from this weekend. All her sacrifices won't go to vain, I could see that. 

2. Laptop reached. 

I have always considered, my two best friends - Phub Tshering and Namgay Dorjee, as savvy guys, and I have always considered them to be better at what they do - designing structures. They were the only ones I wanted to compete with so far, because they were and are professional with their works, which I find hard to see in many. I always wanted to own a laptop with higher configurations for work, as I too enjoy doing designs. But Phub and Namgay, they have reached a different level, because they worked hard and they always had better pcs. As I wanted to own one for myself, I ordered one. 

You see, I used to do some photoshop designs as well during college, and I always was interested to do 3-D designs. But my computer always snapped and office hadn't provided us with a better system. I still have one 3-D model, online which you can get access to. If you have google earth in your pc, then please do try to download .kmz file of this model and open it when it is done. :) Here is the link to the model, and when you see the download button, go for .kmz file. I know my works are rusty, but those adobe photoshop designs were done during my second or third year, borrowing Shuvaraj Neupane's (friend who gifted me calligraphy pen) laptop, which later got spoiled and he got mad. The 3-D model for DASA International Hall of Residence, NIT Warangal was done for my seminar using my Acer laptop which didn't have graphics card, and only had 1 GB ram.

I wanted to purchase one Alienware, and called my friend Yamuna Rai from NGN Pvt. Ltd., who happens to be the only Dell Authorized dealer in Bhutan. She informed me that Alienwares were not meant for Bhutanese Market and she suggested me to have Dell Precision. I am sort of misogynist at times, especially to my female friends, I take their suggestions over engineering or anything related to engineering as baseless talks. :p Sorry Yamuna. But Yamuna has always been good with her work, and she asked me to read about Dell Precision. It was meant for Engineers, for this laptop is one of its kind. Let's not discuss the price here, for I don't want to brag about it, and it's not even my money - Thank you banking system. So we improvised the specs of workstation and had ordered, when I heard the news, I had two reasons to be in Thimphu, to collect my laptop and visit my friends. 

3. My friends, Nima and Phub were opening up their offices. Nima has started her Cruising to Paradise, and Phub has opened up his own Architectural Firm known as Namey Samey. Dude, where's your website? I hope you will go Namay Samey baffled when you will see his designs. Over the span of five years, Phub has designed a lot of attractive buildings, in and around Thimphu. He is one among few architects I have met so far, who can function with Autodesk Revit Architecture while many have found solace in Google Sketchup. 

Throughout my journey to get my laptop, to meet my friends and listening to their stories in Taxi, I for the first time told myself that I always was right about happiness, it doesn't happen overnight, nothing happens overnight. 

So, when I met Phub last time, when we were done painting and cleaning his office, I asked him: "Five years ago, did you think you would come up with your own office?"

I guess, I did bore you all with my blabbering, but it was one hell of a trip, and I know, some of you who hate me might say that why make a big fuss over a normal trip while someone tells their sad stories and others open up office? And why write about it actually? Isn't this dramatic? 

I would but smile, because I choose to see it otherwise, for I am finally getting a laptop with so much of support from my dear friends, while strangers inspire me over not giving up upon life and while my friends quest to a beautiful journey. Guess Aue Passu was right all along, at times we need to Blog our own Trumpet. 

Good night. :) 

Ps: By the way, my friend Lobzang, named my laptop as Chuki. 

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