Friday, May 20, 2016


So, the Nation has now known, and trust me, I am not an entrepreneur, Not Yet. If you would have asked me to spell the word, without any prior help with computer, I am pretty sure that I won't have spelled it correctly. 

How did it happen? 

I was on Facebook, like all the time. I had few notifications and I was added in one of the groups created by Binu Creative Donkey. His page, where I was added, had a link to MOLHR & BITC, whereby they were hosting an Innovation Business Idea for 2016. I had known that it had occurred in past years and I never wrote or mailed them. This year however, I want to do many things, I just thought, why not give a shot? But when I saw the deadline, it was the very next day I had to submit my write up. 

So, this is what I did. I came home from office, went for my regular walk and came home around 9 pm. Took shower, had dinner and browsed net till 12 am. Around 1 am, I thought, maybe I should give a try. I mean, I have had this idea for ages and I hadn't done anything about it, and moreover I had never given my data to anybody, so I was like why not write about it? The thing about this Business Competition was that I didn't have to give my actual data, but how much of profit one could make and how much one had to invest upon. It wasn't a technical paper at all. It didn't cost me penny. 

Beautiful things happen when you actually try and least expect it to happen, I guess. So, from 1 am till 5 am in the morning, I replied to all those questions they had set. I didn't have to write a business plan or anything else, I just answered their questions and did calculations whereby they had asked me to. 5:30 am, I looked outside and saw few old people and young people around the Mani Dungkar of Bajo town, the bell was ringing and I looked at the sky, the colour of refraction of sun rays, that was beautiful. 

I looked back at my screen, converted the file into .pdf format and mailed them. Then I slept soundly. 

One thing I liked very much about BITC is that they function well, they had mailed me when they had received my mail. They were fast as well, the results were out within a week and I received an email. 

I was informed through telephone that my writing got shortlisted amongst 126 entries and when I saw the list, I was third. 

Then we had to do pitching. Well, pitching is something I had never heard. I thought it was some sort of Baseball thing and I had to google what pitching actually meant. It was interesting to read about it. 

But, I was called for pitching the very next day, or else I would be answering them over the phone or Skype. I haven't done much in past, I was always this lazy guy who would love his relationship between him and his bed. There's some supersonic magnetic field around my bed that attracts me all the time. 

However, I went home, and packed my stuff and left for Thimphu. The next day, I realised, someone had gone to Dechenphu because my pitching time was around 10:50am and I got up around 10:30am. I borrowed my friend's car and his socks, and left for BITC. I didn't have much money in my wallet and I had just loaned some amount to buy myself a portable workstation. The perks of being honest Engineer is that, money is never sufficient. If I had taken bribe, I won't have even written this proposal. Am not that greedy. 

So, when I reached there, I gave my talk and lately, I have become so forgetful. So, while pitching my idea, I actually paused and my mind was totally blank! Yes Buddha Daju, I now know what emptiness means. 

It was over and I left for my friend's office. 

We were then called on Monday for the result. Told you, BITC folks are punctual and they work hard. When I had to attend the occasion, I again borrowed the same socks, which my friend Phub Tshering being a skinny man, said that I could keep them. You see, my legs are big and he is skinny as bamboos, so, I got to keep the socks and I had again borrowed my another friend's car. This time, Aue Singye was generous, he always is humble and generous. I went there and I stood second. For the first time in my life, I got this big ass cheque. I asked Aue Passu, regarding withdrawing that amount: Am I suppose to walk inside BOB with with Big Ass Cheque? 

Aue Passu laughed and told me that I would get another cheque and this one was just a momento or a souvenir. I laughed over my stupidity. I was happy that I stood second along with another guy whose idea was about Eco Waste Recycle. 

The first prize was bagged by Soap boys who had an inspiring story. One of the guys is currently a civil servant who is studying in RTC first year and their product - Herbal Soap is picking up. They required money more than I did. I was mesmerized by the humility those two men had when we were talking. 

There were other RTC students as well, who got prizes and took home cash prizes. It was noted that RTC students and Gedu Students wrote many business ideas. I hope to see in future, some proposals from CST, Sherubtse and JNP. 

It is at that point I was thinking about Jokes : 

1. Sherubtse - The peak of learning, students always take pictures on runway of Yongphula. 
2. Gedu - The hidden College in Fog, students taking pictures around NH and Fog. 
3. CST - The College on Plateau, students take pictures with white helmets during OJT or in their Workshop uniform. 
4. JNP - The forgotten school in Jungle.
5. Takshi - The school who people have no idea about their caliber. Like one time a Lynpo got scolded by one of the students in NGOP, while the formal underestimated those students not knowing English. 

I couldn't stop myself but smile over what I was thinking then. After lunch, I left BITC and went to my friend's office. Showed him the big ass cheque. I will hang that in my room. It just has my name on it with a sum mentioned on it, like that's my selling price as a commodity. Jokes apart, it was nice of MOLHR and BITC, it was just a step and encouragement that I received. At times, positive vibes come to you when you least expect. Thank You Kuensel for making me famous, especially Younten. You are the man, please start dating now. 

Thank You all my well wishers who called me and messaged me over congratulating on this one. 

Still not an entrepreneur, but let's just hope, I will get there someday. :) 

Good Night. Happy Weekend Folks. 


  1. Hi Dwa, when I found your name on Kuensel, I doubted if it could b u... but wasn't sure until I read this post of yours. Congratulations to u for the prize. U r luckier. The soap boys r being accused by MoE of indulging in commercial activities as civil servants and a big issue has been created out of this competition now. I am so sorry that they r mentally stressed out at present as their case is being discussed in the Ministry. If the civil servants were not allowed to take part in the business idea competition, they should have put this clearly in their criteria.... But anyway, I am so happy for u, Dawa. I look forward to building my house with your bricks about 20 years down the line.

  2. Congratulations Dawa!!! Your brilliant idea has finally borne you fruits. Your positive attitude will lead you to long successful road ahead. Keep it up man!!! ;)

  3. Big fat congratulations Dawa Sir. While the article is an interesting read, I found more fats of reality in it.
    As a response to your Facebook comment, I am just an inch away from you. I am at Bahothang HSS. Yes, of course with my family this time.
    When you visit Bajo HSS, do let me know.