Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My bucket List.

At times, we all tend to think of coming up with bucket list, things we do before we kick the bucket. I never had one, I am happy go lucky chap, just like my father. 

We are never too late to come up with bucket list, so here I jot down mine: I would rather call it as, 25 things I want to do before I die, and yes, I don't see living beyond 52. 

1. Quit Smoking. 
2. Buy fresh roses and dry them up. 
3. Write an Engineering Manual. 
4. Write at least four novels. 
5. Learn to design buildings, tunnels and cavern structures thoroughly. 
6. Attend a Rock concert Alone. 
7. Go on vacation with my best friends. 
8. Pack my back pack, Tour all Eastern Regions of Bhutan & visit random places in India, taking sleeper class. 
9. Buy a super computer. 
10. Save, sell sketches or collect enough amount which can generate an interest of 30k annually, to give a student of my High school, "The Knight's Award", not for topping but for his/her improvements. 
11. Host an art exhibition. 
12. Learn how to paint with Acrylic and Water colour. 
13. Host a party whereby I will invite all the people I have come across. 
14. Learn how to play guitar and sing once with guitar (even though Apa tells me that my age of learning a guitar has gone). 
15. Learn how to dance. 
16. Visit Florence. 
17. Send my parents for vacation to New York. 
18. Teach as a Professor. 
19. Visit college once, walk those streets alone and eat at Kanishka & Kalinga Dhaba alone. 
20. Visit Taj Mahal & Venice with whom so ever I get married to (These are the places I don't want to go alone). 
21. Show my top ten places in Thimphu when I am sure. 
22. Design a motor that could replace Hydropower Plants (I have few sketches, just require one Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer - they don't come cheap).
23. Apologize to all those folks I was mean, above all, forgive myself. 
24. Meet all my friends before I die. 
25. Meet the King for tea. 

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  1. Yeah, you are never true late for anything.
    Best wishes from my side.