Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dear God.

Dear God,

With due respect and utmost apologies, keeping the fear of hell and glories of heaven aside, vociferous as I could be, I with utmost doubts of your existence and fear about the consequences that I might have to face if you existed, as laconic as I could get: what the fuck? God! 

I write to you today because I am very much disheartened with your resuming of your office. Why you might ask? But if you have really created us, which some of your fanatic followers have convinced us: vaguely, then why do 25000 people as per 2013 statistics I presume, die out of starvation? Why are there so many versions of you? Aren’t you supposed to be running the show solo?  If divinity is so pure then why have folks become fanatics while following you?

Why the hell and heaven? Why put people in situations and conditions as pathetic as possible, judge them and punish them for their reacted deeds?

God, are you seriously on vacation? And what are you? Are you the image of man or are we yours, for as narcissistic men have claimed that they are? Or you just like amoeba? Do you still look after the lightning as Zeus? Did you really conceive Baby Jesus without fornication or were you as many as those 30 millions in Hindu? Are you a male or female? I presume you are male because you have screwed up bad no women would do a shitty job as yours, you seem like a father who doesn’t bother or nurture your kids. Or are we kids of your mistresses and you can’t nurture us like those at Asarot, far I presume they might be the true heirs, descendants of you, and Thor getting the ultimate hammer? Where is mine?

God, I simply am confused. I am confused over inequality, pain, and anguish of this world. If you had had created us, then wasn’t it your job to assure that we decided well, yes well. You could have guided us, and that too more than your so-called manuscripts.

God, I am confused with your sole purpose of creating us, I am confused with your fanatic followers: do you really give them the virgins? And what are their sex genders?

God, how do you react to prayers? How mundane are prayers, aren’t they? Only in the shittiest consequences, we remember you. My apologies, from all those tribal homosapiens.

God I seriously think that it is very much high time that you should come out of your closet. You have a hell lot to explain. Because, the sight of crusaders on every national television news channels simply mean: there are greater confusions.

Do you really lock up those sinners in hell and do you really glorify the divines in heaven? What about those folks, those atheists who don’t give a fuck about you but do the deeds that are divine that your foretold anecdotes of divinity? Was Dante right that they deserve Limbo? Did you make him write those volumes of Divine Comedy?

God seriously I am agonistic now. Standing on the edge, I wish to see your miracles and end our sufferings like in those books, which were inked in the sake of inking for blank pages never made sense? God, I am not sure whether what I might do to a religious folk or an atheist from this agnostic edge. And God, please read this letter of mine, even if it makes to your spam. Oh, and forgive me if you are there, I mean, if you really exist.

Thanking You.

Dawa Knight.

Apologies to all the fanatics. I hope you see humour. 


  1. I really found humors in there. I was laughing the way thinks of God yet very realistic. Nice read for me. Thanks

  2. Nice read boss. God seems to be busy in disguising in many forms and in the meantime forgot the problems of his creation haha

  3. Nice read, i believe, probably Buddhists say there is no god. Enjoyed the read.

  4. Well said but no descipline... Lol... As always you are really a blessed with your rich and seductive words... Nice to read the Harsh reality thrashed out...