Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Celebrating Holi.

"Dawa! Darwaza kholo!". 
Me just like Hema Malini, "Nahi!".

Thank God! None of my friends were fans of Daya from CID! Varna, Darwaza thoar deta! BC! 

This was something, which happened every other day, during Holi. Holi is an Indian festival, festival of colours. I presume, Holi happens to be the second festival after Shivratri, whereby Marijuana is taken for granted in India. 

During those days, when I was in college, I played holi for four times, after that, there has been no holi festival. I did see our people at site play holi, and I would let them colour my face, but I would never engage in playing holi after my college days. Perhaps, someday, when I am with my folks from college, I shall play holi. 

During our college days, we asked by our friends to wear old clothes. But we being in boys hostel, if one didn't wear old clothes, it would be his fault. Because even tough materials as jeans would be ripped off. If they were bunch of rapist, god save the victims. When colours would finish, boys would apply mud and whatsoever they had. The corridors and walls would be wet with coloured water, and Picasso might have had an epiphany if he saw them. Some rich art lover would love to pay millions of dollars, had it been on a canvas. 

Before we went out to play holi. Left Lalit Dai. 
I remember second year's holi clearly. First year, I got my clothes ripped off and my room dirtied, so second year, I was prepared. I however didn't want to join my friends play holi. So, I was in my room. Few folks, juniors from Nepal came, said happy holi to me and applied red colour on my forehead and cheeks, hugged me and left. It was decent. Then I went outside for a while, got coloured like characters from Avatar, seriously what have they been mixing on those dusty colours, it reacts as if you are oiled up! 

Then I came back to room and took a shower. During my second year, my roommates were from Nepal. One was Anand Dia and another Lalit Dai. They entered our room with Shuvaraj, with clothes torn and coloured like some infant practiced mixing water colours upon them. I would be seated on bed chatting on msn messenger. 

I had taken shower then. 
They had brought the bhang laddo. Three of them, were like Smeagol from lord of the rings, only the difference would be they willing to share their precious with me. I ate one and didn't get high. They were waiting for me to get high, seated on floor, I still remember how Lalit Dai was grinning, with his Bhawn nose pointed at me as a dragger. Then I was offered second and third. Still nothing happened and they got pissed. One of them yelled: Machikney, bari hero baniya rako cha mulla Bhotey. In Nepal, Tamangs are Bhotey. 

Second round of Holi with laddo consumed.
 Wasn't High then, It would happen after that. 
So, they left, and I laughed at them, because nothing had happened. You see, those bhang laddos are made out of Marijuana juice and the kick doesn't start like you smoke Marijuana. Then suddenly, after thirty minutes or so, when I was chatting, I got a sound from my belly, dhud! It was as if someone had removed a seed out of peach, as if someone had started a vortex and eddies in my tummy. Everything suddenly started spinning and I laid on my back. The fan was spinning and I could feel the turbulence, I would even feel how the air reacted to those wings of fan, I could actually feel stream lines of air and how it would hit me. I was intoxicated then. 

I remember that night going for dinner, one moment I was wearing clothes, second moment I was with my friend, then I was eating and then I was in hostel. It would be in my system for three days, and yes, those classes were very boring. I had to literally open my eyes with help of my fore fingers. But I wasn't alone, half of the boys in my class were high on that. 

Today, when I remember holi, I only remember of that day, and I am taken back to my college days. Even the sewage treatment plant couldn't purify the mixed colours. It was such a beautiful festival. 

Happy Holi to my folks from Nepal and India. I somehow know, wherever you guys are, you guys are getting shit wasted coloured like some sci-fi mutant! Happy Holi folks. 

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