Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celebrating Friends: Episode V.

Today, let me write about one of my favourites, in the entire world, my immediate brother, Pema Tamang a.k.a, Pumps. 

Apa's favourite son. Pema and I were very notorious when we grew up, we would do all sorts of mischiefs and fought a lot. He was always good at managing his stuff, compared to me.

Left Me. Right Pema. 
Pema and I don't resemble at all. He looks like Apa when Apa had his days, way before Apa grew into a fat man. Perhaps, Pema was adopted. He is considered the most intelligent in our family by Apa, and he indeed is very smart man. He however doesn't work hard at all. You know, during our board exams, when I was found studying, Pema would watch porn movies. Yes, porn movies. Pema is always better than me, even if we argue over anything, he always wins. His sarcasm and puns are always my favourites. And at times, I wonder how can he naturally be good with comebacks and insults. He always was 'better than me' in everything we took up. Like there was this time when he was a sixth grader and I eighth, and he had scored more marks in Computer class. But there always will be this talent of sketching, which he can never learn. I heard from our sister that he writes better, but I have never seen his article. Perhaps, that's Pema, he doesn't want to write. I on the other hand, am just passionate to write. Maybe, this is how we were brought up, we didn't have restriction to anything, and Apa was always generous enough, he won't even bargain upon things which he could afford, when we asked him. Took time, but he didn't bargain to get us them. Not to forget, the video game console which he smacked when Pema and I fought over Player 1 controller.

Pema was always a step ahead of me. For instant, he now dates a very pretty girl. And before that he was dating my class mate and before her, he dated a girl who was two years senior to me. During his board exams during his 12th standard, he would go meet his girl friend and write exams. Yes, visits to his then girlfriend, didn't attend physics class because teacher hated him big time and made him leave his classes, and wrote board exams, got selected to CST, the kid is not bad. Well, he flunked twice in CST, that's another story, no Rancho has existed in Engineering Colleges, 3 Idiots over sold it and no wonder why Chetan Daju was too pissed.

At times, I feel Pema is my elder brother, because he is more mature than I am. He is a family man, I guess, he always is around parents, because I haven't visited home much, once after I got my job. Not that I am a bad son, perhaps I am a good employee.

Pema with his High School Friends. 
I cannot abridge our entire lives, but when I look back now, I can say that my little brother isn't a prick. I guess, the biggest gift he gave me was my dimple, Yes, my dimple. You see, I wasn't born with one. Pema and I would wrestle most of the times, as we being boys, and I believe we were kindergarten kids then. I guess, Pema lost that wrestling match and I stood on bed. I held my hands up and shouted "I am the SUPERMAN OF THE WORLD", yeah, we were not proficient with English. While I was enjoying my victory, Pema got up and pushed me from behind, and there I went, flying. I don't know how the laws of Physics worked then, but my face went first and hit the corner tip of a table. I recall today, that for next month or two, I would massage my left cheek with luke warm salted water. Henceforth, I have a dimple.

Pema having great time with my friends in our home,
while I was gone to college. 
Pema is considered better looking than me, by my very own friends, who were actually my friends first. And at times, when I look at my siblings, I think of suing my own parents, why did I get this face? Jokes apart, my high school friends are his friends as well. So, when he went to CST, his friends were mostly my friends, and my friends were in Third Year, while Pema was a freshman. Freshman with Third year's attitude? He had to fail. Later I would learn that he would get pocket money from them. Pema isn't materialistic person, he is a spendthrift person and doesn't think much about tomorrow. He is lazy but a good cook.

I remember when I was sent to India for my further studies, my sister would cry a lot, and so did my mother. I hugged my sister and thought of hugging Pema as well, he then said: What the F*** are you doing? Of course in Nepali. Which sounded like: Jatha, kay garey ko?

All thanks to Namgay, we both look so Sissy here. 
Pema is very good with his reflex, that's why he always is seen playing video games. Yes, he can play a lot and it is from there, he got his nickname, not by playing video games but by playing video games in Zangtopelri Complex. He went missing once during his Tenth board exam, Parents were so worried about him, only to find him playing Counterstrike at Zangtopelri Complex, while he had exams next day. I hope he remembers how Apa whooped his ass. Not that Apa forced us to study, but they were just concerned why the heck would he go missing.

All thanks to Namgay, They both look sissy there. 
After some six years, of playing PC Games like Dota, Counterstrike, AOE, Dawn of war and I don't know what else, he finally has graduated in Electrical Engineering. While he wrote RCSC, he stood fifth, while there were only four slots. That ways, I envy him. He screws up certain things, but he screws them up in style. He has this gift of learning things very fast, and gifted people don't value their gifts, he loses interests upon things very easily. Even his internship job, whereby he felt bored and left after a month.

Pema is very protective when it comes to me, and he can be pretty mean to them. He will be very indifferent to them, which I can never be, but then again, I can always learn. He is a funny chap, and he has always been a notorious kid while we grew up. Maybe it was because he was always brave when he was a kid. Like there were days when we were raised up in Kharbandi. He would go in front of so many people and danced or acted. I still remember the first day he got enrolled in school. I remember we went home in the back of Hilux whereby he was super excited. Today, he is as tall as I am, but when we grew up, he was always the shortest in the family. We would call him names then, but suddenly, he shot up.

Pema with my little brother. 
During our days in Motithang, he was two years junior to me. By that time, he had befriended my friends and my friends played cards then. Pema had taken those cards with him and most of the teachers didn't like him for he being notorious. He wasn't into drugs then, he was just that noisy kid. So, Sir Apu when he saw him with cards, held his ears and took him to Vice Principal, who too was 'ex-notorious drug addict', as he had admitted to us. The first thing he would say was: You Ass****s creating some trouble? And whack, he had slapped Pema. Till this date, I take pride that in my four years of stay in Motithang Higher Secondary School, I never got slapped, while he got slapped twice. There was again this time, when we were having Extempore speech competition and Madam Amina had called out names of those noisy kids, who would then had to control the crowd. Cutting off the snake's head strategy she had, one must say. Half of those kids were my friends and Pema was the only one from his batch. It was funny because I was always decent comparing to him, and I still am. But later years, I would hear from Sir Apu that when I came to Motithang, I was decent, My brother Pema was notorious but more smarter and my Sister was the most noisiest. Sorry Sis, mathematics is something you will never understand. Pema has always vouched for his friends and he hasn't changed much. He puts his family first, then his friends. His friends are all weird as well. I don't know why wasn't he a member of 'Bichu Gang' in CST, lol. Ha ha. Even I would have laughed my ass off if I had come across a group like that.

When in Primary school, I had my first crush. I had never told Pema, but he knew through my friends. He would call her 'Mathang', shout on top of his voice and embarrass her. Till date, when I meet her, she always asks about him and how he is doing? The last time he shouted 'Mathang' was in Mukherjee Center, and it was in front of our Ama, while she and her friends had to flee the scene.

When we grew up, we would fight a lot. It would be little things and somewhere when we grew up, he got better at fights and at times, he would make me cry. There were days, when he would get beaten up and I would go fight those boys and at times, I did get beaten up. You see, it is still a mystery for me, because there was this boy called Dorji and I would whoop his ass. Then there Kota, whom Dorji would beat the crap out of. But Kota would beat the shit out of me. That circle I never knew.

There was this time, when a boy named Papu had beaten Pema and I got so mad. I went and fought with that boy, made him cry. But Papu had two elder brothers, who could beat the shit out of me. I would always run after beating Papu.

Two years extra he stayed. :P 
Pema was very close with one of our cousins, Mahendra Mongar. They were always notorious. Back in those days, Kharbandi, currently CST was more or less, a jungle. Most of us resumed to gardening around our colony. Apa had planted most of the jack fruit trees there, and bananas as well. We had papaya trees, banana trees, jack fruit trees, and vegetable gardens. At times, a year's harvest would give us some three sacks of ginger. So, Pema and Mahendra had stolen Uncle Tashi's (Dzongkha Lopen who passed) bananas and hidden in those bushes, which we considered as our hide outs or place to chill. Basically, those were caves made out of creepers and twigs. They had hidden the entire bunch of bananas in their 'bush house'. They only found us, Jigme, me and Keazang eating those bananas after a week. I remember Dhan Uncle chasing them for I don't know what reason and Current Lynpo Dawa (during those days Principal of RTI), holding their ears and bringing them home. I don't know about their mischief but Ama had passed her judgment by not sparing the rod.

You see, Pema and I grew up together, and I have seen other siblings as well. I guess, we all grew up just the same, the closeness that we have with our siblings, we can't explain that. We tend to think that we know them for a moment, and the very next moment, we don't. Pema and I, do have a lot darker secrets which will only make us laugh. And top that up with our Apa, oh three of us we do have a hell lot of topics to laugh about. Someday I will write about Apa again, but till then, just know that he caught Pema and myself watching American Pie 2.

At times, words fail to explain the bonding between your loved ones, those gestures don't materialize as you wish, but deep in our hearts, we love our beloved ones. This series of Celebrating Friends and Celebrating Life, has made me see things positively. And in all these years, these people have always tried to fix me, they have seen me at my worst, and my best, it probably didn't matter to them how I was. Perhaps, that's what, they do love me I guess, unconditionally. Too gayish or sissy for Pema to read this last paragraph I guess. I am writing all these episodes, because I finally have come to appreciate why they are still in my life, this gives me positive vibes, and never in my life, I have actually felt, this positive.

Ps: Pema still thinks that I will die forever alone.

PPS: It still sucks to play any game against him, he kills with his hand gun in Counterstrike, wipes out the entire arena in AOE, DOTA I never learned and Clash Of Clans he left me despite I starting it before him. A true gamer without any expensive gaming equipments. :p

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