Monday, February 1, 2016

February is Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, February is here, and just like every year, we shall face it bravely!

No matter how tough you act, there always is this little part of you which will make you actually get bothered about what people talk about you. And with that, there is always a little mild tension or pressure in your mind, while you are single and all of your mates are either dating, getting married or having babies. You eventually succumb to the fact that you will be going home alone, and sleeping a sleep in your warm bed, all alone.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, trans-genders and hermaphrodites, February is here and so will Valentine's Day be.

It is arguable why Valentine's Day does even exist? Some will say it is not our culture and some will say I don't need a day to show my love to my spouse and some will find it overrated. So is, New Year's Eve.

I remember, till date, none of my Valentine's days being interesting one. Once I was told to bring something sweet. I was in college and was at Reliance Store, I didn't know what else to buy. So I thought, maybe a watermelon will be good, for it is sweet and it is watermelon for god's sake. And no Sir, I didn't buy watermelon, I settled for little toffees and chocolate bars. Oh, there were roses as well. On that day, when I was in college, I would see so many girls with bouquets of flowers. I have always been a romantic fool, and I am not ashamed of that.

There was a time, when it was Valentine's Day and all I could do was a dinner with Driver. That was because I worked late and had reached my premises. And I don't remember much of celebrating Valentine's Day from there on. Oh and there was a time, I was shit broke and my ex brought me pizza and hot chocolate.

This year, with too much hype for the day approaching nearer, I wonder what I would be doing? Anyway, this is the statistics that I got from Here! It is for America.

All of you, my single friends, you have exactly 14 days or less, to ask someone out for Valentine's Day. No matter how you put it up, you don't want to spend it all alone at home. And since I have now grown immune from this particular day, it would just be a normal day for me. Just that I need to log out from Facebook. The happy couples all over the world will make me grow little sadder. It is like the whole world can see the stars and you are busy digging a coal mine.

So happy Valentine's day to you all in advance. Have a great one. Just don't show off too much on social media sites, there are grumpy little singles who don't want to know where you ate or what you got as a gift. 

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