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Celebrating Friends: Episode III.

When he wasn't at his best. 
So, now if you ask me, whom am I very much fond of? Then I will tell you Phub Tshering! It is not a classy name, and though it is next to Penjo or Dophu, such a typical ngalong name, isn't it? Not Rigden or Kelden or Yoesel. :p 

I first saw this guy when we were taking part in some art competition. I was in fourth standard and my painting was very much messy. My head was low and I knew, I messed up. We were given only one paper and a set of water colours to paint. I already felt so low and that mean head mistress said: It's so dirty (with her frowning face). 

While I breathed heavily and straightened my body, my legs crossed, and turned towards left, I saw this guy with a head which resembled Suppandi's. Later years, his nick name, in fact was Suppandi, I would come to know. (I always remember the first encounter, might not remember name but I never forget the face). 

Ladies and gentlemen, today I introduce you to my the 'handsomest' best friend Phub Tshering. He is shy and timid on social media and a very secretive person to others, he is smart - mentally and physically, and has a golden heart. I just wish he had this shyness and humility on dance floors of discotheques. 

I didn't like Phub Tshering during my junior school days, he would always bully me over telling me that I was fat. He still doesn't remember that I was his House Captain, while he was a sixth grader and I, a fifth grader. He is the skinniest f*** I have ever seen, he is skinnier than most of my Brahmin friends and any Brahmins I have come across, be it Nepali, Indian or Bhutanese. 

When Namgay and I got selected for scholarship, Phub was there in MANIT Bhopal, pursuing his Architecture. When Namgay showed him our photos, he saw me and said he recognized me. When Namgay called me over and told me that AUE PHUB knew me, my first reaction was give him the phone. And I said: Jada AUE! Namgay however, didn't pass him the phone I believe, he just laughed. Maybe we talked, Phub and I then. 

After I graduated, Phub was the only one with apartment, living a bachelor's life in Thimphu. But Phub was always a loyal man, and even today he is one. Phub is also one of those smart talented persons, I have come across in my life. He ranked first in Biology category and third in Mathematics. He could have gone to AIIMS but he however wanted to be an Architect and today he is one. He is one of the finest Architects I have met till date, after Aue Singye, in my generation. The senior Architects are there, but experience does matter here. Phub and Aue Singye are meant to be Architects. I have come across many architects and engineers, but they are just natural. 

2011 NGOP. 
And like many talented people, Phub always delivers at the last minute. Not that he isn't punctual, he is that person whom you can rely on the last minute. If you give him an assignment, on the very last moment, he will show up. So say seven days of work, this guy will work at the last minute while he sleeps the remaining six days. Perhaps, he took Abraham Lincoln way too seriously, that he would sharpen his axe for first three days if given four days to chop off a tree. Many people who will know Phub in person, will tell you that his true talents are not unleashed. They are right. But the boy delivers eventually, so yeah, he is talented that ways.

Phub and I became really close friends because of our sordid days of melancholy. But life has better things stored for you, and when I look at Phub, I realize that each day.

I however tell him that he needs some glucose dosage because his veins and arteries are seen, that if a dog had to bite him then only bones would be all he would munch upon, or only soup out of him could be made.

Phub can't drink much, he is not gifted in this field. Like one time he came home late and told me that he had drank a lot. I was bit worried, and asked him how much he had drank? He said 3 pegs of whiskey. Sometimes, I call him Phub Zam for that.

Namgay and Phub, our Visit to Haa, sometime in 2011 after
earthquake. We had gone there to see the site for Haa Nyachu.
Later, Phub did the Landscaping Designs. 
Phub happens to be one of those persons on my list, whom I never want to let down and I always listen and do what he asks me to, even cook and make tea for his lazy ass. I will always be indebted to him and I always am. You see, when my hand broke, he was there all along. For those five days, he and Nima were always there. We would joke in hospital that if we had stayed any longer, we would have smoked in that room itself as well. I had started to smoke in hospital toilet, something which I am not proud of now.

Phub happens to be one of the nicest persons I have come across. He is that friend who will do things for you without bragging about them, and it was some years later that I would hear from Namgay Nama Dorjee that at one point, when one of their friends was ill in college, Phub sold his scooty to pay off the hospital bills. Which Phub tells me that it was later reimbursed. Reimbursed or not, it does matter, because not many people do the right acts at right times. That ways Phub is a nice man, except for making me cook and making me make tea for him, which he is always fond of - he be that Dechencholing tanks for tea. How can a skinny man have large bladder to store all those cups of tea? I always pay him visit when I go to Thimphu, not because I am always fond of him, at times, I just visit him because I don't have place to stay in Thimphu. Ha ha.

Phub being shy, he can't speak much in English, even though he has good proficiency in English. He has to develop in that field, and like said before, he being nice, nice things do happen to nice people. I always take pride in my friends telling their wives and girlfriends that they are lucky to have my friends, which most of the times they are. For not many of my friends are infidels and most being nerds, loyalty comes naturally. In Phub's case however, he is lucky to date our friend Nima Om. She is pretty, intelligent, well educated, brave, polyglot, straight forward, and above all, cooks well. Their love story will make many jealous. Oh and they were born on the same day. Yes, it saves us extra bucks to buy them birthday cakes. It is just some cream droplets away to write their names on a cake. They are nice because I always get souvenirs when they go somewhere, guys please don't change. :p And don't try to hook me up with your dog, Lolo. Am human too.

Phub happens to be one of those guys, who believes that in their earlier days of careers, what you learn is more important than what you earn. If one comes across Phub, one will know how much of a nice person he is. And nice is just an understatement for him. He is a family man, and I have always seen him fulfill his responsibilities. As a son, as a brother, as a grandson, as a relative, as a boyfriend or husband, and most of all, as a friend, we all can count on him. The little things that he remembers for friends and his loved ones, that makes him a gentleman. He has that knack of visiting us when we are not ourselves, when one of our family members is ill or when we are in thick shit. He is emotional in that ways as well. Today, he is our punch bag for all the jokes about Haaps. :p

He is a prankster, but I will get to that later when I write about Nama.

When I visit him, we always discuss about ideas, work, and like with Namgay, we discuss everything under the sun. We at times land up talking till mornings, and we do call each other at times to catch up and check upon each other. Phub and Nima, & Namgay and Choni, four of them are very protective when it comes to me. I guess, they don't want to see me sad, and finding friends like them is rare. I am not saying that my other friends don't care, they do as well. It was at one point, when I was put upon sleeping pills, and I don't know whether to call it destiny, universe or sheer luck of coincidence, that these two, Namgay and Phub, called me out of no where and checked upon me. They encouraged me not to take them pills.

There was another point whereby I was on hospital stretcher, my friends from Bajo were all worried and out of no where, Phub had again consumed two pegs and I don't know what made him text me, but it left me with all smiles while I was crying in agony. Some of your friends, they are just gifts from the universe I guess, they just will be there when you least expect them to be or you can always vouch that they will always be there. I can't sum up about a friend in a post, so there's always more to it. And I end it here.

I as well hope that it is not an intrusion of privacy to my friends. But what the heck, they are friends and most of the quirky stuff that we did, I will never write about them. These are my series of celebrating friends, these people whom I have come across and I really am grateful to them. For no matter what, they always will be there for me and above all, I won't regret being there for them as well.

Ps: I just hope there aren't any grammatical errors, Nima's really proficient in English and I just don't want to embarrass myself. 

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