Monday, February 15, 2016

Celebrating Friends: Episode I

I thought of washing my clothes, it is already 12 am and I can't sleep. My memories go back to high school days and then I don't remember the faces of my crushes, I don't remember much about my class desks or benches or those books I read then, I don't remember those quirky formulas, or I don't remember those days I tried hard to look good. 

I am taken back vividly to those memorable days when I met all these beautiful friends of mine. 

So, let me write about my best friend so far, Namgay Dorjee. 

It isn't that I am prioritizing him over my other friends. But he was always there for me, during those days and he still is.

So, there was a time, we were kids in Motithang Higher Secondary School. I was in class nine. I only remember the first time I meet people. In between my memories fade and when I heard about Namgay, I heard that he was Physics topper during our mid term exams. Well, the other one was me. So, basically, I wasn't much fond of him and hated him. I was a douche nerd then.  

Sometime in 2013 when he and his wife visited me. 
And besides, I didn't have many friends when I was in class nine. Only Darshan Thapa was there, who later joined Ugyen Academy and became a guitarist and after that he became a software developer. Darshan was always emotional guy. 

It was first year and Korean fever was there.
Even Justin Bieber won't do this now.
Besides that's the place we were
 jumping when we realized
that we would get scholarship. 
So, I never had talked with Namgay. The final day for results came, and he got the topper score for being the official Physics topper that year. I still remember, it was sunny day and he was seated in front of me. The happy look on his face after he got his certificate. I was so sad then. While going home, when I saw him, I asked his certificate only to find that he had defeated me with one point, which on percentage came 0.8%. I looked at the certificate and told him on his face, "Oh, that's just one mark". But I at least did have this courtesy to shake his hand. And left for home. 

Photo bombing 
Later when we joined school, we both became House Captains and then we became friends. We were so much into computers then, and it was only Darshan who was always ahead of us, he could do some macromedia flash programming way back in tenth standard. Namgay and I were more into listening to music and talking about physics, which bored Darshan big time. Then Darshan would leave for Ugyen Academy and we gave him farewell. After that, Darshan went different ways. I still remember how mad Darshan was when he met with me in Bangalore. 

With time, Namgay and I would become good friends, and there was this time, when a girl with whom I exchanged letters got really mad at all of my classmates and my classmates made me tear off that letter and throw at her face. That was in high school and it still makes me laugh, how stupid were we then? I however could only tear that letter and handed it over to her. High school surely was very much "happening days". 

Namgay's Design 
Both Namgay and me, we were very much concerned that we won't get into CST because all of our friends' marks were same. It was wrong to think so, we were all going to India to study. I still remember, how we were jumping like sixteen year old girls, near Zangtopelri Complex, when we realized that we would get scholarships. 

I learned how to smoke from him. It wasn't peer pressure, I would go to Namgay's house and we would go to Changlimithang Ground when the gallery wasn't built, only to smoke. I told him that I wanted to learn how to smoke. He would teach me how to inhale. 

My design 
Then there was this time, Namgay always had lots of girls who liked him. He would go out on dates and tell me all his stories and we would laugh over that. But he is a nice man, out of all those girlfriends, he only held one's hand. He was such a romantic fool, he would shower them up with gifts and that is something he still has got, he is that very funny emotional guy, who still surprises his wife with flowers and gifts. He was always into Korean melodramas and making mixed tapes for his then girl friends. I haven't seen him become angry often. It was only twice. Once when we were slightly wasted and once when he chased a dog. 

Namgay is a brilliant engineer and is very hardworking. It has been some five years that we have graduated and he is ahead of many engineers of Bhutan, seniors included. I have seen his work and I have seen him working. He is very much tech savvy and he always was. He was acquainted with Javascript since he was in 10th grade, I believe. He is one of the smartest person I have come across. And what makes him better than many smart folks I have come across, is that, he doesn't hesitate to learn new things. Oh and he even acted in famous Bhutanese movies like Travellers and Magicians and Chepai Bhu. He eats a lot but not so much compared to Yeshi Nodup who was even charged for extra rice. 

When we were in college, we visited Motithang once. It was in first year I guess, and we went to our old school. We then wanted to re-live our olden days and went to boys toilet to smoke. We have so many places in Thimphu, especially bridges, whereby we went and smoked. We would just talk about everything and anything. And that's the reason he is still my friend, we can talk about anything. Be it science, religion, engineering, cosmology, relationships, life, death, etc., We did our third year internship together and we designed rotary for Swimming pool junction. We had recommended Thromde how to make those underpasses attractive for people to use. 

He was my best wing man, and well, he is very cheesy man. He even texted my then gf this: Oh, am so happy that you are dating Dawa. It is great to grow old with him, something like that. I can't remember that, but that was crappy shitty cheezy line as hell.

There was a time when Sangay Khandu ( drummer from a band), Wangchen  (he is lost I don't know where) and Nam-Jay.  I could join them but my name would be Da-Jay which very much sounded like Jay-Da. I denied flatly to their offer of being the fourth Jay. They even had painted shirts with Triple J slogans. And to think of it now, why was I even friends with these morons.  

Today, when I look back, I feel very much blessed that I have him as my friend. Today he is married to a very pretty woman. Cho you are lucky to have him and not the other way around. Burn! :p

After some 12 years, we still visit each other, we have visited each other's sites and we discuss about remedies and solutions. He always makes a point to visit me when he goes through Wangdue, and when we call each other, it is usually about work and at times we land up talking for hours in the middle of night, carching up upon our lives. We then laugh over reminding each other that we are not spouses.

I guess, it is very rare for many to be best friends since High School days, but more than that, it is rare for high school buddies to be in same front of job. There isn't much of a drama like some of my friends create, like you didn't call so we didn't, you didn't visit us so we won't, or you weren't there so we wouldn't be there.

This is first episode. Each day I am appreciating my own life a little more. I do have the best of friends. And am thankful for that. Cheers to celebrating life, celebrating friends. 


  1. Beautiful portrayal of Namgay Dorji. Yeah... He was the famous, much adored Keta (hero) back then. I remember listening to a lot of his tales from one piece and Dragon ball Z. 😊
    You made me reminisce over my school memories With him. He was so excellent at mimicry. He could mimic anyone instantly and Do anything just like them.
    Not much memories of you,i hardly knew you back then, knew you only as the Wangchuck house captain, one with the dimple.... hahaha.
    Nice way to celebrate life and celebrate blessing.

  2. @Tashi, But I remember you from high school. You haven't aged a bit. :) And yes, he was popular while I was wall flower, noticing most of the things around. I shall let you know in mere future about you too. :) And no way, he cooked you with his tales of Dragon ballz as well? Man, he tortured me for three freaking hours, the whole seasons of Dragon Ballz was shown to me in three hours.