Monday, February 8, 2016

3rd bloggers meet : stand up comedy.

I haven't had attended many bloggers' meet or conferences in previous year. I was there in the beginning, while there was this discussion about how we would go about forming CBB and its constitution. After that, never did I attend any of the conferences.  I wasn't in a state of meeting new people, and a lot had happened in 2015. I was very mean to a lot of people I presume. 

I still don't consider myself as a blogger. I am an Engineer who has a passion or hobbies to write, sketch, sing, read and tell jokes. 

So, I have been thinking a lot about doing a stand up comedy. Last year, I did meet with one of the guys from Mojo Park and discussed about doing a stand up comedy. I would discuss with my friends and they did encourage me a lot, it was one of those things that we either do it or regret it all our lives. But then again, I had my monsters to battle and sordid days to be lived and I couldn't.

I was thinking maybe this time I will do it, and I have started to do things which I thought I should. I am no more going to refrain myself from being stuck. I have stopped drinking and am trying to quit my cigarettes. Certain things are not worth, if one doesn't take care of oneself and one is always afraid of change, one never reaches anywhere, no matter how much potential one has. You see lakes and waterfalls are both beautiful. But it is waterfalls that intrigues us more, for waterfalls are more mysterious than a stagnant lake? Oh am getting back to my philosophical days as well? (Quirky ones). 

So, I made up my mind and came all the way frim Wangdue. I was late by five hours and people were leaving. I thought maybe i shouldnt to do it. I told my other friends that I won't be doing it, but I was put in front and given a mic.  I started to shiver.

So there were people from various modes of life, and I had to do it. I was pretty sure that many would get pissed with me and when I was done, with half of my jokes, I forgot to tell the remaining ones. Maybe I didn't touch on all the topics. Usually I talk about relationship, politics, television, movies, race, racist people, Dophu, Dhan Maya, pornography, infidelity, and every little thing I have come across. I forgot few because I haven't spoken in front of a crowd for a while. 

I was very much happy to know that people didn't get offended. Everybody laughed, and humour only works when there is truth. You can tell the truth in a very funny way or just say it and annoy people. 

Other days I would tell my jokes to my friends and it had started to be stale. It became stale because I was stagnant. I won't go around and explore new things. But that is not living, sacrificing and feeling melancholic not only destroys your state of mind but it also destroys your reputation. It would just make you seem like an attention and sympathy seeker, who wants to please everybody. But that's not what I am and I want. I didn't think it would make me look like that.

I did meet with many people then, like Binu Creative Donkey for the first time. I though he was a tiny shy pretty boy, but he seemed little bigger and still was a shy boy. 

I met with Dasho Sangay Khandu for the second time and it seems like he did enjoy my jokes. He suggested that we come up with some YouTube show. 

I met with Aue Passu, who had heard my jokes several times but laughed again, because he found it different with mic. He already had something about coming up with a YouTube show with aue Ngawang and Aue Pema.  

I met with Che and lent him my books on Che. It was interesting to note on our last encounter that Che hadn't know much about Che, so Che needed to read something about Che and Che would be more like Che. 

I met with many others and it was a pleasing moment. 

2016 is my year of achieving what I want to. I seriously am surrounded by so many good people. This year is all being positive. This year is competing with myself.  Happy Losar to all. 


  1. Glad to hear your determination for good changed upon yourself this year Dawa! You are naturally born funny and talented at talking. Be confidence and spread more laughters to everyone as it would bring more happiness onto your life! One day I'd hear your stand up comedy, hopefully in English only, so that I would understand ^^

    Happy Losar and Tashi Delek la! :)

  2. Yes Dawa, we all enjoyed your show. U did a great job. It was worth the trouble u had taken to come all the way from Wangdue that day. Keep it up and u can truly become Russell Peters of Bhutan someday.

  3. @Rima Reyka, am I naturally born funny? Oh come on, am slightly handsome and cute haa haa.. :P I will try to make people laugh. Most of my jokes are in English. So looking forward to tell you someday my friend.

    @Amrith Dai, I am glad that you liked my jokes. I will tell you more when I meet you again. :) It is always nice to see you. I was searching for you when I reached there. Eventually, I saw you and came to talk to you, but you were leaving early. Next time, I promise I will make it at time and tell you funny stuff. I promise you. :)

  4. So the monster was battling a monster ha ha ha anyway please get ready for our YouTube project. Give us some fresh jokes, of course all your old ones will be fresh for fresh audience.
    It's 2016 buddy, wake up!