Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Gentleman's Valentine.

Meet Karma, a lad who has been so hardworking and never has he ever, been vociferous and verbose. That ways, Karma goes to office from home, and home from office. He drinks and smokes and he is very much a loner. Karma is a civil servant and what he earns can only afford him getting drunk at his own house. 

Meet Tshoki, an entire emotional fool package, that led her have bizarre past, heart breaks and emotionally damaged. 

Destiny is weird, it makes people meet up at a very weird junctures of their lives. Karma and Tshoki met before Christmas, their juncture, even bizarre. They were both being diagnosed for depression. They were waiting on the corridors of Psychiatry Ward of JDWNRH. Tshoki had a little puppy she was playing with, with whom she was talking a lot, and that was annoying Karma.  

Karma: So, the pills don't make you drowsy? 
Tshoki: Oh, so this is not your first time as well. How did you know I was on pills? 
Karma: I can make out, I have been taking it for a while. 
Tshoki: Oh, I am sorry to hear. 
Karma: Don't bother, I guess it is my turn. (Karma was being called in by the Doctor). 

While Karma had his appointment finished, and exited the door, Tshoki said: Hey, can you wait for me as well? I need someone to watch over my puppy. 

Karma wanted to intervene, pets he hated and the name of the pet was slightly annoying as well: Dophu! 
Why on earth would anybody name a pet Dophu. But there are certain things a girl will make a boy do, things boys hate and things girls always have their ways to have it done!

 When Tshoki was done, she saw Karma holding Dophu in a very cold way. 

Karma: Your dog is annoying. 
Tshoki: That's just so rude to say. 
Karma: Listen lady, I watched your dog while you were inside. I don't know whether that accounts to be rude? 
Tshoki: Thank You Gentleman! Thank You for that! 

She left with her puppy. 

Destiny is weird, it just brings two people together, but it is their free will to act upon. 

City bus parking had their own controversies going on. Many condemned the one which came near Changjiji for not having Bhutanese aesthetics. And how would a layman understand designs and architecture? What a Bhutanese Architecture gave, few cornices and projections in structures were due to the age old tradition of using wooden battens and planks. 

Tshoki was there again, seen with Dophu. Karma came after finishing a cigarette below the bridge. It was risky now to be found smoking. And now crossing a road was considered Jay Walking. They both found it annoying that roads with lesser traffic than Hashimara, had now strict rules as if it was Tokyo City. 

Karma saw Tshoki with the dog. Karma turned away from Tshoki and sat on one of the benches. Tshoki saw Karma as well. 

Both of them were leaving for Motithang, and coincidentally, they had to share the same seat. They were not going to talk to each other. 

Dophu, however recognized Karma and started looking at him. Time and again Dophu gave his puny barks to Karma. 

Tshoki: It seems Dophu recognizes you, Gentleman! 
Karma: Yes, it seems he does! 
Tshoki: It is not 'he', it is she. 
Karma burst out loud into laughter. 
Karma: Why would you name her Dophu? Firstly Dophu itself is a weird name for a dog, and now you are telling me that is it a female dog? You are funny. 
Tshoki didn't say a word however, she just kept smiling. 
Tshoki then said in a very low tone: You know I found Dophu during those horrible days of mine. She was a stray dog and when I found her she was very ill. So I took her in. And Dophu is a very macho name. I named her that because I want her to be strong. I read it somewhere that if you scold a plant and compliment the other, the scolded plant dies no matter the conditions are kept same. 
Karma saw some logic in Tshoki. 

Tshoki: Anyway, you stay somewhere in Changjiji? 
Karma: Yes, I stay below the colony. You? 
Tshoki: Oh, I stay with my sister. 
Karma: You don't work do you? 
Tshoki: Nope, am very much unemployed. I have Dophu though, and she doesn't want me to work. Haa haa. 
Karma: Where in Motithang are you headed to? 
Tshoki: Oh, I am going to my friend's house. I get bored at house you know. 
Karma: And when will you return? 
Tshoki: Towards evening. 

They would become close and would always were seated together. Karma started to like Dophu as well, he found Dophu had fought a great deal of battle, a battle whereby she chose to live. 

It became a year and now Tshoki and Karma were very close, they would go to hospital together and whensoever they were free, they would hang out and go on walks with Dophu. Dophu too was growing bigger. A year had passed and now they didn't have to take those anti-depressants anymore. It is funny how sad people are tried to be fixed, while all they require during those melancholic days are warm hugs and assurance that one will be there for them, always. Sadness is just a phase of life, it isn't going to last forever, just like happiness. But sad people are shrugged away, are told to be positive. And what is positive? When someone dies and one is sad, not to feel sad is positive? To forget the deceased is positive? To forget what you went through is positive? The whole concept of positive seems bleak. Maybe when one is sad, all you need to do is make him or her embrace sadness and conquer it. Being positive just means running away from sadness, and not tackling it head on. And if you do that, you will never be happy, and value happiness for you haven't seen sadness in her eyes.

Valentine's day was around and now, both of them loved each other. Some people don't have to confess their love, you will find it all over their faces. Both of them knew that. 

Tshoki: So Gentleman, where are you going to take me on Valentine's Day? 
Karma: What? 
Tshoki: Oh come on, I can't wait for you to tell me, I know you can never confess. You are too shy to do that. Moreover, Dophu and I will grow into old people if we waited for you to confess.

Karma was shy.

Karma: I have never been on a date, that too, on Valentine's Day. 
Tshoki: Oh it is okay, I will be gentle with your purity. 

Both of them laughed. 

It was Valentine's Day, Karma had bought few red roses for Tshoki and Cookies for Dophu. He was excited, and all he had was Nu. 2000 in his wallet. He thought, it would be sufficient, he wasn't taking her to a fancy place and yes, she didn't like fancy people as well. Some people can never cope up with too much of drama over someone bragging about Prada. 

Karma called Tshoki. 

Tshoki: Hello, my Gentleman. 
Karma: Tshoki, I am sorry, I can't go out. 
Tshoki: What? 
Karma: I can't, I don't have money. 
Tshoki: Meet me outside your house. 

Karma came with roses and cookies. He handed over to her, Tshoki blushed at the site of roses. She knew how he was, he would never buy roses for any girl. 

Tshoki: So why can't we go out? I have money. 
Karma: It isn't about money. 
Tshoki: Then? 
Karma: I only have 2000 bucks. 
Tshoki: What's the problem then? 
Karma: One of our office colleagues passed away. I have to go to the funeral and guard the corpse. While buying butter and a case of beer, I would only be left with 500 bucks which I have to give as a semso.
Tshoki: You are all that I wanted for Valentine's Day. Come let's go. 

She grabbed his hand and they went for a dinner. They talked for a while and it was time for Karma to head for cremation ground. She knew, she had a Gentleman in her life. For he was ready to sacrifice a date to be helpful whereby he was needed. 

Karma: I need to go now. 
Tshoki: Yes, but it is not I. It is we. 
Karma: What? 
Tshoki: It is not a Gentleman's code to leave his Valentine, isn't it? 
Karma: But it is cremation ground. You will freeze. 
Tshoki: Like I said, you are all I wanted for Valentine's Day. And if my Valentine is going somewhere, I too should. 
Karma: You are crazy! 
Tshoki: Said the guy whom I met at psychiatry ward! 

Both of them laughed. Tshoki cleared the bill and they left. 

Not many girls would do what Tshoki did, and it is destiny that comes in different packages, not every days are blue, and not every days are bright. 

Years would pass on, they would get married and Dophu would die. 

Ps: I don't know why I am writing all the cheesy stories, it is not that I am trying to pander Nicolas Sparks. Good day folks. 


  1. a very nice story, Dawa..... Is it a fiction or a real one... but whatever it may be, I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Keep writing hai... It makes a lot of sense...

  2. I enjoyed reading it la..keeping Writing