Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hair Cut In Trashi Yangtse.

Sometimes all we need is inspiration. 

When I was in Yangtse, I was quite amazed with too many people out there. There were gossips about black magicians and we were also told that some people will give you 'dhu' ~ hemlock in food. Legend says that any food some people touch, and their descendants will turn into poison. Because it is said that they are cursed. The social stigma and dogma attached to this legend will create a very bad impact upon that family, I also believe that that's how one will be out casted. 

Anyway, there I was in Yangtse and I needed a hair cut. 
But before I tell you the tale about Yangtse, I will tell you one from Bajo. Once I went to a barber shop and I had requested the barber to cut my hair short from the sides and not to touch the front portion. 

The barber directly refused upon my request saying that I had a big head. Then I asked him to cut my hair as he wished to. While cutting my hair, he said, I not only had bigger head, I was fat as well. When he was done, I kept my hair style as normal. I usually kept it like the aviator type, towards left side most of the times. When that barber saw it, he said, don't do that. And he helped me set my hair, commenting that I should hide my forehead because it was big as well. I felt very funny after that and I always went to him, to cut my hair, for I found him very honest. 

Then there I was in Yangtse, and I needed hair cut. So I was taken to this shop in Yangtse, whereby the barber was having lisp and speech impediment. To him as well, I had asked to cut my hair shorter at sides and not much on the front side. He gave me a disgusted look and gestured that I won't look good, not to forget with very annoyed voice. It was quick and he was annoyed that I asked the wrong hair style. I then asked him to cut as he wished to. 

He had a twin brother who died, and in whole of Yangtse, he is the only barber. He is a self taught barber and not married. His shop closes on Mondays and Tuesdays for he has one more shop at Doksum, some 30 to 45 minutes drive from Yangtse. 

The Sign Board he said will be Jigdra Paar 
I was truly inspired by him, because he didn't need special treatments or sympathies from others in life. He was out there, totally independent, a talented man in his trade and an entrepreneur. Today he is the only person, whose scissors have cut hair of so many people in whole of Yangtse Dzongkha. And in his saloon, both men and women are his customers. And he is very particular about his work. While he was cutting my hair, I could notice how artistically focused he was. I surely got inspired by him.

Maybe many of us ought to learn how to live our lives from him, rather than always nagging government to intervene upon our problems. 

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  1. This is a very funny post. I laughed a lot. I had never thought about your hair and head, and that your body gave you such a big trouble. Keep writing, Dawa and keep amusing us.