Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Myths about Experts.

Pay him three folds what you would pay your own countrymen to do the very things which could be done by your own countrymen. 

With no figures, it is a baseless accusation and my article would lose any debate. But we all are just mere stepping stones, and things simply don't happen over night. I write this today so that you will know, someday tomorrow, someone will come up with better figures, better statistics and of course, with better evidences to prove me right. But well, I just hope you see some truth in my-this article. 

While the field of engineering seems complex and hectic, I would rather listen to a local carpenter than someone who claims to be an expert in our traditional architecture and engineering. You know why? Look at the Dzongs, monasteries and bridges. Who would have thought that Thang Thong Gyalpo would be a pioneer of Civil Engineering? Who would have imagined those magnificent Dzongs withstood earthquakes, consolidation and settlement upon places whereby, the principles of modern engineering forbids one to construct them for it is economical or technically risky? Remember those days when a foreign Yak expert got baffled and actually had asked upon seeing a Yak:- What's that creature? 

One should not forget that our people were taken to Harvard for she knew more and was an asset. For one should not forget that the biggest kidney stone operated was here in Bhutan. 

While our own men posses the zeal and passion, why believe upon the so called experts? Have seen and been amongst the so called experts to guide us, and am pretty much not impressed with the so called 'experts'. Nobody is an expert of anything, I just guess there are people who have courage and passion, knack and zeal, will and urge, who do the unthinkable. Put your own countrymen upon tests, and I promise you that they will excel far better than what the so called 'experts' think is impossible. I have always drawn my inspiration from the Japanese men who dared to dig those tunnels to stabilize while they hit an aquifer, while their experts told them to quit. 

Because the most beautiful structures or gifts of engineering never came from experts, those were won by legends, people who won competitions while it was open to all, people who had gusto to actually do things they had dreamed of: Read more about I.M. Pei &  Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Read about Walt Disney & for that matter, Adolf Hitler himself - skip the part whereby he hates certain ethnic group. 

I am not a nationalist, I am not religious, I am not the best engineer in the market, I am not even a professional writer or an artist, I am nobody. But I surely believe that my own countrymen have the zeal to succeed far better than anybody else. You ask me why? Well, there is always something about Bhutanese- zeal and passion. Or else, how would a lady write an exam for the desired job while someone close to her passed away and now landed up in the best college of her field? Why would our men succeed while the best construction company of India denied to construct Changlimithang Stadium while they thought time wasn't sufficient?  Why would a losing team with enormous amounts of conceded goals come up with the best come back of the century? Why would our Reporters sound American while they are not? Why would the so called native people from remote areas bag Gold Medals in every other field which they never heard of, unless they passed their twelfth standards? Why would we have politicians who cracked IAS exams while most of my brightest colleagues flunked? Why would greater nations longed to have more men like ours in their system when they saw one sample of politician with versatility?

The truth, without any figures, is simple. My countrymen posses something beautiful, that can't be bought or manipulated. Not all of them have it, but those who do, they are very much capable. In all this, I really wonder, why believe in experts who didn't even go to colleges where we went, who doesn't even know how to print documents and actually has PGD in IT, why believe in men who has done rectification jobs and are now bestowed with responsibilities to built mega projects, why believe in a man who hasn't seen a Yak and claims himself to be a Yak expert? But in all those 'whys', I just am stuck with this one: Why even believe in so called experts on papers, while their field of expertise shall be seen within a mere short period of two weeks? 

Believe in your countrymen. Don't pay him high, don't pay the experts high, just find the zeal and passion which were never absent, especially, in your own country men. And aren't we all just mere stepping stones, we can't achieve big things as a nation together, not right now. But all we could do, is just inspire the future generation, the least we can do, not take the inborn zeal and passion away from them. 

For nobody in Bhutan wants to become somebody,
what their parents wish them to be,
for my people are crazy, 
they just follow their dreams and they have always already. 

Good Night. 

Ps: Forgive me, I haven't edited this article as well. I just hope, it inspires. Forgive me for my grammatical errors. Passion is weird, so are we.

This article is here to all those people who worked overtimes in their offices to achieve perfection, who have sacrificed a lot. 


  1. Dawa, you have put into words what I always share with my kids at school, that we are not the white man's burden....