Monday, September 7, 2015

You are successful.

Ink stained pages, ink stained fingers, staring out the window, watching passersby, puffing cigarettes, hiding behind a coffee mug, wondering, pondering, trying to make sense of life?

Who is successful and how does it feel to be one? Trust me, when I was in high school I had imagined differently about where I wanted to be. I didn't want to be rich but just happy, teach in some schools and avail for PhD and built myself a mini library and a lab. Do some calculations, be in a company of smart people who enjoyed science and books, and be happy. That was what I wanted, and do I have it now?

These goals of mine don't qualify me to be a successful person in a greedy capitalistic society. Still then am half way there, or am I?

It is weird and bizarre for me to understand people at times. Like when asked what she wanted, a friend, during our high school days, she said she wanted to travel the world, build a house, taste all the cuisines, get herself a prado and settle at the age of 32. I still wonder the moment people read few kgs of books, they acted so materialistically ambitious? I still don't understand the fountain she drank from to be so ambitious at a very fragile age of 14?

Our goals change, our priorities too. And it is always for good. Remember the times when even being able to walk was a triumph and there will come a day when even not being to do so will be failure. When sleep was ample and sleep was not required and sleep will be required. When even being expressive was a taboo and being expressive will be necessity. While things were easier and difficulties will be melody, and then going back to longing for things not being so difficult but easy. When graduating was tough and now getting a job is impossible. When falling in love was exciting to falling out of love was more important. When we missed our friends to having enough of friends to longing for hand written letters. When buying roses were out of sheer compassion and love to buying roses being painful for funerals. While having hair was not a big deal to losing them over age, while watching them grow, seeing them fade to grey. While having thicker skin was required to seeing it wrinkle with time. While seeing expensive restaurants to being in one and missing home cooked food by our mothers. While even being with parents was suffocating for you longed for independence and actually missing them. While eating fresh apples were too much that you hated them and not being able to get one. While you climbed those orange trees to missing the odour of fram. While rain was such a pain and actually longing for missing the smell of wet soil. While being where you are now and knowing that nothing will be the same. While doing masters was a prority, or getting into a med school, and actually achieving it, only to find people around you get married and pop up babies left and right, while all you would find will be that you are just too old. While reading a book and being pretentious to reading more books and being an introvert. While doing things upon your way, your style and losing interests over and again gaining interests in other stuff. While 24 hours wasn't enough to it being way too longer.

And it is only then, I realize, I am successful in all my ways. Success like happiness is just a journey and not a destination. You are successful because where so ever you are today, be it jobless, broke, single, happy or sad, etc. It is all but what you chose, you can still change and that's why you are successful, We all are successful for we all are masterpieces and there can never be another us. What we have done to be where we are, half of the things just might seem impossible to others and what they did seem impossible to us.

And ink stained pages, ink stained fingers, I just look outside and see everybody headed somewhere...... and they are all successful in doing so.


  1. Beautiful post as always Dawa! You concluded all your thoughts here that success is not about how high your position is, not about how high you salary is, how high your qualification is, and so on. But it's about happiness that you've been through all your life journey, also sadness and challenges that makes your life colorful and beautiful :) And we are all the masterpiece of our lives, be it good or bad, it's all our choices. Keep your spirit and positivity up Lah! ^^ Take care and have good day full of happiness ahead! :)

  2. 'It is all but what you chose, you can still change' - TYSM for this :) :)