Saturday, September 26, 2015

Remember them?

Today my six years old brother knows how to function with android phones and tablet. While I was of his age, I came home carrying shit loads of shit in my underwear. Trust me I did. There always will be a child who won't speak much but will urinate in the class. Thank you Rinchen Dorji from my kindergarten days who only remembers apart from me.

Our generation is that particular one which saw Bhutan transform from a very closed society to the one which we have now. People would even fear gups and gups could beat up people as well. Oh boy Dzongda in Dzongkhas were so powerful that even adults would shiver when they saw one. All in all I just wanted to make you remember those very old days and I hope you relate to them as well.

Remember the times when you didn't have much plastic toys but had friends who would actually play with you? Be it cars that we imagined from fragments of rocks with noises pitched higher than the actual cars, broom broom? While girls played with hay or straw dolls or disfigured barbie dolls or the cheap plastic dolls, which would close their eyes while made to sleep? While many dolls had missing eyes or limbs or arms. Remember what we called bhara kutti? While some took it to the extend that they actually made fire and boiled mud as food in puny tobacco cans?

Remember while only holding a stick or a twig with both hands and running around gave us the feelings of riding a bike? Remember while following your friends in a queue and running with them made you a train - chuk chuk? Remember how we went to jungle and made our own huts with leaves and roots, branches and barks? Remember when ice cream had no cream but was frozen orange juice ice in a plastic tube and we would actually call it Pepsi? Remember the times when stealing milk powder from kitchen was the greatest achievement? Remember the days when only handful of people had owned television and other neighbours were mere spectators ; outside the windows? And the owners couldn't change their channels much for Doordarshan and Bangladeshi channels were all we had? Remember how a kid always had to go fix the antennae?

Remember how there were photographs people took with their watches to radios to television to refrigerators to vehicles to now house? Remember how we had to buy the photographs even when we didn't like the pictures, that too after four or five days from having them taken?

Remember those days we played football in muddy areas without football boots? Remember how we ran away from our homes and went to steal oranges, swim in rivers, try to catch fishes but always landed up catching frog tadpoles and remember how we caught crabs? Remember how we went to dig sweet potatoes trying to figure out where it might exactly be located? And remember those days with evening fire, whereby we roasted them sweet potatoes and ate with nothing but chilli powder and salt?

Remember those fight with friends and usually landing up holding each other by collars and posing as if we would punch but didn't and waited for other person to punch first? Remember fighting for reasons as stupid as someone telling that he could beat you? Bay tshub made us fight more than actual reasons.  And I still haven't figured out why I could beat the crap out of Dorji and Dorji was always victorious against khota but khota always whooped my ass. I still haven't figured out this circle.

Remember the days when teachers were feared so much that we didn't want to disappoint them? Remember the days why all Dzongkha Lopens were feared more? Remember the days when we hitch hiked for not many vehicles were meant for public transportation and taxis were hard to be differentiated from normal private maruti vans? Remember those hikes when you couldn't hitch hike? Remember the days how you denied school and showers only to be schooled well by your parents? Remember those random lashings from captains and teachers for reasons like being a bunch of kids and making noises for you were energetic and full of life? And we didnt sue. Remember Hum Ja Hai Ga? Remember shaktimaan and news about how little kids jumped off from balconies expecting he would save them?

Remember when we couldn't afford meat like we can now? Remember how precious butter and cheese were considered? Remember the days when black mountain and rockbee were mystic peak and k5 of then? Remember how alcohol was bad for kids yet parents fed them the eggs which they had mixed with ara? Totally blind love they showed then.

Remember all your complaints and nagging stopped when parents removed their slippers? Remember pencil topa, marbles, khuru, chungki, waste tyres, bent pipes rings, cycle rides, rubber bands, choor police, hide and seek - kuku, running around for no reasons, king ball, wrestling-posing-pretending to be our favourite wrestlers, wrestling card games, and money just meant the leaves we plucked or some cigarette packet covers? Remember Mario and contra? Remember spoiling television with excessive family video games? Remember fighting your own siblings and black mailing them? Remember the first time you thought you fell in love and you could actually say that was 'love' to not being able to say 'love' but 'like', and now 'love' and 'like' are something that confuse us? Remember that school concert days when you practised so hard to dance and dressed up well after nagging and making our parents buy us clothes and bought the tickets yourself and made your family watch them and nobody questioned where did that money go? Remember how picnics were exciting? Remember how invincible Mithun was back then that we actually believed he could drill holes on a wall with his fore finger to seeing him just give grand salutes by lifting his parked ass? And remember the power of Nu. 1?

And all in all, remember that you lived more than you are doing now?

I hope my brother has memories and not just some mere apps experience. 

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