Thursday, September 17, 2015

His story.

''So meet my friend Lal Bahadur here'', said Dr. Tashi, who wanted to cheer up Lal Bahadur who was Lal less and more of Devdas.

''Hi'', said Norbu, a CEO of his own construction firm. Norbu wasn't a yak. He was an eloquent gentleman with clean shaved face. Slightly dark but 6 feet tall. He had short hair and it suited him. His nails clean and he wore G-shock watch. 

Tashi was an engineer by profession, who was happily married and had two kids. Tashi was amongst first Bhutanese engineers who had bestowed the greatness of PhD upon him. He was sharp but was hard working and persistent. It was his persistence that brought Lal outside today, to meet Norbu. 

Lal had just ended up his relationship and rather than brushing early in the mornings, he would drink his ale. He had to for they came from different family backgrounds. It is only in suja and with some people, that tea from south and butter from north mixes. 

Lal was least bothered about Norbu's 'Hi' and hid his face behind the whiskey glass. ''Two more please'', Lal shouted and signalled to a waiter. 

Tashi; Lal it pains me to see you like this. You are young, you are just 27 and you already are diagnosed for fatty liver. You know what follows after that. 

Lal; what is a liver, but an organ. Why bother about something that regenerates when you are broke hearted? Waiter two more. 

Norbu; that's enough. You already had 10 shots. Don't be such an imbecile and not honour our presence. 

Lal; so this here, Tashi, you brought me to have words of wisdom from him? 

Tashi; Lal you behave as if you only have a problem. You are a great medical doctor yet you drink. Your bosses are pissed with you because you have missed your duty. What happened to you? It pains me my friend to see you like this, there was a time when patients wanted you to check them. Now everybody's worried. I asked Norbu to advice you because Norbu has been through so many stuff in his life, yet he didn't give up. 

Lal; oh Norbu, come inspire me with your infidel stories and I will leave my ale? Tell me something that I haven't read, tell me something that I haven't known. 

Norbu; I am sorry Lal, Tashi here told me that you dated Sonam and you guys broke up? I am sorry that you are like this. How's she doing? Because I heard it was a mutal understanding between you guys. 

Tashi; we don't know about her. She has blocked Lal on Facebook and her cellphone. We have no idea how she is doing. But am concerned about my friend Lal here. He is just wasting everything. Can you believe it's been roughly a year that he broke up and there isn't a day he hasn't drunk? 

Norbu; what? That's crazy. 

Tashi; yes it is. And lately he has earned a name for changzey, Dr. Changzey. 

Norbu; listen Lal I will tell you a story. My story. I once fell in love with a woman. She and I had dreams of every other thing. How we will live our lives, what else to do etc etc, you know when people are in love they tend to be so invincible. But I had to end it up because my parents didn't like her family. We don't get married to our spouses but to her families and problems too. I being the youngest in the family, and being pampered all of my I had to listen to my parents. That was the least I could do. Today I am 38 years old and I am still kicking. I go to pubs and I have had enormous amounts of one night stands. What say Lal should I fix you a date for you? Come on man it will cheer you up for nothing is so gentle and warmer between the legs of a woman. Warm up your groin. Cheer up buddy.  

Lal; wow Tashi, this is the beast that you bring me to, who will teach me how to forget her? I knew it that you are a product of infidelity Mr. Norbu. Let me guess, been feeling lonely all your life? And wait, you are of that type who says, the first time a girl loses her virginity should be a forced sex. Oh, with your accent and dedication to your family, let me guess, you are from West and to be precise you are from Thimphu. You have to be. You tend to be secretive and you lied to me over you loving that girl of yours. Your priorities are different. You are materialistic and a misogynist. And let me tell you that you are dominating and a narcissistic. 

Norbu; don't presume buddy I am being decent with you for Tashi. 

Tashi; yeah Lal, this is a helping hand and you are kicking it. 

Lal; I am sorry but I can't help. Tell me Norbu, wasn't I correct? I could tell from your body language and I love reading people. If you give me your signature I would have told further. 

Tashi; don't do that Norbu. 

Norbu laughed and said, all true. At least I have to be honest to help a friend. 

Lal; cheers to that. So teach me about life. And I can't go out on dates. People like us only fall in love once and it takes time for us to forget. You know memories stored in our heads are constant elixir supply that pains heart and craves my this orifice to gulp more. Can I have two more waiter.  

Norbu; boy you can drink. So I wasnt dating anybody. Bit rather enjoyed my life. I been through your phase but I wasn't damaged as much as you are now. I thought doctors were smart people. 

Lal; because you didn't love her like the way I did. 

Norbu; stop saying that. Maybe I didn't but I am glad that I enjoyed my life. I have had so many women and the more I had, the easier it became to have even more. Girls don't want to fix a guy. They don't want to see the potential in you. They just want a whole package of you not being a mess. Look at you Lal why should anybody like you? 

Lal; hah. And I don't want them who can't see me beyond this. Maybe this is my natural way of filtering people? 

Norbu; and anyways, I will be getting married to this pretty lady. My parents have approved of her and I didn't like the idea of my parents finding me a woman in the beginning but she seemed pretty and is an engineer.  I wanted one myself but she came in handy. And dude, since I am mysogynist and you caught me, I guess I am getting married to a pure body. Eventually everything happens for a good cause. Things don't come to people who wait, it comes to cheaters like us who pretend to wait haha. I am such a decent man in my neighbour.  

Lal; you can be sure of the body but not soul my friend. Respect a person's individuality at times, be there only when one is ready for carnal pleasures. Don't be forceful. More than half of boys are rapists if we go by the definitions of first times. 

Norbu;be a man Lal. Sometimes we just have to be forceful and yes, I shall be forceful again. Haha. Let me show you all my future wife whom I shall dominate like Lal said I would and be slightly forceful for she is a beauty. Let me consume her. 

Norbu took out a cell phone and showed them both the picture. Tashi signalled Norbu to put his cell phone back. 

Lal; oh Sonam.
His face became more pale and he sad.  He could have cried but then he didn't.  

Lal got up and headed for counter. He asked for a bottle of whiskey and left. Lal didn't know what else to do. 

On the third morning from that night, Lal got up and headed for his opd. First patient he examined,  a young man with chest pain, his face swollen because of last night's drinks. Lal said, don't smoke and drink young man. It says you are 21. Respect life, get hold of it. 

Lal had realized that he chased the wrong woman all his life.  He couldn't complain because he had chose that life. Today he got up for another choice; change. 

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  1. Quite interesting!
    I hate Norbu.
    Poor Lal. My deep and sincere Good Wishes for him.
    Tashi- very good friend.

    Lal has a golden heart to love a woman so dearly and from heart. Isn't love the most painful when loved fully from heart?! I don't think he chased the wrong woman. It was the circumstance that made him to feel that way about her.

    I wonder what has happened to the girl. That remains a mystery until she unblocks him? Hmmm. Nice one Dawa Knight. Loved the flow of the story. Wondering if it's a true story or a work of fiction!