Tuesday, September 15, 2015

For my machine friends.

I guess few of us can only live upto what we dreamed to be, our amibitions resemble to those posters of celebrities whom we worship or idolise and later when we grow up, we are so ashamed to have dreamed of. A moment of silence to those kids of this generation who have Niki Minaj on their walls, to those girls who want to date Justin Bieber and a moment of laughter to my far cousin Tshering for liking John Abraham while all she might have gotten in her life were Johnny Levers.

And well, even though my Biology Teacher who said Biology happens to be a sixteen year old bum jarim  ( beautiful girl ) in the field of science, physics amused me. Now you have to go back to the real past why I chose engineering. Physics was topped by a brat. I hated him so bad but I congratulated him, a decent handshake. Tenth grade we both became best friends and after a decade and a year, we both are in same field.

I hated biology and I dropped it after two months in twelfth standard. Out went the Charles Darwin and his thick descendants of micro organisms to reproductive system to zoology. I like chicken roasted and don't want to know where its appendix is located? Do they even have one though?

Me and my friends would dream to go study in CST and we had even decided who would become whose roommate and who will wear what Jersey while we would play football. Mine was Drogba.

When the results came and most of our marks were almost same, we got worried that we won't get into CST. My best friend and I went to Zangtopelri Complex and started to smoke. Do you think we can get scholarship? He wasn't sure as well.

Then college placement happened and we were not going to CST. We were going to NITs in India.

We were distributed all over India.  From East west north to south. And the very reason we wanted to be together failed. We all opted for same course because we thought we would all be sent to one place. It didn't happen that ways though and some of our friends had their courses changed.

In college it was different. We were already late and struggled to pass. And just like George W Bush claims, we too smoked marijuana and didn't inhale, lol. I however had my share of breaking bad for a month, my affairs with hallicunation and imaginations didn't last long. College life was awesome but if you ask me to relive it again, point blankly I deny. Classes were from 8 to 1 and 2 to 6. We would always get exhausted and the place was very hot. Our professors were strict and seniors just wanted to rag us. We had to get up and raise our right hands to assure that we were present in certain classes for the act of digestion starts with right hand and ends with left and henceforth left hand is considered dirty in India. If you are a lefty, god bless.

 The mess food was haga (shit) for us and we built craze for maggie and black coffee. Not that we hated milk but we were so broke that we couldn't afford milk but a pack of coffee and sugar. Proxy attendance however was hard for me. Mostly because I looked different and our teachers knew whether I was there or not. During exam days, prior to the D day we would trouble Amit Sunal and get his notes xeroxed. There was always one dick head amongst us who didn't cooperate and attended the classes during mass bunk. There was a point behind a hostel whereby a guy named Senu  who would supply tea and cigarettes to the us, the boys who had to climb the tree to get it smuggled into the college, over that 3m high wall. We would call it Senu Point. Later college authorities built some extra feet wall over it, but boys would be boys. We would pile up some few rocks from our end and Senu did the same and again smuggled cigarettes and tea. We even knew Aumma who happens to be Senu's mother. We would beg the guards to let us in after late night drinking in cheap bars with cheap alcohol.

 We would celebrate birthdays with birthday bumps. Birthday bumps just happens to be you being held parallel to the ground and all of your friends kicking you on your butt. Too bad some people got cricket bats and wickets and slippers and some people didn't know how to kick. It is simply painful when they kick you in the asshole or your nuts. Like for Shuvaraj Neupane from Nepal who ran short of breath because Nitesh kicked him there. And there is always a guy who kicks a lot like Nitesh whose birthday is planned before three days, not that he is loved but everybody wants revenge.

There were amul centres and coffee  centers running for 24 hours. But nobody could beat that college canteen which ran only at night with omelets,  cigarettes, tea, samosas, breads, maggi, all of them topped with chat masala.

 During diwalis all the boys collected money and went in front of girls hostel and fired crackers. This was done because everyday the guards would chase us away if one would stand for more than a minute in front of girls hostels which were campus within the campus. Barely some three meters high walls with barbed wires and only two entrances. One for their ration supply and one their main gates. The nights were interesting. Groups gathering in front of courtyards while lovers searched for shadowy little corners to kiss to hold hands. While 'about to date people' were on walks or seated on lawns giggling and smiling. And the drunkards harassing or disturbing the lovers who had found solace in dark shadowy areas. There was a lake which Imam showed me once. There always was some aeronautical experiment and every Friday evenings we could see something flying, leaving back traces of smoke horizontally on the horizon.

There were college festivals whereby boys and girls were made to sit or stand in different categories. There were shows which one won't have believed that these bunch of nerdy kids might have performed. While all these would happen, there will be few always upon their hostel roof tops smoking or drinking. Theread were days when people borrowed toothpaste to clothes to shoes to soaps to books to basically anything. And there were days when we got ragged and we ragged. Those were the days in a batch of 64 we had roughly 8 girls and out of which I would only talk with three of them in four years of stay. There were days when we were made to do the experiments for the second time and we got scolded, yelled at for. Vivas would be tougher than first date, exams would be tougher than eating mess food, but we found our ways to team work. There would only be one or two kods in the entire class who would do the assignments and when one page by them would be done it circulated the whole hostel before it reached the professors next day. Too bad we were foreigners and we got it in the end. We would do night outs and go to any of the aforementioned 24 hours places or if loaded we were, we would beg the guards, catch an auto rickshaw and head for train stations for the same shits we got in campus except for puri.

 Holi was messy and even the toughest jeans trousers were ripped off, after math of it being tainted walls and coloured waste water in waste treatment plant. 1st jans were normal days and even a student's or professor's demise didn't fetch us holidays. While the rest of the state closed for Telegana riots, we resumed those days as if nothing had happened. Whereby sleeping 2 hours a day was normal and writing five exams a day was normal as well. Whereby series of exams in a week and attending classes were normal. Whereby sleeping in library because nobody made noise was normal.

Watching sitcoms in series, deleting internet histories and dancing in the ran half naked with all dudes were okay. While most of us were poor in English we loved our bubble gum writer Chetan Bhagat and risked out stupidly for group discussions for a job which we didn't get. While one got a job - core, software or dream job, we would drink and dance on roof tops of hostels with cheap liquor and cheap starters. While we departed we had fashion week to be dressed as thugs to corporate executives. While all four years had passed we were allowed to visit girls' hostels for a moment and same was for girls. While we packed all our stuff and bid farewell to that shit hole we thought of in first year, we suddenly had teary eyes for we were leaving something we never imagined to call home. We made friends with people from different countries and are still friends.

My grades sucked but I however hadn't flunk a subject in four years. When most of my classmates enjoyed their final year I had to study a lot to get first division. In order to do so, I had to hit 7.7 I guess. I just managed it and thank you xerox centre.

I write this to celebrate Engineers' day. Happy engineers' day to all of you. For now after your college, you have already become nocturnal, you have lost the ability to talk with the opposite sex, and even if you try, you are branded as cheap, horny, creepy or despo both boys and girls. You have bosses who takes credit for your works, overtime is required from you but you won't be paid for it, you are a corporate pricks the conservatives don't like, HRs think that you are nothing but an entity that they own, Management thinks that you are some genie slaves to come up with solutions and productivity at the speed of light, CEOs think that it it their right to have you exploited as you are nothing but puppets, and if you are working with a local firm, the owner simply thinks that you are gold shitting ducks, environmentalists think that you don't have respect for mother nature, security guards think why dont you get a life and go home at this late hours, doctors think why all of you are getting ill easily, press just wants to accuse you for corruption and public wants to believe that you are involved in conspiracies of any type.

But all said and done, you have given the world technology to save time and waste time, to connect to disconnect. Technology to build bridges and wall, drinking water to polluting them and cleansing solutions. You have built machines to save lives to wipe it off. You have made life easier to tougher, studied the materials but have forgotten to study humans, defied the laws of Gods to abide the laws of physics, can build earthquake resistant buildings but can't predict earthquakes, can remember the milestones but not your lover's birthday.

And after a decade when I look back, I am just happy to see all of my friends be in same field. Maybe we still are good friends for we all endured the same stuff.

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