Monday, August 3, 2015

Should the Nation really know??

"In two weeks the sheep-like masses can be worked up by the newspapers into such a state of excited fury that the men are prepared to put on uniform and kill and be billed, for the sake of the worthless aims of a few interested parties." ~ Albert Einstein's. 

Let me tell you a story. Few years back when I was in college, the Director of our college was kicked out. He was made to resign by the students in our auditorium. The students didn't lay a finger, but didn't let him escape as well, with barricades they had created holding each others' arms. Finally he signed on his resignation and left. Next day, he would get heart attack. Reason for students to do so? The local paper had printed news for 600 million Rupee scam. One of our professors was also mentioned. The next day, he came to our class, I thought he wouldn't be showing up, but he did. Our professor said, I have been in this college for so long that I am this college now. This stuff, he gestured to himself and said, is more than that (being featured as a corrupt man). 

I really don't know how much truthful those stories were, whether they were actually corrupt or they were innocent but the print paper did what they had to, sell off their papers. 

Now almost a decade down the line, our Newspapers have become bold, some of our newspapers have even started to mention names & there isn't much censorship over who has done what. 

In all this I been thinking over that day, when we had earthquake and were supposed to have GLOF along the banks of Bajo. The whole of town was evacuated and three of our Ministers, were very much busy on social media. I understand that prevention is better than cure, but hasn't it been quite a while that we have sent men to work for lakes? And since all of us are vouching so much on Hydro power, shouldn't we be concerned already and be working towards preserving these lakes and studying them well? First thing, we didn't even know how much of Bajo town will be submerged, then we panicked a lot. Then we see Ministers busy on social media, one even stating that people shouldn't go back to their residents till dawn. Okay, I get the concern here, but shouldn't we be a bit ashamed for not being professionals here? I mean, if the lake had burst and we knew around five hours later, the GLOF will reach Bajo, but at what height? 

The whole town being evacuated, some of the folks didn't leave however. They just didn't want to be victims of burglaries and thefts. I still believe that it is not adverse conditions that hampers public, it is the panic that creates stampede which does. Maybe, the nation shouldn't know too much, maybe one should be precise with the data and be calculative, let's say more professional next time? 

And seriously Sir? You Sir, the Minister who increased the fuel price over a night and walked down the lanes of Norzin Lam asking shopkeepers if the rates of commodities had inflated or not? And made announcements on national television that there is no inflation over commodities? Seriously Sir, wasn't that stunt of yours too dumb and stupid, that you had to go to the office during that particular GLOF emergency and had to disturb them? Seriously Sir, if I were there, I would have said, you may be seated outside, for I don't function well, when I am working and someone keeps on asking me basic things? Not because we hate teamwork, it is just because, I don't know man: maybe the very particular reason why doctors don't allow relatives in OT? 

The third case comes with the man who went on 200 days for official tour. That article however was published by one of our local papers. The figures were accurate till the last Ngultrum. I appreciate this sort of transparency in news, but a truth not fully told shouldn't weigh more than a lie? It is just that, this was an audit report, and these memos or paras could be answered. This got me thinking, why is it that only this particular newspaper gets the news? Especially when audit reports or paras are supposed to be confidential? Isn't it supposed to be confidential? I don't know, even if it isn't, what if, all those paras are answered with evidences? Should the local newspaper bear the consequences? Because once you taint someone's image, it is hard to get back what one has lost. And just because someone did that from PHPA, we just have to listen to talks from every other Tom, Dick and Harry that 200 days of tour and project officials being very inefficient. Well, every firm will have their own mixture of hardworking, lazy and corrupt people, we just can't judge the whole firm to be so. And maybe that's the reason, there, someone from the local newspaper is a hard worker and someone from the auditor's side just doesn't understand oath of secrecy? No firm is perfect. And if we are to refrain from adverse circumstances in our mere future, then people should be bold, especially those old folks who have got positions: Fire few men! Incompetency can be uprooted. 

Maybe, certain things are never meant to be given out, not especially out loud that it shrieks the fear of lies in individuals to torment them, or half baked truth? Because nobody remembers the sacrifices or hard work one has put, but just a simple mere taint can ruin everything over night: as if a well crafted castle melted during dawn for it was made out of ice? 

Because maybe, tomorrow, if some of you are named upon by newspapers for mistakes which you didn't intend to and could be rectified, but you are made popular before you could rectify it, or you go very viral over something that you haven't done, just imagine how would you feel? Never underestimate the power of stupid people in group. And yes, at times, it is good to analyze things. Don't feed on every crap that you are served? 

Ps: Three and half years, I only got two days tour to India for a seminar and so did few of my friends. Why isn't anybody talking about people who haven't left project sites?

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