Friday, July 10, 2015

From Bhutan to Harvard.

I had read this story while I was in college, I was just googling about Ivy League colleges and Bhutanese who had gone there. 

A decade later, I wanted to write this story, and mailed the person. Probably she found it creepy or she was busy, I never got a reply. ^___^, jokes apart. 

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Since I don't know the person in person, and shall refrain myself from commenting on a person. But I however share this story, because this isn't about woman empowerment or gender equality type, this story tells that hard work can actually pay off, provided destiny plays a little role and never stopping what you are passionate about. I often tell myself, destiny is something that will bring us to an event, how we act or have been prepared to act depends upon ourselves. 

Today, I share you the story of Rebecca Pradhan, a Bhutanese who didn't apply to Harvard, but Harvard needed her. I share this to aspire young people of our nation and especially to give hopes to all those people who are working hard every day & night - don't give into frustration, something surely will come up. Hard work will pay off folks, what you learn will reach you somewhere at a better place someday. And to those who are working smart, buckle up. I also share this story, because not many might have heard about her. 

I shall share what Harvard Gazette had to say about her. You can read about her by clicking Here and Here

Photo Source: Harvard Gazette 
Hired as a guide on a 2001 Himalayan trek organized by the Harvard Museum of Natural History Travel Program, Pradhan revealed floral splendors to 18 wide-eyed travelers that (they thought) only a gifted scientist with years of study could know. Yet Pradhan has had little formal training.
~ Harvard Gazette.

Today she can easily recount the genus and species of over 90 percent of Bhutan's plant life off the top of her head.
~ Harvard Gazette.

"Before I do something, I ask myself, Will this help future generations?" said Pradhan. "I never had the ambition to study at Harvard, but if one truly believes in what they are doing, their path opens."
~ Harvard Gazette.

I am always amused by the passion of Bhutanese people, not because I am one. But some how, there are folks who give in their best to do things which many don't expect from us, Bhutan might be in developing phase, but people do have a different outlook upon lives and their zealous nature is quite different from the rest of the world. I hope all you folks, be it in civil service or corporates or private sectors, get inspired by this story. 

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  1. I am in Awe. Don't know if I will ever be inspired. I won't achieve even a quarter of what she has. Feeling disappointed with myself instead. Lol.
    Just kidding but really!