Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fight with Boss: Part I.

You see, you will never be served with oysters in your life, or maybe, not everybody will treat you like a marshmallow. At times the ride will be bumpy.

I usually don't put up a fight and my best suggestion for anybody would be to ignore conflicts. It was three years ago, that I was this pumped up young man, who wanted to change the world. How naive I was then? During my first few days of my career, I was working under five different bosses. Two of them happened to be my immediate ones, their bosses and their boss.

But my two immediate bosses were old school chaps, they lacked the expertise of using computers and I always landed up doing their chores. Those were the days, I grew close with watchmen for at times, I literally worked till morning. Any assignments, I would do it. Any thing that was new and interesting I took it. Over my four years of career, I proudly can say today, that I have experienced ups and downs of civil engineering. I didn't play safe and I worked hard. That's the thing about working hard, nobody will ever understand you. During those days, my immediate boss who got jealous would remind me that I wasn't the only employee in the company, and time and again, reminded me not to work hard. I didn't pay heed in his words because I knew he was a sloppy man and I knew that he knew nothing. And trust me folks, to this date, he doesn't.

So, there was this time, when three of us were called upon to the Chief's office. They got scolded because they didn't do the job which they were supposed to do monthly and I got scolded for I had to pass the bill monthly. It was my third month in my job, and I didn't know that I had to pass the bill. My main component work hadn't started and the clause for interim bill payment was different. It was already noon and I had one night to make the payment. I called upon our driver and was about to leave. At that moment, my immediate boss wanted me to do his job. But I had to go to site and take measurements to pass the bill. It was already costing me time as our sites are very far from our stationed offices.

He said: Dawa, come here do this work.
I said laughingly : Sir, you do it yourself no. This was given to you by Chief.
He said: No, you do it! His voice aggressive.
I said: Sir, I have to pass the bill, you heard it that time, didn't you?
He said: What bill? Do this job and look after your bill?
I said: Sir, you don't know how to handle pressure, please take it lightly. ( But he was given two hours to submit the work, I knew he couldn't do).
He said: Get Lost! You are good for nothing!
I said: Sir, you seriously can't handle pressure and smiled.
He became more angry, that's the thing about people when they are angry, smile is more provoking.
He then said: Get lost you! You are good for nothing! And he gestured as if I was his waiter.
I was very angry and walked out of the room. But then again, if I don't have the last talk, I kind of feel that it is not me. I opened his curtain and opened his door. I was really pissed.
I then said: When you are not competent, you have no rights to shout at others! I then left and rejected all his calls. I went to site did my measurements and passed the bill next day.

I have learned from that day onwards that we are nobody's punching bag, and we shouldn't be one. He didn't talk with me for six months and I didn't bother. I sidelined him and directly worked with other bosses. It was fine by me. Because I really wanted things to be done fast, and he was that burden that was slowing all of us. Nobody cared whether he was involved or not.

Few years down the line, he and I came into good terms. Co-existence is always required and yes, not all the times, bosses are ALWAYS right.

Ps: there were other fights with other bosses, henceforth the part I. And it is okay, don't worry about your performance reports or promotions, because at times, one has to do what is right. And I hope you will follow my articles till Part IV. Marking my four years after graduation lol. And at times, go Dabang man, let your bosses know that you are not up for certain things that you are not comfortable with. Especially women, there's so much of sexual molestation and corruption at times. Like one ADEO got fired because his boss, the DEO made him sign on a document. And your signatures, they are not autographs, you are responsible for where you sign, not HOW?


  1. I will read from Part I till IV
    Because it's going to be blockbuster can of worm

  2. Hey, Interesting!
    You did a good job by speaking out for yourself.
    I have heard quite a few stories of women thing happening in Bhutan and everybody knows about it but no one really talks about it. What a shame!!!

    Looking forward to part II :D