Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fall in Love???

I just wrote this article and didn't read it again. I hope you guys like it. 

You know what? I hated Nicolas Sparks. I hated his idea about two people crazily falling in love, two people against all their odds, they tend to try to be with each other, as if they had no jobs, no responsibilities and as if they wouldn't survive without each other. The universe doesn’t function like that.

Sorry bro Gasa lamai Singye, cupid struck you with extra arrows, even after realizing about every other thing about destiny, I would never have that guts to jump upon that pyre? Get me a bottle of Old Monk????? Perhaps Cupid was way too drunk on that day in particular, maybe you moved so fast that he thought he missed you couple of times – he didn’t!
I will tell you a tale that had actually happened. I have two tales, oh no, I got many. Let me start with one of my Indian friends, two of them actually. Stories I will tell. All love stories are inspiring. Both failed and successful ones! I once had a friend in college who started to date a girl, and the girl and the boy were very much in Love.

Let’s say Rohit, nam tho chuna hi hoga? We had one problem in college, our college boys like any other engineering boys weren’t good with girls and had their stigmatized dogmatic notions of girls hanging out with boys. In first year, what options one has got? You have to be in your state group or else, your ragging melancholy would be prolonged. It so happened that they were from same state and they got into relationship. This, seniors wouldn’t like, and if the seniors knew, seniors would have ragged. I don’t know what triggered his friends, but Rohit's friends filled his ears about she seeing other boy, Rohit was sad. He broke up with her. When Rohit realized that it was all false rumour, he repented and he promised her one thing: Till the day she didn't reciprocate his love, he won’t sleep but stand in front of girls hostel. (How creepy is that?) Rohit became more drowsy in classes and it was a routine for him. After classes, he would go next to girls’ hostel and stand like a creepy flasher. Days became weeks, and months, but she never came back to him. Rohit had bad grades and it continued for a year. While young, who can wait for more than a year? Rohit was consoled by one of my friends from Nepal and Rohit would never fall in love. He would become that goofy guy I would never understand. Till this date, I wonder whether he got married or not?

~ Moral: even if you are right one for someone, some just are not right for you. But yet, you give all your 100% and move on.

The second story is also about one of my Indian friends whose crush had once said, one of the boys from her class was sweet. This girl for him was way above his league and he knew that this boy, let’s say Karan, was into smoking and drinking. But my friend Rahul was a nice boy. It was in his first year he had fallen for her. Rahul would befriend Karan and ask him to deny her. You are not a Thakur and I am. I love her man. But Karan had no interest but Rahul had to have sound sleeps. He would chase this girl, let’s say Geta, and he would never back down. In his first year, he would memorize a poem in English class and give the rose to the other girl in the class. He was very much confused then. The whole college knew that he loved Geta, even the girl on whose table he left the rose, hadn’t touched it. You see, it is different in engineering colleges. People feel less, people are more into backbiting and horny, I say if testosterones produced electricity, these would be Mega projects ( engineering colleges – especially Mechanical wing ). Jokes apart, today I see them on facebook, Rahul has married Geta eventually.

~ Moral: Well, when you know whom you want and is the right one for you, you just don’t give up but be persistent. Eventually they will come along.

There is another tale I will tell about my Bhutanese friend. I won’t tell their names. My friends they got married. They are very happy and so much in love. These cute love birds, I believe they never will grow old loving each other. In this case, my friend really tried hard to get him. She would stay up online, leave her job, cross oceans & mountains to get married. I simply envy this couple. Like he always tries to surprise her over when he will be home and she on his birthdays.

 ~ Moral: when you know that the he or she is the right one, you do what your heart tells you to do and risk it all.

There is one more, whereby a boy thought he really was with the right woman. He wasn’t. Years passed by and he became way too sad. He became sad that he didn’t see things beyond three meters and most often was sad. But precisely two years later, he met with the right one, and everything changed for him. His became better, he would earn more and was always happy. I have never seen him this happy all his life.

 ~ Moral: when someone is right for you, they bring you joy and luck.

There is one more, whereby one of my friends was depressed and nearly died. One night, the guy wanted to call some friend of his, and he dialed the wrong number. From there on, they started to talk over phone and now they are happily married.

~ Moral: our past has got nothing to do with future. We will still find the right one.

There are others as well, some hiding from parents they met, some eloped, some are not from same religious backgrounds, but yet they got married. Some are simply different people, still got married and are in love. I have no idea about the future, but if you ask me, whether they will last or not? I don’t know, if these people don’t last then who should? There are so many morals surrounded to all love stories, like religion, caste, creed and what Shakuntala Aunty thinks won’t work: Love just happens to bring the best in people who truly are in love.

Forget about what would your family say or his/her? It is not about the family and even if one douche in the family is there, I am sure you can tolerate that, because it isn’t about you, it is about loving the person no matter what. After all the years, say decades, still there is one douche who wants to make you go different ways: then it is not your problem at all. He or she might be having issues, let go of those negative energy. Just continue your service of loving. Don’t think about what’s next? When you are still there, just in love, everything turns out to be fine. There is no ‘what’s next’, it is all about spending the rest of your life and growing with that stupid, cheesy or annoying person whom you can be comfortable with. Even while you get fever, even while they cry or are pissed, even at your shittiest or joyous days, you will be with that person, unless death does you apart. When married and if you feel like love is dying or you have started not to feel same about the other person, then don't just give up. Try something new, go to the very beginning, perhaps the place you met them, the first place you guys went out for dinner? Get creative and fall in love everyday.

We are groomed not to be expressive, not to be romantic and everything seems practical that ways. Like don’t do things that would be embarrassing, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t let someone take advantage of you, don’t wear your heart on sleeves. Log kya kha hai gai? (What would People say?) After all these years, what I really have understood is this: at times, destiny only brings two people together, it is choices and courageous acts that actually make things happen. Destiny isn’t that gracious to grace you couple of times. Even Mr. Cupid runs out of his arrows. And just because universe wants you to be with someone whereby your actual happiness lies: Doesn’t mean that universe will be gentle on you. Like someone once said: it(universe) conspires to make it very difficult for you. And why shouldn’t it be difficult? There is no charm in getting anything easily? Might seem stupid and crazy, but do it, be courageous. Have some balls or have some ovaries.

With that, I now realized how Nicolas Sparks works. Some of the plots are bit cheesy, but I no more hate his works. Perhaps, there should be madness in all of us, not calculative, not cautious, not judgmental, not prejudiced, just don’t think and fall in love, autumn is just around the corner, I hope it helps. And don’t worry who should dominate whom? That is not love, love has its own ways to get you do things, things you might have thought you might have never liked or will like when someone does it for you – like showing up or seeing someone show up with roses at your work place? Oh but don’t just be too easy also. Take things slow till your instincts tell you to. Right ones can always wait. For it is your happiness they will think more than yours. I know I might sound stupid for writing this in our era, but I guess that is how love functions. Don’t just date for the sake of dating; make sure you get married to whom you dating? Don’t worry about money or the things you didn’t achieve now. That is a hoax. Like one of my friends said, if one doesn’t understand your struggle, one will never appreciate your attachments to anything you do. Another friend said: I don’t care whether she will take advantage of me or not, or dominate me later years, it really doesn’t bother me much. I just love that woman and I am here to risk it all. Fall in love guys, fall in love, not because you might land up with the wrong ones, but he or she might. The real right ones will never cheat on you.

And if you don’t feel the same way with a person and yet you are continuing then, don’t! Don’t be selfish to play with someone’s emotions. Let that person find his or her right one. Why are you being such a douche? And see you at the other end. Happy sad days for you folks!

Be crazy, be in love. Log gaya tel ley ney? (People went to bring Oil?). I guess nobody should learn things the hard way, and when one does too, and one should also realize that it taught one to appreciate the good things in life, risk it people. Risk it all. Even if you land up doing it for the wrong ones, don’t worry. The right ones are just around the corners. Maybe they are just there, but you are to realize that because he or she might not be pretty and you just have to be treated badly to realize that all pretty ones are not good for you? All of us are stepping stones; things often happen to us for we are the exact thing what universe wants us to be & whom to be with? Wear your heart on your sleeves, just act: Fall in love!

Ps: How I met your Mother starts with Ted Mosbey being a young architect trying to make it big in New York, he was only 27 then. He takes freaking ten seasons. I am sure, some of you might not have to endure that much, if you really act now. Go propose him or her whom you are in love or share this post to him or her. If you get them and they do have courage to read it till the end, congratulations from my side, if you don’t: and they couldn’t make it to take it? I am so sorry buddy. Right ones are just around the corner for you. If any of your stories get sparkled with this post, then please please please, do write to me.


  1. " I finally understood what true love meant... Love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be." - Nicholas Sparks, Dear John
    Thank you. It was a nice piece.

  2. Very nice post. But what about you, man? I don't see anything about how you are doing on that front. We would like you to similarly heed to the call of love and get a new life.
    All the best!

  3. @Aue Nawang, maybe some of us are repellent to love :p Haa haa.. and I be the baygon in that arena haa haa..