Monday, June 1, 2015

A letter to Young Graduates.

This is some funny note for my younger brother who will be graduating in a while. This is meant to him and his friends. I hope you guys have skin for humour.

Dear all,
All you little punks out there who will graduate in coming months or have already graduated. Some of you are the sole reasons why most of your lecturers question their purpose of teaching, you have driven them insane to the point that some might even find bliss upon the bottom of their glasses, of course with whiskey. You have nick named them, you have made fun out of them, you have acted cocky, but, get real now. It's your turn.

I have lived for four years after my graduation and I have survived so far. This kind of makes me in a position to give you guys some of my wraths, and no I am not Abdul Kalam, to prepare you for this thing called: Life!

Now that you brats have come out of college or will come out, here's a little thing about life and work or job. To all you folks, not everybody will be working, get that. Digest that. And to all you folks, who will be working, not all of you will love your jobs. You will drink more than ever and binge drinking will accompany you in your first years of career or a year later from when you have graduated. This shall be the days, when you haven't taken responsibilities, enjoy these moments and cherish them. You will never come back to this phase of your lives.

To you from RUB, don't underestimate or judge someone who has graduated from outside Bhutan, some of these folks will know nothing at all. But some will know more than you do. Don't judge them over their characters, because some of them were best minds that government invested upon. Smart people don't make stupid mistakes in life. And some of them, well, they just went to good colleges invested by Government but they weren't smart, because their parents thought they were smart. :p Every Pappu thrusts greatness upon them with graduation. You know, Nepotism is something that is true. Don't fight it, nothing changes. And to those who have graduated from outside Bhutan, don't act cocky and act like a tourist in your own nation. Your exposure might not amount much. Because experience of traveling in general class of Indian trains can't be written on your Resume, it is your own hard work that will eventually pay off.

Now I am sorry for all you folks who have graduated from CST, Sherubtse, NIEs, Gedu, Takshi or any of the colleges outside Bhutan. For not many of you will get jobs and some of you will regret your choices of degrees. Don't be. RIHS kids, CNR kids, JNP kids, they all will start making living out of their careers. You folks will have to loiter around Thimphu for some days, weeks, months or even years. But eventually you will make it to something that you will love. I am not bothered about those people who might not work, I am just worried about that phase when you don't work. That phase will be tough, but don't give up. Come up with ideas, Bhutan seriously lacks many entrepreneurs. And always remember, the test of fire gives you better steel. Don't compare yourself with others, and don't feel low after comparing, their journey and yours is completely different. You unemployed folks will learn more than those who have jobs. And when you finally get a job, you will value it more and love what you really will be doing. Be an IIN graduate for a while, will you? Read some thing on Internet, focus upon your goals, Have some Goals.

Civil service will keep you hand to mouth in first year, after that, you can fly to places or keep you moving within the countries. Authority & responsibilities are much more than corporates and private firms. And yet I am amazed when some of them are dozing off in their offices. Don't think corporates are dead ends to your careers. It might be stable job and pay shall be better than civil service, but then again, you are not a civil servant. Don't look down upon private jobs. Some of the folks make fortunes out of it. Projects? Well, pay might be better, and one of the highest in Bhutan. But only in Bhutan. If you cross Hashimara, some folks earn double the amount doing the same crappy thing that you are doing here. Money isn't everything, and if you need money for something now, do it. And when you are done, follow your dreams.

To those folks, who will work right out of college. Not all of you will love what you will be doing. You will think of modeling or acting or singing, and yes you will sing, tearing your vocal chords in some local Karaoke bar, might even think that you are some Atif Aslam or Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi. Good, do that. Treat yourself in a while. Forget that you are someone's son or brother or husband or uncle and you have responsibilities & treat yourself twice a year. Go back to your lives as sons, brothers or husbands etc. Go wild twice a year. Treat yourself.

Don't be much religious that you forget the sole purpose of humanity. Don't listen much to Rinpochhes as well. How can anybody who has never worked or married or had a lover actually tell you about work or marriage or relationships? Fall in love, break some hearts, get your hearts broken, get broke, earn some, spend some. These are all parts of life, don't do something stupid. Because eventually, you would be the loser, nobody else. Yes, your relatives will be sad, but they would move on.

Work hard, but not too much. That you are made scapegoat. And don't be scapegoats, you might lack experience in the beginning, but experience itself is a bullshit. Old folks lure the young ones over experience and when the young realize that it was just a hoax, young is already old to impose the idea of experience upon the new younger ones. If you read over a night or try to learn, might take you a day or two if you are a fast learner. Don't be dumb, not all your colleagues and bosses will try to develop you. And always keep an office order while you work, because auditors are not your relatives, neither are your bosses.

Some of you will be placed or will have to go towards very remote places of Bhutan, don't feel bad. You are posted there because that place really needs you more, and you will be more valued there than in Capital. You can make changes and difference in those communities.

Every generation thinks that they are more smarter than the previous one & more wiser than the upcoming one. Enjoy that attitude. Don't over do it. Some people will always keep grudge and make your life hell. But it is not people that you are working for, you are working for yourself. Don't wear and tear yourself though.

And lastly, don't jump into marriages soon. Some of your friends are bound to make babies before you do. It is not a baby making spree out here, you are not running a 100m dash. Life is a marathon, be patient. Get married with someone whom you don't have to divorce after a year or two. Don't stress in this decade. Nothing happens before you turn 30.

Dawa Knight. 


  1. Thank you Aue...totally loved it. I am saving it in laptop. One of your aforementioned is likely to happen with me in a due course. I will use it as a bible after graduation. This is the most blunt and an honest letter. I got a glimpse of life after graduation. A witty post.

    Last time I was sharing your experiences at CST with a friend, especially ghost stories though I spiced up lot more to make it thrilling, she happened to know you and said you are brother of Pema Tamang. I was like "Really?" No matter how hard I try, I couldn't digest it. Though saw the striking similarity after being told.

  2. That's a wonderful post brother......humourously helpful advice for the graduating folks like me. Couldn't help giggling time to time in between .....thank you....

  3. Enjoyed ua writing thoroughly...keep faith that time will teach u...eventually if u want to b in the game...u have to learn the consequences...and just move on..