Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gunitsawa Primary School.

It was one of those evenings, when I felt that I hadn't amounted much in life, one of those boring Sunday evenings, sipping coffee and just reading thoughts on issues, that one of my friends messaged me about this school. Well, fellow countrymen, there are other important things, more important things to be discussed here, rather than which bull's fate to be decided on whose plate? 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you remember that a year ago, I was sketching folks and in return I asked for stationary items to be donated to schools. Well, my apologies, not that I got weary out of it, but there were simply too many requests on sketches and not many were stern on what they were going to donate. That's the thing about charity, everybody wants to do it, but we tend to lose to knack of doing it. Not that one is bad at heart, but conditions and circumstances prohibit us or we simply procrastinate. 

And me being me, well, with my own thoughts loitered here and there, but sketched few and those whom I did, despite the fact that my sketches turned shitty, they donated however. I don't know how much difference we made in Rinchengang School, perhaps even if we succeeded to inspire one student to be an artist or an engineer or a writer ( because we mostly donated drawing books, mathematics note books and handwriting note books), our job is done. We all by far know that we are mere stepping stones. Everybody has impact on everybody. It is this chain, how we can make difference. 

Henceforth, this time too, I come up with one of the community schools of Bhutan. And since I haven't been there personally, which I will do in future by hook or crook after my resignation from PHPA-II, I would like to share this message which I got from my friend. 

Gunitsawa Primary School is located in Northern part of Paro,between two gigantic mountains with Paa-Chu river just below the school. The school is located some 34km away from the Paro town and it is connected via farm road.

The school was established in 1967 with now 92 children and 12 staffs (1Principal, 3Regular teachers, 3 contract teachers, 2 Trainees from Paro college of education, 1 Librarian ,a cook and a care taker)

The school provides boarding facilities for the children from Nubri & Soe (Bhutan-China border) and some disadvantaged children from nearby places.

Since there is no proper rooms allocated for the children/boarders...children stay in 2 classrooms (boys and girls separately) and are being looked after by a Matron and a Warden.

As long as the children here are blessed with curtain, which I feel is the basic necessity as of now to get rid of the chill weather

And the other things are library books ..

Gunitsawa is beyond Drukgyel Dzong. For those who are interested to go there, please see the map below. 

We all know how cold Paro is, and we are just few months away from chilly autumn and winter days. Oh and not to forget, summer days we always have mosquitoes. Please aspire and inspire kids. Please donate some books for education is the sole medicine for all chaos that the world is having as of now. If modern Bhutan is to be dynamic, the future generation needs to be well educated and well read. 

If you are willing to donate to these school, like my friend has mentioned in the above phrases, that they require curtains as of now. But we can do more, we need to collect some stationary items. If you are interested to do the deed, please leave a comment below and please let me know. I will even ask for an official letter on your name if you donate for this school. 

My small donation would be the following portrait of our Third King, to the person who donates first. 

The Third King of Bhutan. Size A-3. Medium - Charcoal. 

Amuse me my friend, and I might even frame it and drop this portrait in your house. 

Most often community schools are always left behind. The lack of facilities shouldn't decide a fate of a child. To my folks who can skip this weekend's party or liquor, go get some copies of books. Let's head towards Gunitsawa. 

Ps: I still don't know whom I should be acknowledging for the photos of Gunitsawa Primary School.  I would have given Portrait of The First King of Bhutan as well, which is of same size and same medium, but one of my friends liked it so much that he took it. But if you are willing to donate let me know, I will sketch one for you. 

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  1. I was thinking to donate some to any school in Athang gewog, one of the most remotest gewogs in the country, very backward