Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Abattoirs: Why you are Hypocrite or Not?

Well, much argued topic is here: abattoirs that you didn't want in your backyard, but the products that you enjoyed. 

Last year Bhutan imported 10,336 MT meat from India and Thailand worth 1.37 billion (source kuensel) & we are the highest meat consumers per captia in whole of SE Asia (13.5 kg per individual but I think I eat more). With that much amount we spent on importing meat, I would have dug 5.617 kms of highway tunnel without concrete linings but with steel ribs: fully.

Now, let's come back to this debate, whether one is hypocrite or not if one is not supporting slaughterhouses or abattoirs. Well if you are a vegan or vegetarian, I do see your point as valid to some extent. But then again, Oscar Wilde said, Selfishness is not living your life as you wish, it's asking others to live their lives as you wish. 

If you are eating meat and at the same point you ask not to have abattoirs here in Bhutan, then you too are not a hypocrite. You are just nuts! You are that bunch of people who won't eat chicken if killed in front or near you, but put it in a refrigerator and eat it two or three days later. How do you expect meat to appear in meat shops without animal cruelty? Where was your self conscience when you snatched that bottle of milk from half fed calves? Where was your self conscience and your mumble jumble over animal cruelty when you ate up eggs after eggs in cakes and cookies? Didn't you know that it is called abortion in human beings case and omelet in chicken's? So be pure vegan first, like a Gandhi.  

You are however a hypocrite too, that's the combination of hypocritical nuts, if you oppose abattoirs based upon your faith. Even today, it is argued whether Buddhist should eat meat or not? The argument has gone to the extend whereby even Buddha is accused of eating meat and not only almsfood. Google did Buddha eat meat? Don't read one or two articles, go for more. 

One is hypocrite if one is excited to go to KFC or Mc Donald's, take selfies and eat a bucket full of chicken and oppose slaughterhouse. Because these are the actual places you really should oppose, for they even induce chemicals and feed wasted corns to chickens (Chickens become ready in 35 days with meat upon them and bones under-developed) and cattle. Read Kevin's Law as well online. But you won't mind KFC coming to Bhutan, do you? Oh come on, don't be shy, I have heard you murmur over KFC coming here and you being their Number One customer. For those watch this movie: Food Inc.  You are a hypocrite, you just don't want to be labeled as one, and I understand that. 

The argument here might be why spend so much of amount on something that leads to animal cruelty when there are so many poor people in nation and there are other alternatives to earn? I clap on you hypocritical jackasses dumb wits with brain sized that of peanuts. 

Here's the thing about poor people. Poverty is a disease. If you are poor, you are to die in worst case scenario. Because you simply can't afford anything and everything in this capitalistic world: no better medical facilities, no better education, no proper hygienic facilities, no proper toilets, no proper food, no proper clothes, no proper drinking water, no proper shelters - and all you got to do is work, work hard manually and you just die one day, without any legacies or anything. The poor gives more to the society than any rich could, because it is out of their poverty that they can't bargain over their products & services, they simply don't have time to ponder upon or wait till the prices of products or services are in their favor. So, if you are poor, just don't expect anything from this world, earth was the wrong turn you took for being poor, you are easily disposable, you can't buy off anybody and henceforth, nepotism is never on your favour. And tell me when was the last time, that any government in any of the countries of the entire world do or did, to make poor people's lives better? Tell me when they succeeded? Government won't help the poor, I have moved on with this idea long time back. Yes, there are farmers who can't protect their crops and it is due to animal cruelty laws that they haven't retaliated so far as well. The terrains aren't good and fertile to harvest vegetables except for corns. Why do you think eastern region of Bhutan is still poor? Did you try or see farming out there? 

Slaughterhouses aren't supported in our nation because of religious sentiments. Everybody goes so sentimental over the fact that we are majority of Buddhist people. But let's face the fact. We are meat eating Buddhist people, like Japanese. But unlike Japanese, we do pray for well beings of all the beings and their journey to nirvana. And we have few Hindus whose sentiments are hurt, like in Tsirang's case whereby cows were butchered in that abattoir. Why not ox? Why only cow and why not rabbit, goat, pig or buffalo? If you are a Hindu, then you must be way too scared to even touch buffalo let alone eat it. For it is Yamraj's ride man. :p (I understand that if some Bhutanese are shocked to know that buffalo too could be eaten. Something you don't do and other do, shouldn't be stigmatized.) For all of those Hindus, you surely need to read more on Swami Vivekananda or the man who thought Gandhi was Sissy. I have a quote for you religious folks from Harper Lee: There are just some kind of men…who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one.

If we have livestock farms in Bhutan, we can have better prices for the meat production if it is organic. Yes organic, it doesn't work only with vegetables and grains you see. It might be healthy too if they don't follow what KFC does. 

Slaughterhouses could create jobs for people who will build it and run it. You just do your part, don't just eat the meat. The killing will eventually stop. We can also practice Humane Slaughter Act like the Americans do. :p 

And don't make it a big issue, it might not decide the fates of meat that you will still order during your meals, but it will out caste those people who will get involved in these businesses of meat. You didn't like it either, did you, when you were called a hypocrite? Why should I listen to people who are nitwits and who don't behave like humans with humans and are concerned about animals? And who are you to oppose meat production while you pet animals and abstain them from their freedom to boast your ego or subsidize your loneliness? Maybe those pets don't want to be with you but in wild, young and free? And who are you to decide that death is bad? Who knows, something magical happens after that? Forget being optimistic or pessimistic on this topic, be a realist. Man was always cruel to environment and animals, to the extend that they trained them for their benefits. Now go eat your KFC chicken and post it on instagram lol. :p  Get your shit together folks, it's the meat that is being processed, not your brains: oh I forgot you didn't, ah never mind.  

Ps: I don't know whether I would want a slaughterhouse or not, but as long as I get healthy food, I don't have a problem. But don't go around saying what's good and bad, I clearly knew before hand how it came to my plate. And don't be shocked now, we already had 143 poultry farms and 600 fish farms. They didn't magically synthesize your protein. Don't talk about protein supplements to me, I am a poor man. I can't afford it. Simple as that. 

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