Sunday, April 26, 2015

My dreams.

I was just wondering about our world history. You can't be a communist or Marxist unless you are under the shadow of red dragon, or else these blue men in stars will teach you lessons for having an idea different from them. Oh and don't have oil too. It got me thinking, even the democratic government behaves like a communist when one's to think about ideas, having them or not. And why the foundations of a democratic world be bestowed upon conglomerates? If only people didn't have greed. 

Today, I write this article because if we look at our nation, and the transitional phases she has gone through, Bhutan surely is up front to face problems that we never had imagined about. GNH, the philosophy was coined by our 4th Druk Gyalpo, surely is a profound idea. Here we plan not to judge a progress of a country's well being by GDP but by the state of contentment citizens have. Bhutan maintained its sovereignty between the two Giants of Asia with economic development which surely deserves lauding from other nations. It won't have been possible if our kings didn't have ideas to sustain us so far. Today, we are still at peace with each other, our environment clean and not a single Bhutanese dies out of starvation, at least not in the abstract. We might be small nation with sparsely populated nation, not even a million but we have made it. We have made it to this day whereby most of us can afford smart phones, Internet, some can even afford homes and all of us can afford rented apartments according to our pay scales, we can afford to eat in restaurants at least once in a month, we can afford to travel, we can afford electricity tariffs (except for January), and at the same time, we have preserved our culture and environment to the extent that yes, we can call ourselves Bhutanese distinctly and our environment shelters species yet to be discovered & species on verge of extinction. 

But modern Bhutan will have modern problems. And the symptoms I guess will be more of individual's isolation to individual's state of mind. Agree of disagree, our parents had to bear more hardship comparing to us. But in their case, they had more of physical problems than mental ones. Roads were new to us and people then would travel on foot or on backs of yaks or mules or horses or donkeys. And I believe some didn't mind making love to them as well, as not many stigma over sex was there then. Like the mystical creature of Khi Ga Ra Tho meaning Dog faced Goat headed sort of creature was there in our History books. Jokes apart, there was more of physical hardship and people were sort of polygamous. Don't be shocked and embrace it whole heartedly. 

But modern Bhutan is different. This generation will have its own problem, which is at par different from those that Bhutan faced few years ago. There will be more of metabolism related illnesses and there will be more of mental illnesses. 

I say this because, I have noticed many young Bhutanese either unemployed or employed. The unemployed are just sad that they are not employed and the employed ones are too stressed over their hard work. Somewhere, something was taught good to us, we were taught to work harder. Yes, people are there in every offices whereby they are working hard. But not many of old timers are as hard working as these young folks. And henceforth, these younger ones are given more work which they take without drawing a line over where they went wrong over biting more than they could chew? And few years down the line, all these hard works they did, would only depress them. Because agree or disagree, people have become bold over nepotism. I might not have physical evidence on black and white, but at times, you too think, whether you really require an inked paper to bring you closer to the Truth? If you know more than five persons who got jobs or promoted because of nepotist acts like sleeping with the boss, kissing boss's ass or just being from a privileged families then yes, you might agree to me over the fact that nepotism does exist to some extent. 

I can't change the world, neither can I change the system. But I can dream can't I? And I dream of modern Bhutan whereby everybody is actually happy. People are less frustrated and less stressed. People are not corrupt and everybody is accountable to their filthy acts. 

I dream that there should be some therapy sessions provided by the government. Whereby any citizen can go and get therapies over marriage, money management, attitude, civic sense, common sense ( the main field), etc. Therapies for depression. Therapies for work ethics. Therapies for peace of minds and bodies. 

I dream that there should be people getting appraisals over their works. They be given some incentives and this be done not by mere bosses. Because absolute power does corrupt a person who is never acquainted with the feelings and responsibilities that power comes with. If a hard working person should be promoted then he be judged by his bosses over performance, then put up for promotion. There should be an autonomous firm to promote people. This autonomous firm should then come to offices and conduct a voting system for a person be promoted or not? And here's the thing about people. I have found that it doesn't matter what post one holds. If he is ignorant, even the lowest staffs know that he is one ignorant fuck. If a  person is hard working, well versed person might be rude or strict, people still like him or her for their work. If one is corrupt, people will somehow know it. Henceforth, if the whole office votes, right from highest to lowest, everything will fall back into shape. People who are working will also think over, and then try their best, not to piss off anybody and people who are arrogant will be nicer, ignorant will crave for wisdom and everybody will work harder. But incentives to these young men and women should be given. Because agree or disagree, we were brought up watching American sitcoms and people do get promoted when they work hard. You can't expect the same things from young Bhutan like you did for old one. 

The young is more advanced in technology and they come with fresh zeal. And like I said before, any system is just like an ocean. The new ones are just like fresh river water. And not many can fight the saline system, and they too become what is the system which we can't beat. But if the system itself is a stagnant water that is stinky and smells? Why not change the water?  

I too dream that in a nation of GNH, there should be tax exemption especially on Losar holiday. Why not have extra when you celebrate? 

I dream that our mainstream Media finishes off with their stories and not mere foreplays that we been given over decades. They just give us what happened, but they never go till the end of the stories. 

I dream of a nation whereby women are not empowered too much, because women empowerment should be set on parameters like equal pay and equal opportunities. Not that a woman accidentally pokes a guy and he is again charged for sexual harassment. I say so because some women can take advantage of the situation. There should be cctv cameras. But at the same time, there should be better rules for sexual harassments in our offices. Old people with their own midlife crisis should tackle it themselves, not come to offices with lecherous hunger. Men or women should be treated equal, if one is appointed as helper he or she should do his or her chores, for that is what one is getting paid for. A post shouldn't be refrained to women if there are more tours. Our Bhutanese women are tough, we all know it. 

I dream that in a nation of GNH, free shouldn't mean a shitty service. Yes, medical and education is free in our nation. But if you go to Hospital, it will take you days to actually get your tests done and for surgery, you might need to wait for months. Why so? Just because I am getting free medical doesn't mean I have my free time as well? Just because we  have free education doesn't mean that we should be limited to rhymes of Sonnets? Education is the main key. Anything that is apart from education is secondary. And these secondary stuff, that creates problems. Get someone not educated well, he will be racist, chauvinist, feminist, anarchist, etc. We can't live in the world whereby everybody is connected with Internet and have opinions old as medieval days. Histories are beautiful, but what's the purpose of reading them and creating same mistakes over? What's the use of reading how African American history and still having the thoughts of racism? What's the use of reading Romeo and Juliet and becoming orthodox over societies and why breed people didn't born into? What's the use of reading about wars and going into one? 

I dream of a Bhutan whereby teachers are paid more. For what is a society which undermines a teaching job by their pay scale and not what they have contributed? It will be a cliché to all of you jocks, but teachers work hard. They work overtimes without pay. They tolerate your children. They shape up their future. Tax every other individual more. Say that it is teacher tax and pay them from that tax. What say?

I dream of a Bhutan, whereby people are no more afraid to love, to speak or to write. I dream so, not because people are egoistic and boasts about their dick sizes or sacks, but I dream so because people are well informed, well educated, well behaved, hard working and appraised, not corrupt and has guilt for nepotism, ashamed to lick bosses's asses, honest, dedicated and not orthodox.

I too dream whereby modern Bhutan has more ambitious scientist, engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers and any of the intellectual professions. Not many actors and models, but great producers and directors. Come on movie industry, don't give Binu too many chances lol.

Ps: I too dream about a modern Bhutan whereby Telecommunication services are good. :p Had to write it after shitty telecommunication services lol. 

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