Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Youth to be frisked?

In Bhutan, if you are 25 years old, you are still considered to be a youth. And gone are those days, while at your early teens you would get married or give birth. 

Nowadays, even if you are engaged with a youth in a consensual way, sexually, it is a crime. And good that it is a crime. Or else, most of our hungry mid life crisis suffering men would have done worse, and yes, we do have the weirdest rape cases: kid as young as 11 months to lady as old as 72.  

On 15th of February, 2015, I had posted my appreciation towards policemen’s hard work and dedication over night patrols and trying to keep the society crime free. I hadn't read about the frisking of youth after 10 pm - which was posted on Kuensel- 14th February, 2015. 

Now that I have read it let’s discuss about it, and please note I am not afflicted to any of the political parties of our nation.  Do I support this notion or not? A common man's thoughts are just like farts in air, only he can enjoy it or least, resist the smell. I agree and support the notion but I also have my doubts and concerns regarding frisking youth. When the tag ‘YOUTH’ is mentioned, it means any Joe falling under the age 26 or in other words, a person who is 25 years old or younger is liable to be frisked. For the first time in my life, I don't regret being young. :p 

The pros of this would be, not finding kids with weapons such as knives, chains, sticks, rods or anything that could cause physical harm. And there won't be youth having gusto to carry drugs and get involved in drug abuse chores. 

But let's take man into account. The last time I saw a bunch of kids fight was with beer bottles and stones. Which were clearly available in nature, oh, beer bottles being available after parties? And when inflicting physical pain comes into account, even a pen, a tooth brush, a comb, a thick oxford dictionary, a metal ruler or for that matter, even pencil heels could be considered as weapons. So how can we segregate weapons on this ground? We can't keep away kids from getting those accessories but policemen’s being at right places at right time is very much essential. So, could we increase the number of patrols at the places where youth crime rates are higher and at the same time not ignore the places where no crime has ever occurred as well? Let's say suburb areas of Thimphu, but let's not disclose the areas as well, for we never know: youth might go to places where patrolling is lesser. 

If youth are found in more than two in numbers, they are liable to be frisked. That is good but what if a lone guy gets attacked and policemen aren't there? What if knowing that you might get frisked if more than two, just encourages them to increase their numbers and they even outnumber the policemen on patrols? What if protecting themselves from the policemen actually encourages them to form real gangs. We heard about the MB boys, but what was their intention to form a gang then? When I came across few members and kids of that era, they simply said that they wanted protection. Now this might sound a very western problem to us, but protection? Yes, when fights involve in schools over a girl you liked or a guy who is cocky or someone scoring higher points in a basket ball match or someone stealing a thunder, it just simply doesn't end up on a dual fight. The fact of friendship is over sold among the youth and they are tested time and again over this notion. And not to forget the elder brother trying to whack you off after you have successfully beaten up the younger brother. These small things lead into bigger ones. It was simply out of sheer protection they said, but later days, they had started to mug people, and one of my friends actually became a victim of their act. And why did he become a victim? It was just that two or three kids came and hit him from behind on his skull while he was alone, and robbed him off, of his mobile phone and wallet. The economic inequality is there as well. And let's not get started over the wants and needs that younger people haven't sorted out. 

Anything that encourages the society to be crime free, I am very much supportive. The cons however will be that youth who will loiter after 10 pm will be judged as notorious. The parents who are concerned won't let their kids go out after 10 pm. But youth are fragile people, once you brand someone with a bad name; it leaves them an impression that they are bad. Call them loser time and again, call them un-cool time and again, call them winners time and again, and you nurture what you have sown.

Finally discotheques will be meant for people of our age? People who are 26 and above? Because party starts after 10 pm and well, if they are frisked, and me and my friends aren't, we be there sooner. And whether you agree or disagree, discotheques and late night pubs attract these kids into the life of night. Because at the age of 22 or 23 one is out of college and if one gets a job, then they ought to go out to kill the stress or rejuvenate and that is right. Perhaps, could we issue employee Ids to all those who work and while frisking, if they are found in youth category, policemen could let go of them for they are working. And that if they create nuisance, they are answerable. But then again, that would segregate people who are employed and unemployed and that would give rise to another problem, which we haven't even thought about. People of what age would be frisked should be decided. Because it will be hard for policemen whom to frisk, and who qualifies to be frisked? While they are frisking youth and people who look like youth, what if crime occurs in another place? And frisking isn't that easy I guess, because people who look like youth are more pissed while asked for Driving License, let alone physical touching. Touching sey yaad aya, when people are given authority which is in fact a responsibility, many mistakenly take it as opportunity. And policemen always dealing with criminals, late night hours of duty, dealing with all modes of people, don't they too get psychologically tired? Is there some psychological counseling department within the police force to counsel policemen not to go turbo? I am not accusing, but taking human beings into account, because one point or other, we all become sad or depressed or stressed and it is times like that we lose control over ourselves. What if one policeman is sad or depressed or stressed on that particular day and two youth after tuitions are found going home, one girl and one boy. The policeman just had his break up or his wife cheated upon him or got divorced, and he is mad with the people who are seen to be in love but are not or for worse actually in love and holding hands, and what if he behaves in a very bizarre way to these kids? What if youth are sexually molested or bullied or framed or just harassed? I am not saying our policemen are capable of these acts, but one can't be sure as well, for the priests in churches could be pedophiles after reading volumes of messages from god. 

I am not at all accusing policemen here, perhaps, I am over thinking, but the moment youth is involved, it becomes very much delicate. They are different in different directions. Consider a guy who is not at all good in English will tell you sonnets in Dzongkha, or perhaps solve calculus better than modern day practicing Engineers, consider someone is a fighter and troublemaker, but he would be the one who would go against bullying. Consider someone as a junkie, but he would be the one who would know the sentiments of being poor or helps the poor. Humans are complicated, and at their age, it gets more complex because those are the days, you could be anything you want and you haven't figured out what to do with life - even now I am not sure. What if youth who are involved in crimes and have created nuisance should be pinned down, and make it look lesser than whole generation of youth being suspects?  

We should take in account, all the things before we directly go frisk a kid, because time can only tell us, whether this could actually solve the problem or give us another one that is even harder to digest. I however, solely think that before we get involved in anything, we must educate them well. And yes, education is very much required, for even today, ethics are not taught in schools. Few graduates are more egoistic than illiterate villagers, graduation doesn't give you greatness. Personality and knowledge does. Even PE is made into syllabus or curriculum, but never ethics. And ethics are only talked when we have free time. We should educate our kids well, and parents should give more time to their children as well. Don't tell me a person from domestic violent family or a broken family can't be successful or get spoilt easily. I have seen them more successful and responsible, provided that they learnt and educated themselves well. 

After 18, one is allowed to drink. At 21 or 22 or 23 or 24 and leaving the doctors, youth graduate from colleges.

Ps: These are my thoughts, and I hope nobody takes it personally and charges or judges me. Like said, a common man’s thoughts are just like farts.


  1. Hey, how are you?

    Interesting Update! I will not forget about the fart.

    All of the above mentioned problem of men, youth and the policeman are common in whole wide world. The question is how we deal with it. The choice is ours alone.

    As a small country, crimes are small in numbers, however, in a small country like ours, small crimes is like a big crime. In every crime, someone is affected by someone else's careless behaviour.

    Government can to implement strict rules against youth wanderer at odd hours. If there are ppl who are seeking protection, then government should look into the safety of people in general at public places or any place that is unsafe for people.

    In my opinion, people have different view of party goers. No one created this social stigma of party goers as bad people. We did this to ourselves.

    Party is for relaxation and go out for fun. If there is more to it, then only the people involved in it knows the story. what other people talk about is a lousy unnecessary rumour. One thing, we need to stop judging people going to party.

    Another important point is that party security required in and out of the party hall if thats where the crime starts. I understand that people in Bhutan are afraid of Bhutan as soon as we see a man in police uniform. Instead, one should be feeling safe that there is a policemen for our service for protection. If they are rude to people, then they are not being professional. A trained policemen should be capable of enduring all the dangerous path that is to come forth before him. They should be tough not just physically but mentally as well ( I hope they are trained).

    There are different people in this world Dawa Knight. Some are nice. Some are awful. Some are honest. Some are hypocrite. Some are just evil. Sometimes, it's best not to judge by the way they react to certain things or say certain things. Everyone has a story behind their actions.

    All are my personal opinion!!! :)

    Love reading your blogs. Hope you are well :D

  2. Hey there Yeshi, It's been long that I have ever heard from you. Thank you for going through my blog.

    As usual, I am expressing my thoughts, and thank you for expressing yours on the comment box. I never judged party goers as bad people because I too frequently go to parties. There always has been communication mistake or the way I write, that depicts or at least has made me look like a judgemental person. I understand that everybody has got tale to tell, and I always tried to depict that there is the other side of the coin. And in this article as well, I didn't want to project myself as a judgemental person. Haa haa.. too bad I get lectured over judging or saying things. I will try not to sound cynical in future posts. Thanks once again.

  3. Not a problem mate :)
    I wasn't lecturing you by the way. I respect your thoughts too.
    Keep going!!!

  4. Ha haa.. I need to write in a polite way.. I always fail to express ideas in polite way..

    Hope all is fine at your end..