Sunday, February 15, 2015

Policemen and Us.

It's five am in the morning, I just had gone to Thimphu wearing my office uniform the previous night. It is cold and chilly, and I am standing on a junction. I wave at the Taxis and yet they don't stop. I waited for half an hour and no taxis would wait for me. 

The similiarity between Policemen and us, we have the same colour of trousers. And my leather coat being zipped with my haircut like a policemen then, it had convinced every other cabbies that I was one. I then unzipped my coat and one taxi stopped for me. While having conversation with the Taxi Driver, on why they didn't stop for policemen, he actually said that: we are not sure whether they might pay us up or not? 

This was sad to hear, not because whether they were paid or not, but Policemen don't get hitch hiked. 

Recently, we got a ticket for parking at the junction. Well, it was morning and we were in hurry. The driver got out because one of the officers had some letter to be dropped at the other end of the road. However, we weren't warned for parking or anything, but the moment our driver was gone, a Traffic Police said that it was parked on a junction. It wasn't that the other vehicles were blocked, there was ample space for a truck to go in or out. The Traffic Police however said that he would give our driver last warning and even though we plead the Police gave us a ticket. 

It was 3 am in the morning and after going out, I saw a bunch of policemen on patrol. It was freaking cold but yet they had to do their job. I wondered whether they had kids at home, I wondered, what if a group of kids ambushed them? I wondered, how could people loiter around without getting drunk? I wondered, what if a drunkard ran them over, and mind you even truck drivers are drunk? With all my what ifs thoughts, I went home. I slept a normal sleep, no thieves, no hooligans and no crime, no cases were reported the next day in Newspapers. It is during these days that we don't even care about someone's duty or appreciate them. It is only when we hear on headlines that so and so crime ocurred. I wonder how much policemen are paid, I wonder how many of them are appreciated. Our havoc nature is not their concern, I guess we need to suck it up and behave decently at times. And alcohol makes it tough, and just imagine, dealing with your drunken friends is such a pain in the ass, dealing with a drunken stranger might be very much hectic. 

It was quite evident during the Police and AEs' football match. People were shouting nuisance, even to the officer. I wonder how I might have reacted if I were that officer? Even though people don't like Project men in this small community, they hated the policemen more then. Henceforth, few were shouting to break legs of policemen. 

It is clear and evident, that these men are not appreciated but we all should remember one thing, if we don't look for the troubles, they are just decent people I presume. Like my Dzongkha Lopen once said, prisons don't exist for him, because he knows he will never be in one. And like my Professor said, I imagine a world without policemen, and in order for that to happen, everybody must be decent and educated. 

But not all are decent policemen again. But why take things personally, not all of our fingers are equal in length. Why take someone's professionalism personally? 

I took a photograph of policemen on their patrol, I however couldn't post it here. As my phone is broken, yes, again.

For the record, I find it very hard to address Police Officers as Dasho. Dasho is equivalent to the term Sir, and if I happen to know an Officer, I always preferred to address them as Aue. If I am not calling him Aue and Dasho, I surely am not close to the guy and will be avoiding the term. Sir perhaps goes well. :p 

Ps: Don't ask for taxi fares from policemen, They are serving the community. And it might appear that at one point they would act very rude, but that's their job. And imagine dealing with so many people? Even Buddha might be pissed, they are just men. Even the people dealing with bills in bank counters wear off. It's just a job, let's not take it personally. 

PPS: I just wanted to write, and if I didn't, I couldn't seem to write other topics that I want to write. It is sort of addiction now. Oh and our Driver is ready to pay his fine.

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  1. Everything is freedom for an innocent person~ I agree that they are serving community and our people don't respect the system and laws in place~