Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Right Broken Arm.

I am trying to laugh upon my life and I am succeeding. Giacomo Casanova.  

So the story begins with me having a hectic time at work. I even thought I won't be attending my best friend's wedding. The contractors were not having money to execute their work and I was very much in pressure.

It is out of the blue that things happen in haste, might be painful or else beautiful, but something very memorable. I lend some money, caught a cab and left for Thimphu, right after my office. I signed my leave forms and called my boss informing him that the leave forms were with a friend of mine.

I left for Thimphu and we had to leave the next day, early in the morning. It was the grand Bhutanese wedding. It was held in Paro and we being groom's friend and bride's as well, we chose to join Bride's convoy. We had to reach by seven or eight, I don't remember. But since I was staying with a friend in Thimphu, he and I had to catch up a lot. We chatted till 3 or 4 am and got up around 5 am and left for Paro.

It surely was a grand wedding. Even Prime Minister was there. Too bad, I couldn't take a picture with him.

The wedding was over and we came back to Thimphu. We however reached in a very tipsy state. Then there was again another party, only amongst our friends. We were asked to suit up and we did manage few blazers and trousers. We were talking about olden days and everybody was very much happy.

I on the other hand, when whiskey ran out, stopped a friend to drink vodka and gave him a bottle of whiskey. Then while I was going to throw his vodka, I had conversation with a friend and just like that, caught up in a moment, I drank that glass of vodka. Then I got very much tipsy and landed up sitting with a friend's elder brother. I respected him very much and he offered a glass of wine. I drank that too. I don't remember much, but when I got up, something heavy was on my belly. Well, when I felt, I realized that I had something hard wrapped around my hand. When I struggled and got up and watched what was on me, to my disbelief I had plaster of paris. I woke my friend and asked him whether I broke my arm or not? He would say, he is not sure, might be a fracture. Now technically fracture is meant for broken bone, but for some reason, fracture in Bhutan is treated as sprain by us, the laymen. When I tried to move my arm, it didn't, I could feel that my humerus bone was moving but not my hand. It was at that point, I didn't want to believe that I had broken arm. What about my sketches? What about my writing? What about me?

My friends would remind me how it happened and I surely am not proud. I usually don't dance but that night, I was dancing on the back of a parked hilux and fell off. I broke my hand then. I however remember bride crying while I was lying on a bed. That's it. It seems however, I denied painkillers telling a brother that the moment I show my butt to him, he's gonna fall in love with me so bad. But my friend messed me up more telling that I am going to get injected a gonorrhea virus and I being read that debates of immunization, I yelled a lot. I yelled to the point that even those people with oxygen masks on their faces wanted not to miss the show. I still feel embarrassed and funny upon that night.

I then had to operate my right hand, and got myself 11 screws and twenty stitches on my tricep. It surely hurts like hell at night and especially when it is cold. My arm without a scar now has a platypus looking centipede, a scar that reminds me it happened.

There is no denying in that, I got tripped and things turned out this way. Now I know the sentiments. While an addict dies, we all say he asked for it. And ofcourse while one is drunk and lands up being a victim, we still say that he asked for it. If you ask me, I will tell you one thing for sure, I didn't ask for it. It just turned out to be a part of consequences. Nobody asks to be victims of a mishap or an accident. It is out of our expectations to have fun that makes us land up in situations which we never wanted to be on the first hand.

I can't now but laugh upon my days. Some crazy stories stacked up in my memories: crazy things that you did in twenties.

I thank all my friends who kept it as a secret from my parents and boy they were mad when they heard it. I thank Phub Tshering, my best friend who was always there during my stay in hospital. His girl friend as well. I guess they just sold my name to be together, sala. And I thank all my friends who came to visit me, your contributions were so huge that I didn't have to buy rations for weeks. I thank those pretty nurses, who didn't know who the heck or what the heck I was but just asked to see my butt and inject me with painkillers. It was because of them, I learnt to endure pain after third injection, I refused to take painkillers for showing your butt to everybody is not so cool.

I realized those days, while I lied like a vegetable on that bed, while my friends came to see me with home cook food, and their chit chats, and I haven't lead a bad life so far. I wasn't an asshole I guess, for so many came to see me, some of them I always thought would never show up. They all just laughed and talked about that night. Some were furious and some were just sad. But all in all, everybody came and joked about only one thing: How will you pleasure yourself? I guess, my pyre will withness more :p, that was what Aue Passu said. When I got discharged, Phub made my room and gave me his heater. Which I always bargained for. That however brought some tears. I however attended another party after a week I was discharged. I didn't drink but stayed there. I was scolded by one of my friends and she was very much pissed to see me there. But when I reached Bajo, my friends came to cook for me, and Aue Peday even cleaned the entire house. It was only then I realized that it could be done in a short span of time: Cleaning the house. My friends here at Bajo came to see me with Whiskey.

I am not proud of what I did, but during my whole month vacation, I realized many things about life. It doesn't happen as we want it to be, it just happens and we just have to accept what has happened. But if you ask me whether I should have stayed back or whether I be better off without a broken arm, then I would like to let you know, I would have it exactly the same. Sometimes, we need to break a bone or two, just so that we have other things to value in life. Just breathing for instance is such a big privilege. Of course many of my friends here at Bajo were pissed that I didn't inform them and even my medical claim isn't reimbursed, but something happened with me there. I am just living my normal life, but everything seems so different now. I am not stressing much on work these days, and I am reading more and sketching more. Because at one point, I thought I really need to work hard. But it seems, work is just work. If I am not there, someone can do it. I am not irreplaceable. I however got irritated over bosses who didn't apologize for calling me at that hours. One was so sorry to have disturbed me that he was time and again apologizing and had sent two section officers to know the work. I however felt proud that when I was gone, it took three people to do what I was doing for past three years.

My brother however was so pissed with me. I hope I can make up someday. My parents rushed to see me the moment they heard the news. And Samtse is far. They were so angry, but by that time, I was well. It was a month later they came to know about it. I didn't want to bother them at this phase of their lives. I however disappointed them. My relatives were pissed as well, but only an uncle has visited me so far.

The only time I felt hopeless was when our office got shifted. People forgot that I had broken my arm and I couldn't carry heavier stuff. It was surprising however, that our Chief knew it. And he asked me only to carry stuff which I wanted. I helped them with carrying chairs. My work colleagues were supportive, but I just felt hopeless then. Well, now said that, I guess, I can go to work tomorrow. Or else, I was missing my office for past two days. I know many people care for me, and I am lucky to have them around. I am a very special person and I actually matter :p

My dear Right arm, I only want you to write. Nothing more than that.

My sister messaged me which made my eyes watery.

Dr dawa
i knw u did alot 4 us
we tk u s superhero bt dsnt mean u r 1 in real.ur arm brok n u kept it 2 urslf
pls tkcr bro
m so sory
eat wel
exm 4m 2mro
mch lov

Ps: I still find it funny. Because I was acting humorous and I broke my humerus bone. I however am fine as of now. The fact that I have posted this post is that, I find it very much funny, embarrassing and well, stupid. 

And I apologize to the bride because she above all was so much disturbed and she was the one who took me to the hospital. I am sorry to crash your party, so much for a party pooper.

Thank you all for being there for me. Good Day.

The Following are the sketches after broken arm.


  1. Beautiful sketches. Sorry to know that happened. I am waiting for the right moment to message you when your pageview counts 100,000.

  2. Thanks Sangay. Thank you for remembering that. You can proceed with your picture. Email me at The shadow however shouldn't be on your face.

  3. I heard about the incident that night while having a drink with Yamuna here in Singapore ;P You were singing loudly before that, she said.

    Glad that the worst moment has over. From your post it shows that everything happens for a reason. And you know what? I think you have improved a lot with your sketches! It's getting much more beautiful now and sorry I forgot to send you my photo. Been very busy lately. Hope to send to you soon. Take care Dawa! Have a great week ahead! :)