Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Knights' Corner- Bajo Book Club.

Hellow Everybody. 

This is to inform you all, in spite of your age or gender, or marital status, you are very much welcome to visit this book club of ours. 

You might have read Aue Passu's blog whereby he thought at one point, there are 100 ways to get drunk in Bajo, but we don't have a bookstore? Well, it was one fine night while we were sipping some beer that we had this idea. 

Today, I write about this book club. It isn't a bookstore, we are not trying to sell you books or any of the things. This isn't commercial. Since I am the incharge here, I have made one room of my apartment as a study room. Here I have my own classic collections of books. Not to forget books related on civil engineering. Pretty soon, I will be removing my pc from this room. I was suppose to blog about this thing beforehand, but I am a very lazy person. I even downloaded the pictures from Aue Passu's blog, rather than taking some clicks. 

We have books donated by few of Aue Passu's friends namely Chado Wangmo, Ugyen Tshering and Gembo Sithey, and we are yet to receive some more. One of our friends from Writer's Association of Bhutan, Sir Wangye Tshering will be giving us his collections. Two more cartoon boxes of books are yet to be collected from Aue Passu's brother. I usually read classic novels, for two reasons. One it comes very cheap and another, the language is very rich. 

So if you are fan of Alexandra Dumas or Leo Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky or Charles Dickens or Mark Twain or Plato or Socrates, please visit. We have books in every field, even Twilight Eclipse is there ( I don't know how it got here? ) Oh and we have few books by Nicolas Sparks, Osho, Robin Crook, etc. 
You can come here, and borrow books. You can borrow them also, but I need an assurance that you return it after reading it. We don't encourage people who think that they will read the moment they see books and borrow them and never return. We encourage people to come here, get that energy to read, borrow books and read them, and return them. If you want to donate few books you are welcome. You can come here mostly during the Saturdays. 5 to 10 pm might be very much appropriate. But please do contact me first. Email me or message me. My work schedule is very much messed up. 

So you all are welcome here. Please promise that you don't lose the books and return them, and there you go, you can take away any of the books. Please return them though. 

We thought of this idea to introduce an interest of reading. I have so many friends around, they are known to be the so called intellectuals of our society, but only handful of them read. And if one doesn't read much, one's brain doesn't breed, and what's the difference in your creed, if you but don't read? We all should read, not because we can, but because we need to change what we think. If one is to have the same notion of what is being fed at, then what is the difference between an illerate and literate? I always have believed that the sole reason of Education is to challenge one's own ideas. 

Please visit and borrow books, donate and share ideas. I will be waiting. 

Ps: This is called Knights' Corner. And in mere Future Writers' Association of Bhutan might be able to open up libraries in parts of Bhutan, but we got to start it somewhere, don't we? Like said, the journey of Thousand miles begin with a single step. :)