Saturday, January 31, 2015

Treat Yourself.

It was one chilly winter, and we being in Bajo, it was windy. It just added up on our reasons for not going out. Me and my roomate had just shifted into a very new apartment. We didn't have much utensils, we didn't have washing machine nor did we have cooking stove. It was my 6th month for me and this new chap had just come from his college, but he was my friend.

It was one of those days, when you feel very much lazy to clean yourself, let alone cleaning the house. We were bachelors then, we still are now. Our house was messy and still I believe our houses are, I don't know about him, but mine is.

It was one of those chilly windy winter days, and Apa called from Thimphu. He said, he was coming towards Bajo. It just freaking struck us, and we had to clean the whole house. Gone were those dirty stains in living room, gone were those decayed poop in toilet pots, gone were those cigarette butts and to think of those scattered ones, I remember throwing away our ashtray. Gone were those consumed bottle liquors, gone were those dirty dustbins which fed maggots, gone were those dirty bed sheets: they were just gone to bathrooms. Gone were those smell of cigarettes, we kept the fans on for eight hours straight, till Apa came.

And then finally, he came home. He would however not stay with us. He came with a friend and he being he, still young in his heart, stayed with his friends in one of his friends' hotel. But the good news was he brought a bottle of whiskey and I was to call my friends, whom he knew personally. It is at that point, my very ugly friend Tsheku was called upon.

These two men started to talk over drinks and made me feel like a jackass. That I was working stupid which is working hard I thought. They would advice me over working smart and not hard. Then other friends of mine showed up which Apa didn't know. They shared drinks and chit chats, while I was busy in kitchen, cooking for the men.

It was at that point, while one is slightly tipsy that you are given advice. And he being older, he said something interesting: He said, we all are bound to things, relatives, responsibilities, duties, etc. We spend our whole life living for others, feeding the son, paying for wife's jewelleries, listening to bossess' trantrums, helping our own parents etc. In all these, we tend to forget ourselves. But if we are to continue like this forever, we will die sad. So you need to recharge at times. You need to forget everything, forget that you are a son, brother, husband or an employee. You need to treat yourself. You need to go out, spend upon yourself. You need to get drunk, go to drayangs or disco or karaoke or do anything, but that should recharge you. So that when you go back to your own life, you feel energetic and not frustrated. This was somewhat what he told us.

It was very new idea. I never had heard about it. And he being my Apa, I didn't want to take it seriously. I however didn't remember that much. But one point, we were going to site most often. And my friend just wanted to treat himself. He asked the driver not to stop at site but to continue driving till Tsirang. There we had beer and momo. And we came back. In all this, he said, I am treating myself.

It isn't a bad idea, is it? I mean, whole our lives, we tend to think and follow Bon Jovi: "It's My Life" we say proudly or like those ladies I met at check point arguing with the policemen- He must be your Dasho, not mine! 2008! Democracy is here!

We do have responsibilities, duties and roles to play in our lives. We can't be just mere selfish pricks. You can do anything in life, even take a break for yourself and go wild. Get drunk, do something crazy, joke with policemen when you are high - don't get arrested though- they don't bite, shout out so loud that your neighbours wake, dance till you sweat, kiss a stranger, eat a kid's icecream, prank call you friends, read a very weird book, write a very weird article, promise something that you will never do, go away from your stationed town, puke on someone, race with your friends, do whatever that pleases you but don't do something that could make your criminals. Do it in limit. Break a bone perhaps. :p

And then? You go back to your work. Don't have regrets, don't be shy. You just needed a crazy story for yourself. For living is not living without doing anything that is less exciting. Happy weekends my friend, and go out. Do something crazy. Go TREAT YOURSELF! I however will stay back home and drink some whiskey and finish off my work. Ba ha ha ha ha. 


  1. Crazy, just crazy that you know a lot about life and yet live it the way you live it!