Friday, January 30, 2015

The World and You.

Your journey is different from others, yes there might be seven billion people in this lone planet, there might be so many others in other galaxies and things we will never understand beyond. But you are here, you are here somehow..

You see, Osho once said, that there are three things in life that happens as an accident. Your Birth, Love and Death. You solely don't have an authority of choice to be born: if you had, most would by now have figured out where exactly to be born. I however feel that I should have been born in the slums of Kolkata, perhaps under those flyovers I would have lived. Life might not have been easier, but I would surely love to live a carefree life.

I don't mean that I despise my parents and they brought me wrong. I was brought up in a very open minded environment, henceforth, I guess I bargain for more. Not many would have expected more from me and I being nobody's son, I won't have much to lose. And yes, if I were born under those flyover bridges, I would have missed my schooling and education, and never be guilty for not having read books that I longed to. I hope it would take million years to read all those books, and I have only one life time, a barely 60 years, out of which 25 I have lived. Too bad, we all run out of time. If I were born there, I won't have much problem with every shit people gave me, those manipulated news, those manipulated stock exchanges putting nations into debt and hell lot of shitty things that's been around.

If I would like to eat, I would just carry a sack for some fat Shopkeeper, presuming him to be Marwari in my case, and get some twenty bucks. Spend an amount of money on the street tea (chai) and then get myself a bun and then eat. Sleep while I can. But how would my puberty go? As a teenager, I won't have much time to fight against my colleagues over how do I look or smell or lose my sleep over words spoken against me while I liked Salena Gomez or idolized Hilary Duff? Perhaps, it won't be that independent as well, for what if I would be amputated and made to work for some Dada or Gunda or Bhai, with amputated legs: Left near the pavements to beg? Life surely would be harder then. How would my adolescene life be? How would I woo women? Perhaps, my mouth would go watery while I see those well dressed women? And not have this courage to ask them out? Perhaps, I become a con, a rapist, a thief or who knows what? I don't know, perhaps nobody should be born under the flyovers? The ideas are different, if one can retain them and move their lives with their ideologies. But hormonal changes, perhaps this is the condition that makes a man go wild, for we are nothing but superficial animals who claim to be gentler the moment we educate ourselves more? And we know, that we aren't that gentle beings, we may not be better than dogs, oh I heard that they were loyal, something we ought to figure out someday? I am not criticizing or asking you to feel the privelege of not being born in a slum, I am just trying to share with you a thought, that those people aren't meant to be there as well. But I seriously hope, that they live more than us, their lives more exciting that us. It is only when you have nothing, that you can do anything.

Love! Oh, love is one weird dude. You know, you all have come across that sort of weird guy who doesn't listen to anybody and does things that he wants to? That nobody dares to say anything to him, for everybody knows that he will do whatever he wants to. Well, someone that never cares what others might think but actually does it? Yeah, that weird guy, whom everybody has given up hope, that is love. Why I say so? Next time you try as much as hard to love someone that you never did, you can never love a person. Yes, you can try to like a person, perhaps sing them some sonnets and throw some flowers upon them, but this sleazy bastard called love will never be on your way. Love is crazy, you can't unlove someone. Yes, you can move on over somebody, but you can't unlove them. Even twenty years down the line, when you meet that person whom you loved at one point, some of those guitar strings will strike: You will have no idea what to talk about and trust me, you will get all sorts of awkwardness and hesitations to talk to that person. Love is weird, love just happens accidentally. Yeah, accidentally, if it was in one's choice, I would have loved so many people by now, and surely Angelina Jolie would have loved me back as well.

Death, well, you never choose to die in this way or that. Suicide is a different issue, and failed suicides are another different issues. One should never glorify the word suicide, I think so. But this is the only optional accident that you can ask for. You know, getting behind the wheels and claiming it from an insurance company. This is that sort of accident. Whereby you have partial choice and no choice. But the majority of people will never choose how to die and why to die? Those people who die by their own selections, we brand them cowards, without knowing their circumstances and stories. An event doesn't occur over night. And you don't remember someone just because you want to, it is chain of events that makes you remember the moments and who knows, when your mood is fine: cherish them.

The world is a bizzare place, and you have got your own story. You have to live it, swallow the shits you don't want to. Get into the system saline as sea, and how you retain as a fresh water just speaks about your own story. Too bad, that we consider kind as naive, gentle as gay (what's wrong in being gay? But please, I just support homosexuality, I however don't support a man grabbing my butt- boundaries), emotional as sissy, honesty as stupidity & brave as dumb. Life is weird, the world is weird and you ought to be slightly weird too. Because we can't figure out what is there. Every moment is just like an examinations, too bad you don't even know what you are preparing for. One point you think that you have made it, and suddenly your mother in law has got menopause and you are in hospital. One moment you are so low but suddenly you win a lottery, or who knows your hardwork pays off, late but it just pays off.

I haven't figured out life yet, and I hope and wish that I don't figure it out now. I am enjoying my journey as it is filled with ups and downs. Laughters and saddness, from running on pitch and bending it like Beckham to getting kicked out of squad to getting fat as if I had eaten the football itself. Dinning with the finest ladies to not having any company while I munched on stale bread, from being appreciated to ridiculed, from having money to pay for others to getting flat broke, from reading the best sonnets to reading the crappy news, from ordering others to losing liberty, from drinking the best liquor to drinking the drain water, imagining the best ideas to actually thinking how the hell did that ball support Miley Cyrus in Wrecking ball, from having so much energy and motivations to the extend of feeling invincible to having low self-esteem. But isn't it everybody's story?

Your journey is different from others, yes there might be seven billion people in this lone planet, there might be so many others in other galaxies and things we will never understand beyond. But you are here, you are here somehow.. and some of you don't deserve to be where you are.

The world doesn't owe you anything, you are what you want to be. Karma is not a bitch, if you are, then you only have words to express regarding Karma. For you become what you aspire to be.

Don't judge me over what I write folks, at times, I just think too much. These were however random thoughts. However, please read the lines below. That was the only thing I did experience one time.

 PS: Drinking drain water - actually I did this when I was running a marathon. I came last and after me was an ambulance, twice it happened, me coming last. The drain water however, I drank from a running stream. A year later when I walked that same track, I saw a toilet above it. I prayed that nobody shitted on that day.  

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