Friday, January 30, 2015

Civil Engineering Exam:

This is my blog and these are my opinions. I hope nobody gets provoked. A man is entitled to opinions, even if those are wrong ones. 

Three years down the line after my graduation, if you ask me to write RCSE, I would blankly say no to you. Why? 
Well, I have my own reasons why I didn't write when I was just out of college. Now I am just a rusted human being, finding it very hard to study all those things I once struggled to pass in college, and trust me on this, I wasn't a good pupil. 

I however write this article after three years, I always wanted to write this though. You see, once when my cousin caught a bus from Phuentsholing, he had conversation with a civil servant, perhaps, he was in admin or HR department, because he never understood what technical people were meant to do but was pretty sure that what technical people did wasn't much of importance comparing to their job. 

Now let me begin with different types of exams that we have. I don't know much regarding RCSE because I only wrote Preliminary Exam and I didn't appear for the Main Exam. Why? Well, I was confused then, I thought extreme engineering is at the other side of civil service, somewhere in private sectors or projects or corporates. I worked on temporary basis in one of the consultancy firms and I came for project. In these three years of my career, I have invovled myself with road, rcc building, prefabricated buildings, tunneling and few experience in project management. Thank you job, it is the only time I really feel content, or else, you were always a pain in the ass. 

You see, when you appear for RCSE you are to appear based upon your own field of study. Sorry, not your expertise because I don't believe one beomes experts after having an undergraduate degree. Why so? I will tell you in a while. 

Now, when I was back in India, my friends would start preparing for GATE from third year. GATE is written by engineers who want to pursue M.Tech in Engineering. If they wanted to go abroad then GRE, that was meant for US. Most left for US of course. 

There are categories in Bhutan, if you want to appear for Civil Service. There is technical paper whereby all the graduates having degrees in Engineering, MBBS, Architecture, Geology, Horticulture, Foresty, Food Tech, etc are categorized. I know few of my friends would be laughing, if you are a Sheldon Cooper fan. Yes, Geology is part of science indeed. Jokes apart, There is another paper, General Paper they termed it if I am not wrong. Well in this category, people with B.Com, BBA, BBM, B.Sc in English, Environment, Biology, Phsycis, etc are categorized. Then I believe they have one more for Lawyers. Oh the Lawyers. Sadly I don't know about B.Ed people. I don't know what exam they write? My condolences to those 250 teachers, whose fate- being discussed. 

People who get through will be placed as per RSCE I guess. I am not sure, I haven't been to that other side. Well, anyways, if you have cleared these exams, you will be placed in RIM for a year. There you will be trained for a year. This is again meant only for General Graduates and Lawyers, Oh the Lawyers. After that one year of rigorous training, these people will be sent to field. Sadly the general graduates will be Grade 8 officers, and I have got no idea on P scale that they are judged upon. I don't know about the lawyers, oh the lawyers, it is hard to have converstaion with them. You never know what is legal and barely legal or illegal to talk. :p But these general graduates are placed at grade 8. Which means they will take another five years to be placed in grade 7. Why grade 8 for them, when they are trained for a year? 

If a technical graduate clears off RSCE then they will get grade 7 rank. Their salaries will be more comparing to those of grade 8's. That is there. 

But why I write about RCSE is because, that is the most toughest examination. Why? Because even GATE has got their own syllabus and trust me, that book looks thick. But for RCSE and through engineer's point of view, it is the toughest. Why? 

Well, here is the thing. Civil Engineering has an average of 6 theory papers per semester. So they study 48 subjects in total. Then there is lab, an average of 3. That sums up to 24 labs and 48 theoretical papers, then when you want to pursue masters, you are left with barely 10 to 16 subjects out of it. Then when you do Ph.D, you have one chapter or sub topic from those books amongst those 48 subjects. Civil Engineering could be divided into architectural engineeringenvironmental engineeringgeotechnical engineeringcontrol engineeringstructural engineeringearthquake engineeringtransportation engineeringforensic engineeringmunicipal or urban engineeringwater resources engineeringmaterials engineeringoffshore engineeringaerospace engineeringquantity surveyingcoastal engineering, construction surveying, and construction engineering.

Now what if, a the questionaire comes from Water resources background and you are to answer 50 marks, especially that section B? What if you prepared for Water resources and you are asked to design a footing for 50 marks? What if you study structural engineering and bam, earthquake engineering dude fries you over dynamics, which so happens that you are so weak in fluid mechanics that you hated dynamics all together? But hey, highway engineering is so easy that you thought and you were given gabion walls to be designed? What if you are asked to design a bridge? That isn't in the syllabus. 

It is based upon luck what sort of subject one is to study. And if you have lit the butter lamp then only shall you pass, or else, Gandalff from LORs is there, with a slogan, YOU SHALL NOT PASS. When so many civil engineers failed last year, 2013 I guess, I wasn't shocked. It is simply a vast topic. And these aren't current affairs or policies you are asked to do. You are asked to get those numbers right, and getting those numbers right, you can't bluff or give opinions. You are supposed to give formula, which you barely were good at in college. :p 

Henceforth, I salute all those Engineers who cleared RCSE. You are surely, a son of a gun. 

I am not undermining any of the graduates based upon your qualifications, I have never known about your side of stories. 


  1. I agree with you. Luckily I got through~ Thanks to almighty!!

  2. i am very much happy to hear that you have cleared the exam. so where are you posted now?

  3. I am here at Regional Office; Department of Roads, Tingtibi, Zhemgang..