Monday, January 19, 2015

Jammed generation

It isn't weird or unusual that most of my generation people are seen marrying at mid thirties. This however is a very unusual trend for the senior Bhutanese citizens for back in their days, they got married in a very early age. And it does shock me why Gandhi got married in his early teens. Haha. Lucky him, he existed then, or else he be prisoner for third or second degree felony.

So, it is not unusual that people are getting married late. Few of my folks have even given births to wonderful cute children and got to admit, few of the kids are ugly as their parents. Jokes apart.
I always thought that every nation has a phase whereby one or two generation will have to sacrifice the most and work hard, I hope that is our generation. Many have changed perspectives and many are working hard these days. They are trying to get employed and live the lives in fast lane.
So I guess when there is so much for folks to prove, it isn't a weird thing to see that not many are ready to settle down. Everybody thinks that you have to first establish yourself first and then settle down. When hormones react alk we do is go to pubs and try to get laid. Not many succeed and henceforth many find solace in the bottom of bottles. I think on this race of cat and mouse, to own things and pove oneself, we most often forget the essence of humanity and become mean to each other.
And hence comes the three categories of people. People who know what they want in life, people who are confused that they want to find the answers in the bottom of bottles and my favourite the third type: people who are just too scared that someone will not marry them after using them.
So, it is by chance at times that my generation people know where they are going. It is weird because if we narrow down people that are meant for us, in this 7 lakhs of country's population, with the parameters like education and not having bad breath to eloquence or having features like Johnny Bravo, who knows, one might just have five or six of one's age. And if one is racist, bam. Forever alone hunk.
I wonder at times, out of so much permutations or probability, 'if it is meant to be it will be' exists or not? Because few years down the line after having kids, why get divorced?
Family also should be seen we are reminded. And I thought falling in love is easy. Because woo the girl, then woo the father, mother, brother, sister, granny, uncle, aunty, dog, cat, buffalo, even her neighbour's Shakuntala aunty.
And it is not weird for our generation to get married late. Few don't want even to let their friends know whom they are dating, few haven't moved on, few just judge a person and don't date, few just expect their wives to be virgin ( yes we have weirdos like them as well), few just can't handle the parents - one's or spouse's, few are just too disturbed with childhood, few just think that they will get better ones, few are just materialistic pricks, few just think their partners are not smart, etc etc. And when infidelity is added up, it becomes a very different scenario.
We just are bunch of confused people who think they know what they are doing with their lives but, interestingly I don't see many settling down in coming few years. Till then, let's all go with the flow and become awkwardly ashamed when some fine day we get married and realize that at one point one even dated the bride's mother? Haha.
Ps: don't establish yourself and settle down. I guess one will only value you more if one sees your struggles? For it rains where water is there.

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  1. It is always better to have better understanding in life than contemplating on useless things. Nice to read the truth about our generation~