Saturday, December 13, 2014

Random thoughts

With a borrowed telescope, I gaze upon the moon. The size which is only visible equivalent to a paracetamol tablet before, turns out to be that of walnut's. I was just lost into the thoughts, how less I know about everything and anything? Perhaps my friend Tashi was correct, at times all we need to do is empty our cups time and again. 

I browsed the social media sites and how melodramatic it got. We all expressed our emotions, sufferings, joys, hatred, love, concerns, etc., and oh, how can I forget? Even food that we were about to consume to toilets we would dispense our shits (thanks to Bhutan Toilet Org and Aue Passu :p - I hope to see you soon though). Human beings are amazing and we will never understand everything about us, we will always be amused about our own extraordinary paradigm shifts. 

After having a hot cup of coffee and well, between the tuck of war, whether to visit websites or just read, I left those thoughts in my study and left for balcony. How could I leave you now Mr. Moon? 

It was amazing. Then a thought struck me, I lit a cigarette, and gazed upon those smoke, forming patterns, which of course a person in fluid mechanics might say keeping so and so conditions, this smoke will have that sort of stream line with particular pattern presuming its direction. How wrong could he go? 

How confused we human beings are? While alive our whole life is spent upon fitting in, in making a living, living for kissing or kicking asses, asses saving this and that, that dream to buy bigger houses, houses with pretty maids, wives and mistresses, mistresses we become of chores, chores that land up sucking lives and livelihood out of us, us who never got along because the sizes of dicks were different, different Gods we followed who had and doesn't have swags, swags that were always insignificant, insignificant we are, are we going to live forever? 

Whole our lives we spend upon for those extra carpets, decorative curtains, cozy sofas, better health care, think about vacation, think about retirement, educating kids, showing up at social gatherings like marriages, rituals and oh boy, funerals: see who visited and what should we do when the dawn of merry or sadness bestow upon them? 

But who would really care to step back and think, think that we all are dying? That death doesn't differentiate whether you run Wall Streets or sleep on pavements under flyovers of Sudder Street in Kolkata. 

I often feel that we all are nothing but stepping stones, how far we accomplish though everything might be insignificant, it does serve the humanity. Be the greatest asshole of the world, people will surly remember you, but will remember you for that! Remember Grandpa Hitler? Be the superficial generous weirdo, and people will confuse you over good or bad, that has happened with Gandhi. But he always was confused I presume. Be all rounder, but be really good at anything you do. Just like Da Vinci who will always be remembered as a genius who never completed his works, and yet still he is remembered for those incomplete and few completed works. Sorry Ancestor Michelangelo, you were just too ugly that even your master pieces couldn't make you as popular as Da Vinci. Be arrogant as Robert Hooke, suppress others and don't respect others' ideas, people like Isaac Newton when put in charge, will definitely burn your only existing portraits and people will wonder over centuries what you exactly looked like. 

Out of all those blabbering, out of all those entropy of the universe, Keira Knightly was surly right in her song: we are just a spec in galaxy. Who is you, what is you, how is you or why is you sorts of questions that goes out the window. While alive, do something worth. Whether people will remember you or not, surly is insignificant, for you will be long gone in your oblivion and it surly doesn't matter. The trick is to die young as late as possible. 

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  1. Another year is coming to an end and you are still worrying about the rest of the world... ha ha ha you know what I mean!