Sunday, December 14, 2014

Autumn Days for Her.

A fictional Story. 

"I now hear that you have a boyfriend?" I asked Tshering, my good friend from high school. 
She timidly, blushing nodded vertically. That was a Yes! 
Everybody had known that she had one now. How much he loved her was a big lie. Everybody knew that as well. Nobody would tell her. Perhaps, like Sherlock Holmes quotes the Persian saying: There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub, and danger also for whoso snatches a delusion from a woman. 

Nobody would tell her, and not many were mature enough to do so. It was autumn, that autumn whereby most of the lovers rejoice over falling in love, that even stupid things like fallen and falling leaves carried by gentle breeze seems so romantic. Perhaps, one should get into the blanket and grab a hot cup of tea. Autumn however isn't as lovely as it for those who had missed the Cupid's arrows, worse for them who just had break ups. 

Tshering was in love and even a Hippopotamus's farts would bring her the joy of music and fragrance of flowers. 

"Dorji, let's go for walk to Mani Dunkar, I shall narrate you my story" she said. I walked with her. 

She would tell me how she found him mesmerizing, how she longed to hear her voice, how she found innocence in his every other mischievous notorious acts, how he kicked the football, how he made fun out of teachers and how he even laughed. I stood there, wondering, why? 

She was excited to tell me her stories, she was excited to introduce me to him. Just that I had already known her, and I didn't want to snatch a delusion from her. Many would question me for not letting the truth out, but I knew Tshering was capable of many things. She was a smart girl and we were in college now, she was a grown up lady and she better knew what was good for her. I too believed that when it came for love, most people would just listen, if I may correct myself hear, advice and never pay heed to what is said. Those combinations of words will never revoke the choices one makes while one is blindly in love. But Tshering was more, she knew better, she knew what consequences and circumstances she would put herself, after all, she knew what she wanted in life. 

I felt sorry for her, and like normal friends would, I too thought of advising her over his past. But everybody needed a second chance, just that in his case, he was just getting too many second chances. But I knew that I should keep mum, I knew that she knew better. All she wanted was time to figure out things she wanted. 

Few days later, I heard she cried river Nile from her eyes, and he went on screaming in hostel for she had slapped him twice. Yes, he had cheated on her. 

After all I knew what she wanted in life. Nothing had happened between them. Autumn days however turned their backs on Tshering. And she now knew how painful it was, falling of those leaves made her even sadder. Ha ha. 

I however plunged myself into my books and Bilbo Baggins had to find the ring. 

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