Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And then it was a New Year: 2015.

It is weird that we now have started to celebrate New Year's Eve. We land up doing it bigger and bigger. 

When we were kids in Kharbandi Colony, Apa and his Nature Club used to organize a bonfire and everybody would be invited. There would be students, staffs and their families. We would play games, sing, dance and we kids, we were always worried about dinner. During those days, people would just drink whatever that was available and what they could afford, most often they would go for Black Mountain. Rockbee was meant for people who could afford then. Come on, we are the transitional generation, as we saw our nation converging from banning Television to having one in every households. During those days, those who owned TV and VCR would play movies and people who didn't own would stand outside their homes and watch the movie. For living rooms were always packed.

New Year's Eve has always made me lonely, not that I don't enjoy but I very much enjoy to be left alone on this very day. I don't want to go out. But my close ones have never left me, they would always urge me to go out. It so happened once, when I was in class Nine and my father wanted me to go for a party. I however slept then, was reading A Tale of Two Cities for the second time. 

Then on 31st of December 2006, I had just learnt how to drive. We were caught by local Traffic Police for not having License and we had to pay fine of Nu. 1250. Apa was very much angry with me, and I went home and slept. That very night, he would give me pocket money to buy new clothes and gave his car key again. He wanted me to go out and have fun. After all, I had completed class XII. It was a great night, I was in Destiny club, near Zangtopelri Complex and I probably didn't have any idea what was going on. My junior friends, whom I had only known from High School hugged on the count down. That was the only countdown with my friends. After that, I have never been in a countdown and it is good that way, I don't like hugs. It makes me feel very much uncomfortable. Even handshakes are quirky for me. 

And then, I went to college. First year, I was called upon by my Indian Friends who were from Punjab, Haryanna and Delhi. Their group was known as PHD and they had this party on terrace. It was interesting one. With half bottle of Whiskey and half bottle of vodka for myself, I ran the corridors, kicked the main entrance gate for it was locked, to avoid ragging. Yes, the first year students were locked up after 6 pm. I once threw a plastic full of chatni from the terrace just to watch the guards react. Ha ha. 

But next day, with whiskey breath I went to class. 

But Warangal days were weird, I attended three 1st Jan classes out of four. The fourth one came as a gift in final year, it was a Sunday and we avoided going to class. There wasn't anything happening, but friends from back home called and said they were enjoying new year's eve. 

After I passed out, there was one new year's eve when we all went for clubbing. It so happened that I was in toilet when the countdown started. But that was a hell of a year, yes, 2012 was something. I started my year drinking till 8am in the morning. 

Then I came to Bajo, the first new year's eve, I attended a party. I got bored I left early and slept. Last year however, I got drunk and reached home after falling from a staircase. But 2014 was a funny year. I broke my right arm and I had no mood to party this new year's eve. I came home and dozed off. My friends called but I had no energy but to sleep. Read Osho and slept. What a welcoming. 

But 2014 in general was a weird year. We had so many things that happened in Bhutan. An individual got sued because he wrote something on social media. Freedom of speech was challenged. It was the year when many pornographic movies were leaked. And just like bunch of hypocrites, everybody's sentiments were hurt. Yes, it is wrong to circulate private videos without a person's consent. That surely is illegal. But our people behaved as if nobody had watched a porn movie in their whole lives. Let me not be misunderstood, I hope you got my point there. It was the year, when many letters which were confidential got leaked as well. It is weird, a metaphor in itself or an irony: something confidential must be kept confidential. 

And then it was the year, people went crazy over pareidolia of Buddha. All in all, 2014 sucked for me, it was the year I learnt many things, in a very hard way. Haa haa.. I hope 2015 brings all joyous memories to you folks. I hope I settle down in this year. 

A Happy New Year. Let's grab some popcorn and be seated, let's see how this year elopes. My best wishes to all you people who read my tantrums.  

Embrace yourself, many Happy New Year messages are on their way. It might go up till February. It might be a conversation starter for many of you folks. And not to forget, till February, many of you will still write 2014 instead of 2015 on your notepads. Ha ha. 

Ps: Oh I slept early last night and got up early. You can say, I slept last year and got up this year. 


  1. Have a wonderful year ahead Dawa and may all your wishes and dreams come true!!! Happy New Year 2015!!! :)