Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Book: Escapades Awakenings.

Escapades Awakenings: A Novel From the Kingdom of Happiness BHUTAN...the last Shangri la on Earth. 

Doji Dhratyul. 

Her resistance took him by surprise.. that posed a challenge not only to his.. but more to his machismo. Turning aggressive, he flaunted his authority.. "I have never been rejected. Who are you but a village rustic? You are nobody. Now stop playing games. It's a long day tomorrow and I have to get up early...."

The book is based about a village girl who happens to be an illegimate daughter and her struggle. The way the book is written will make Bhutanese readers feel that it is quite tiresome to be finished. But it can be taken as brushing up on the facts of our own culture. 

If you are a tourist and you have visited Bhutan and wanted a crash course on us, I recommend you this book. And it won't be shocking to know if you are taken back or taken to those remote village struggles and adventures of Bhutan. 

When I read books, I take four or five books at a time and the boring ones gets ended in the last. I will not say that this book was a boring one. But it surly was a bit dragging. You know it is like you know Kencho and he will do something funny. If you are given the bio data of Kencho which you are least bothered about as you have known him for a long time, then you might not want to read about him, but skip at the part whereby he actually does something funny. Yes, it will go on explaining you what is gho to Kira to tsechu. Henceforth tourists will like it more than the Bhutanese readers. 

The book also speaks about the hope, zeal and knack to do things when all is lost. Like said, it is only when you lose everything that you realize that you can do anything. 

I very much liked the part whereby the author dedicates this book to all the Chey Cheys with nameless fathers. It reflects about how innocent women fall prey to the lust of men, when they are merely powerful but are projected as powerful men. It touches bits and bytes of all of us. The wrong doings of common men, the sufferings of mothers when they cannot mention who the biological fathers are. 

The book has had hit the market for a while, even second edition is out I presume or two different versions are: one with the hard cover and other with the normal cover. 

Anyways let me rate this book on my own parameters:

1. Cover Design / Paper quality: *** stars
2. Story Content: ***** stars
3. Language : **** stars
4. Clarity of stories: ***** stars
5. Cost: *** stars

Yes, I give 4 stars to this book. The cost of this book is Nu. 600/-. 

All in all it is worth reading, and I ask you to get your own copies.

Ps: the book is attached with the brand Bhutan and GNH. Something I don't Appreciate much while writers want to tag along the brand name, for I believe that one's novel should speak more. 


  1. Nice Review, man. I too don't like the Bhutanese writers saying the book is a ....a novel from Bhutan or last shangri-la and something like that. I like it simple and straight. The contents of the book matter and it is not necessary to be written on the cover to know that it is a novel. May be for the sake of business, they mention those cliched words and phrases.

  2. Wonderful review on the book -Escapades Awakenings.Thanks for sharing your ideas on this book in a beautiful ways la...keep posting

  3. What a review. The PS is beautiful. And I love the star rating system you have maintained throughout your book reviews.

    I love the book too. If I had the power I will rewrite the book and remove all the dragging sentences. Then I will Change the book title to Thruelbub, and change the font of the title. The color will not be that green.

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  5. Nice Review, I did a Review too last year. http://chokigyeltshen.blogspot.co.at/2013/09/escapades-awakenings-review.html