Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Letters to Rinchengang.

My friend, Yamuna Rai was very much generous and said she would donate wall clocks if I sketched her. And then, this is how the story begins. 

She told what she was going to do, to one of her friends, who happens to be a teacher in Etho Metho School. Her friend was interested as well, and asked her students to write pen pal letters to the Students of Rinchengang Primary School. Now, this is what happens when women think. They always deviate from the plan but they always do things better.

I myself was shocked to have received the amount of stuff that I kept on my living room for past two days. I was busy with my own work so I couldn't go to the school earlier, my apologies. Anyhow, what was donated was very much touching. 

Yamuna's mother's shop donated prizes for students who stood 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their respective classes. That was for seven classes, ranging from PP to VI standard. Those were books I presume, I didn't open the prizes so I don't know. 

There were of course, seven wall clocks. Thank You, Yamuna for doing that. 

There were another two boxes. These boxes were interesting. It was collection of new & second hand clothes and stationary items. On top of the clothes' box, it was written: Stay Warm. The stationary items consisted of old and new geometry boxes, text books, A4 size paper packets, sketch pens, pencils, erasers, toffees, soaps, etc. I believe these were the donations from Etho Metho School, with students and teachers taking initiatives. I was told that the students were very much happy to write letters, to their 'New Friends'. I did read few of the letters and it had mentioning of which standard the students were, and asked their New Friends to write them back. You know, the kind we once wrote in search of our pen pals. 

Rinchengang school itself is a very creative one. I have shared few of the paintings they have made. It is because of a teacher named Chimi Wangmo who is very much artistic and is trying to bring out the creative & artistic talents of students. I surly see a better Bhutan. :) 

 When I reached the school, I was accompanied by few teachers and students to carry the boxes. The students were very much excited and one kid who was roughly 6 or 7 years old even asked me, Uncle what's there in the box? I said: something exciting for you.

Few of the children were so excited to open their letters that they were watching their letters back and front. But none of them opened the letter unless asked by their teacher. Students surly are well behaved here. Oh, and coming to the behavior and manners, I was quite shocked to see their toilets, which were pit ones, quite clean. It wasn't stinking like those which we had in our schools. But one may say that it is community school again.

Now let's go back to Yamuna's sketch. Yes, the nose looks bigger in the sketch but that didn't stop her from donating. 

I thank you all once again, Yamuna, her Mother, her Father, Sonam and all the Etho Metho students who did this deed of donating to this school. 

Ps: Yamuna didn't want her picture to be blogged. 


  1. Hohoho... Well done everyone and keep up the good spirit! And continue this Dawa! May Buddha bless all of you :) Have a wonderful day everyone! ^^

  2. Well done...keep up the good

  3. I am so proud of you My dear frienther. This time it's bigger. I wish you will continue to support Rinchengang PS in their creative endeavours... help that madam Chimi (he he he)
    RPS is your adopted school.

  4. Next time please Dasho Lingi with you, because He will love it.

  5. Wow. Well done. So proud of you and Yamuna. Good job you both.
    Keep blogging!

  6. Nice one Dawa, felt so happy for you and the team involved in this wonderful initiative.