Monday, November 3, 2014

Casanovas, Casanovas Everywhere!

Autumn was out in the air, the leaves were turning yellow and falling off from the trees, abandoning them, just like a father who had to see his sons’ pyres, the naked trees stood stiff, those were the days of chilly breezes and dilemmas over whether one had to go out with coat or not? Those were the days, when you felt your lungs were actually feeling the inhaling air. Those were the days when most people fell in love. Bleh autumn days, you make sense in every other thing, even breathing feels like I have done yoga. The days seem too beautiful, yellow leaves and yellow ground. Perhaps, it is when cupid gets up and is ready with is arrows, shooting every Tom, Dick and Harry, on in our case, Dophu, Nima, Karma, Pema, Tashi, Dorji and Dawa.

It is weird how spring and autumn days make us all romantic because not much apart from complaints are accompanied during the summer or winter days.

With hot cups of coffee Tashi and Dorji were in their living rooms. They decided to go to the balcony and enjoy their cups of coffee with smoke. They lit cigarettes and sat on their respective chairs. Both of them with crossed legs, while both of their right feet were pointed at each other. They weren’t low self esteemed folks.

“So, Dorji tell me did you have her as well?” Tashi said showing a girl’s facebook profile picture or dp.

Dorji nodded vertically, with a combination of smirk or grin.

Both of them started to laugh harder. With few puffs of cigarettes and their attention being more towards their cell phones, they compared who had the better ones. The poor creatures, whose beauties were their curses, with broken hearts and god knows how many tear drops they shed?

They conversed about their sexual acts, they conversed about how they nearly got caught by their husbands, brothers or fathers. They bragged about their acts as if they had won trophies or accolades.
Dawa was above the very balcony they were talking about. He too was puffing his own share of cigarettes. But Dawa was fat, he was there standing, listening to their stories of love making and cheating their Juliets. He was deeply intrigued over their talks. And back of his head, he wondered: why do all the girls regret and accuse the whole race of men when they just can’t hold back but fall for animals like them? Why they come up with so many parameters to fall in love or date a guy: job, status, basketball, football, rich or poor, this race or that one, owns a cat or buffalo, eats goat or wild boars, owns iphone or still stuck with land line phone, dresses up like George Clooney or Jack Sparrow, drives BMW or rides Bike or Bicycle or rides autorickshaw on shared fare, eats pizza or shits diamonds, funny because she is looking for a guinea pig or gloomy because she looks for mystery, Marvel Comics fan or DC (Nah, not possible, not many girls are into comics), washer or wiper after he is done with number two, how well does he dance on Akon tracks,  lame one-Korean Songs/sitcoms fan or not? : Basically absurd ideas. Perhaps, most will wonder why that fat kid turned out to be a better husband for her friend comparing to all those jerks she dated? Perhaps, that nerdy geeky guy providing well. 

You are a woman, don't let anybody treat you like a pet. You run the show for god's sake: Men went for the Greatest wars just for women, come on! Take charge.

Autumns! Bleh! -_- 

Nice guys are there: everywhere. Not many has eyes to see them. Ahem, I could be one. :p 

Ps: Wrote this after hearing all sorts of sad stories. It weren't at all funny after a while.

Pss: Will be going to Rinchengang School with donations. Thank You my friends. I will be blogging about them soon, please stay tuned up. :) 


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  2. Nice post Dawa! Hope there are many girls that finally open their eyes who are the right guy and who are the wrong ones. I too, have seen many women broken hearted because meeting men who hurted them again and again because of guys that you mentioned in your story above. Let karma plays a part and give those guys lessons in their lives and blessed those who were having true and kind heart with no such bad intentions towards women.

    Anyway, glad that you still keep up your effort for donation to school. May Buddha bless you always :)

  3. "You are a woman, don't let anyone treat you like a pet"
    Kudos! And thank you, many around who need to realise this

  4. Nice one