Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dysphemism it is.

I believe I am a passionate writer. Henceforth, I never edit what I have written and I usually don't read what I have written. What I write, I just post it. And if I think of writing about a topic, I just write. If I just let a particular topic slip out, I simply don't find myself writing on another of the topics. You see, it is just like that addiction towards nicotine. I won't be smoking the another butt while I haven't gotten the kick from the first one. But eventually, I land up getting it from the first one that second one comes naturally.

Let’s use euphemism for dysphemism. Well, there are three types of people in general, let’s say four, but then again, if I really make it very much tribal, Tamang people don’t fit along anywhere, and only the learned guys argue over our existence, whether we being Tibetan tribes or some Indo-Burmo or Tibeto-Burmo or the stables of Genghis Khan?

Well, there are four types of people in Bhutan, there are Ngalongs, there are Sharchops, there are Lhotsampas, and there are Tamangs: The buffalo eaters but hey, they don’t eat buffaloes in their own homes so does that make them different? But let's keep our tribal thing aside and let's focus upon making a better society?

Somebody once told me that there are three types of people. He generalized three types of people in three different categories. But what categories would any people belong? Eventually, we all are just the same, the showoff goons, the double standard weirdos.

Anyway, there are three types of people as per his definition. One, the one who is never scared of anything or anybody. He says, what if they put me into prison? I will go, serve the term and get out, this rock is mine, this land is mine, this river is mine, everything is mine and exactly it turns out to be theirs. Yes, it does.

Then there is second type of people who don’t have problems, but always mentions that they have problems and actually we are convinced that they do have problems.

The third type, the sly, who says give me that money and I will do it, and does the very opposite thing that serves his or her purpose. Well, all these are comedies, and please don’t sue me over it, I believe blogs are for thoughts and it is very informal ones, please don’t take this act of freedom away from me.

So well, after these weird thoughts, I am left with my weird thought, whether you would like it or not? Let’s say there are three types of people, namely: Photeys, Pajas and Pharchops. You see, words are very much powerful, it doesn’t matter what you say, and it is how you say. If I say, Aue Passu you are handsome with utmost seriousness, it does mean that I mean it and Passu should worry that whether I am weird or gay or I really meant it (saying this joke here because you heard the best of it, in my own tone). Then, there is another way of saying it, you giggle a lot, laugh out loud and tell him : Aue Passu you look great. There is no chance in world that he would believe in my words, but take me into a very sarcastic way and it would mean nothing but my utmost sarcasm. Yes, words are powerful when you say how you want to say.

Then I look at the African American history, those poor fellows who were taken to America all the way from Africa in a month or two, that too, making them sleep differentiating one row with the other, with just a feet of plank distance. Yes, a month and a feet of difference, just imagine how many of them went to toilets and went to eating fecal materials and how many of them died? But wait, when they reached abroad, they were waited by fresh cooked food and gaining weights, until they were sold on auctions. These were the men, who were intimidated with words like Nigga and Negro, which Microsoft Word won’t even try to correct you and give zig zag lines stating that these are the wrong words, perhaps Microsoft Word should make lists of offensive words, but then again, perhaps the whole lot of world population should also purchase the genuine copy of their software. Well, these were the tough people, the truth seekers who took the words like Nigga and Negro and made it so cool over decades and centuries that, today a Snoop Dogg says, my Nigga Obama.

You see, words are only powerful if you let them be. Yes, I love You is only powerful if you think it comes from the right person you think he or she should have said it. Or else, those words users are just jerks or psychopaths or people who can’t pull themselves together.

Perhaps, we need this era here in Bhutan. Perhaps, we should realize that no words should intimidate us; perhaps we should know that we have bigger things to do in lives. Perhaps, twenty years down the line, some Ngalong guy goes to a party and asks: Wai Phuba, Nga ga dey bey thom mey? Namgay says: Yalama, wai, chey jigs thom mey, chey Paga zum thom mey.

Or else, a Sharchopa Zami goes for the first date and asks her friend: So nga jang hang pus kin thong la? Her friend Mendey Zangmo tells her: Yalama So nga, nan Nge pa pus kin Thong la.

Or else, if a southern Bhutanese asks in his Diwali night: Wai Muji mo kosto dekhi ra ko cha? And his friend Ram Gopal Waiba says: Jatha, toh photey josto dekhi ra ko chas.

You see, I see a better Bhutan tomorrow, whereby nobody is judged over where he is born with what sorts of surnames, I don’t even care whether he is born into this rich or poor family, I just dream of that particular Bhutan whereby, people are judged by their own outputs, their passion, their compassion, their persistency, their consistency, their love, their sacrifices, their versatility, their achievements, and mostly by their brains, not their wealth, prejudices, races, castes, creeds or their bank balance.

But that would be a Bhutan, which would be a very far one. If I get into trouble for writing all these, I don’t know what else to say. I know many people won’t enjoy the comedy that lies underneath, but freedom of speech does mean that, whether you agree or disagree to certain notions, you at least should have courtesy to listen to that man’s opinion: after all, man’s entitled to his opinions, even if it a wrong one. And it isn't bad out here in Bhutan. We don't have disappearing of writers or bloggers when they go full on controversial. And people should know that. They should understand why we are different from other countries, whereby they do know that democracy is there, but then writers and protesters are held behind the bars. At least, we don't have it now, at least not now. 


  1. Enjoyed every bit of it. Keep up the good work and by the way never knew that B.E. in Civil transcended your satirical disposition to a whole new level.

  2. haa haa.. Darshan, I hope you stay tuned up with my blog.