Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Book: Coming Home.

Coming Home by Pema Euden.

"This book is a work of two sisters. Tenzin Euden, the elder of the two, then 15 years, came up with the plot in the winter of 2006. Pema Euden built the story and completed the book on her 12th birthday, August 24th, 2008, in time for the Centenary and Coronation Celebration."

And what was I doing in 2006 winter? Me and bunch of my friends were involved in binge drinking after our class 12 examinations (yeah, that awkward moment in your life while you are an adult and you haven't written a book, some teenager has and you wonder and realize, why the whole world hates Justin Bieber Lol). And mind you, few of my friends were crying on a round table, with their heads close together, hugging each other not because they were knights of King Arthur, they were however, lamenting over Dzongkha paper. I however, was playing snookers and smoking cigarettes, and not to forget, binge drinking. Ha ha. Good olden High school days. 

The book tells a story of a girl named Tashi Choden. Tashi, who has low self esteem and is not that good in studies. The story takes shape while she meets her friend Ugyen Tshering, Yangchen, Pema and Tenzin. 

The story is similar to American Movies High School days. Anyhow, it takes you back to your high school corridors whereby friends meant everything. You will rejoice while reading, and feel slightly younger. Tashi who is raised by a single mother struggles her days, unless she meets real friends of her life. Ugyen, who joins Lungtenzampa while his brother gets transferred to Thimphu. Yangchen and Tenzin are into love. Pema aspires to be a singer. 

But with supports from good friends, do they succeed in their goals? Does Tashi have more secrets to share with her friends? What is bugging Tashi so hard that she feels guilty to confide among her friends? Are there more for Tashi to digest? And who's that man whose sports car is parked near Tashi's house? 

The story is interestingly said, and the novel contains 136 pages precisely. And that too, coming from then 12 years old teenager, who had just entered teenage, is legacy in itself. The book does tell us more about how our society functions, how much friendship means to a high school-er and out of all, what family really is? 

I hope you find copies of this book. It surly is a good read. 

1. Cover Design / Paper quality: *** stars
2. Story Content: **** stars
3. Language : **** stars
4. Clarity of stories: ***** stars
5. Cost: ?????? stars

I give this book 4 Stars out of 5, because the Cost of this book is still a mystery to me. Yes, nothing about the rate of this book is mentioned. And I am wondering, where did Pema Euden disappear after writing this book? I hope to see some of her new works, someday. :) 

Ps: it would be a challenge to find both the author or the book, for I never heard about this book unless I randomly stumbled upon this copy in Mr. Passu's gaming arcade.

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