Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thank You Rima.

Yes, it has been quite a while that I haven’t sketched. I thought of sketching one person a week. Those who have done charity or those who might or will. My motto here is to simply make few folks remember, the art of giving. The melody of doing charity.

Anyways, ever since Aue Passu, wrote his status over me sketching for those people who have actually done charity, there has been many requests for portraits. If only I had enough time, I would have sketched everybody.

Anyways, today, I sketch Rima Reyka who blogs from Singapore. On Friday, I met with another Singaporean blogger cum MP. He gave me 100 Singaporean dollars which was sent by Rima. It equivalents to 4803 in Bhutan. Today, I went to a stationary shop and did shopping about 6325 worth of stationary items. This will be given to Rinchengang Primary School on Monday. We bought sketch pens, erasers, graph books, geometry boxes, pencils, pens, duct tapes, crayons, drawing books, handwriting books, rulers, etc. The items are now in my office, which happens to be roughly three boxes of Druk 1100. Haa haa.. who would have thought, stationary in beer boxes.

Anyways, Rima asked me not to sketch her as she already has a portrait done by one of the professional artists from Bhutan. Even though I am no professional concerning in the trade of art, but a promise is a promise. It was kind of Rima to send the donations and not have asked for her portrait. Kind people really don’t care whether they get something in return or not, and it is for these people, I sketch, as a token of respect.

Rima said, I could keep this sum as donation for she had done Ice Bucket Challenge.

I sketched Rima three times, the first one wasn’t good, the second time was weird and the third, I believe I have to work more on it as well. I think I sketched Rima well on the third one, but her daughter I presume, looks slightly older in this portrait. Anyways, Rima, I will mail you all the sketches. I think I have to ask her mailing address as well.

Rima's blog Overcome Life talks about her journeys to various countries. She has blogged about Bhutan and her stay in Bhutan many times. Tomorrow, me and Aue Passu will be going to Rinchengang Primary School to make the donations. We will let you guys know how it turns out. A set of drawing books, colour crayons, etc are also bought to give it to Art Club in the school, if they don't have any Art Club, we could always ask them to have one. :p 

So, if you have done something or you wish to do something, please mail me your best photograph. I will sketch you. But let’s see, what sort of charity you do. Till then, take care folks. 


  1. Stunningly beautiful art Dawa sir, you are a great artist through my own eyes. Besides, you donation is an exemplary perception that every one of must have and I too am a great believer of 'Law of Benevolence,' I have always been yearning for this. Keep sketching. Keep blogging. Keep inspiring. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :)

  2. Thank you so much Dawa for your effort in preparing the donation items for the school. I appreciate your kind effort very much! :)

    Wow! You sketched me not just one, but three!!! And you drew those in such a very short time! I believe at this rate and skills, you too will be able to turn your passion into a professional artist very soon! ;)

    Btw, she is my niece, and not my daughter la :) But I'm sure she will be happy to see herself being drawn by you :)

    So like what Ugyen said above, keep sketching, keep blogging, keep inspiring, and hope everything goes well to you everyday of your life! Take care and have a wonderful week ahead! ^^