Saturday, September 20, 2014


There was a lady, who had three of her relatives committed suicide. Her question to Osho was could she too commit suicide at one point? Because her life was full with despair, and the thoughts of killing herself covered her like a blanket.
To this Osho would say, that there are three types of people. Sensible, sensitive and both. The sensible ones are the smart ones. They know what is wrong with the society and can actually move on for he or she is not sensitive. The Sensitive ones only get affected but isn't aware for he or she is not sensible. The third category however is the most dangerous ones, they know what is wrong with the surroundings and get affected and can actually be victim of it. But there is another phase after the thoughts of suicide, the phase of Sanyasi he says. Need not be someone who would denounce his belongings and go to jungle, but the phase of sanyasi is where, one will achieve what he wants to think. 

Henceforth, I request everybody, who is depressed at their points of their lives, to hold on. Just see the days that are coming on your ways, and I guarantee you that you will achieve and do great things in lives. 

Most often those who commit suicide are condemned, called cowards and all. In a year 800,000 to 1 million people commit successful suicides. 1 to 2 million commit self injury (failed attempt). I feel very much sorry for them, because it just speaks that when there are 7 billion of people, these lots of people can't go to ask for help to anybody. Suicide is committed by those people who have depression (could result from anything: poverty, stress, problems at job, etc.), and it is considered that most of the times people with ill mental health are suffering from disorder. What is normal and abnormal I don't know. And hasn't he or she already done the unspeakable that we now have to curse them after they are gone?  

But if we look at everyone of us, we all have that capacity to end our lives. Yes, we all are capable of it, but what choice we make matters a lot. Yes, reality sucks, and after heavy hectic day's work, we hit the local bar or pub to release our stress, but isn't that a form of suicide? Slowly we are killing ourselves. The cigarettes and alcohol, we are doing it slowly to ourselves and why condemn those who have found a faster means? Suicide in most of the religions are considered sin and most of the governments consider it to be crime. But if we look at it philosophically, we all have roles in society. We don't know what we are here for, but we all are here as stepping stones. Yes, even the most successful ones are here for a while, just a mere stepping stones. And it is quite selfish of us to not fulfill our purposes while we live. Even Einstein couldn't have come with Theory of Relativity if Isaac Newton, Maxwell and all those before him might have committed suicide. We all have purposes in our lives. We don't amputate our limbs but mend the wounds. And even if we do, it would be for the reasons we want to live. Not end our lives. 

This happens to be a very sensitive topic and I will urge you to read regarding suicide with better approach. 

I however like to nominate Aue Ngawang's story: Then I Saw Her Face as one of the short stories in our Education curriculum or you know read it to the teenagers and if possible, to those people in need. 

The story talks about a person who is depressed with everything and wants to commit suicide. And then he sees her face, he sees his mother's face. 

The last paragraph ends: Suicide may eternally end the desperate committer's problems, but it only begins for the loved ones that he leaves behind. My mother would have probably been the one whose problems have just begun if I chose the path. 

There isn't anybody in the world who hasn't screwed up at one point of their lives. But there is atonement for everything, even the worst ones. I have met with few of my friends, whose lovers had died accidentally. You have got no idea what they went through. I am glad I met them in my very crucial point of life. Because at one point of time, I was also depressed. And who isn't at one points of their lives? Be it Buddha, Milerapa, Lincoln, Gandhi, etc. But what came after they tackled their depressions: Well, that's something that shaped the world forever. If they too had committed suicide, we would have never known them. 
Life is gift, we can't throw it away for temporary phases that we face. And remember, the test of fire gives you the best steel. We all have purposes, happiness is tough, so is life. We all have purposes, so please stay. 


  1. This article should be published in one of our newspapers.

  2. I wish as many people read this post. Awareness has to get into so many ears. Suicide can be prevented, or at least be numbers brought down. Thanks.